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Monday, April 23

Topaz Lake, NV - Our Weekend

Topaz Lake Blackbird Tree

Well, this weekend we launched the pontoon boat for its maiden voyage for spring/summer 2007. We went to Topaz Lake, NV. It was a great weekend, (mainly because I was out of town and doing something fun!) but not a fishing/boating weekend of choice. Old Man Winter just will NOT let go of Nevada yet, but for a few hours, we had a great time on the water. We drove back into Minden, NV from the lake and spent the night at Carson Valley Inn. We had an AWESOME steak dinner at the “old” Fiona’s across the street from CVI, and breakfast the next morning at the hotel-casino was perfect, and kudos to all the staff of CVI…we had most pleasant service at all levels.

The Doo-Wah Riders were playing in the cabaret for evening entertainment. They were a country western band with a perfect mix of country, southern rock-a-billy, and even an eclectic mix of zydeco blended in from obvious Louisiana, Mississippi roots from someone in the band. Their style was awesome, but they were a tad bit lacking in talent (I thought from a few band members)…but entertaining enough to provide a great time. The fiddle player should be a millionaire, as his talent and entertainment value was top notch. The thing I found most pleasing about this band was their professional appearance. True gentlemen in look and dress, and complete with conversation and attitudes that exuded manners. This band would be one I’d hire for my Christmas party any time. However, I checked out their web site, and I’m pretty sure with their professional accolades, I’d never be able to afford them :)

This was the first time I was able to take out my new camera and have a heyday taking photographs of nothing, yet anything and everything that caught my eye. I was in camera hog heaven. I love trees, and rock formations, and live in the high desert, so photo ops are limited, but I managed to snap 293 shots of something. After coming home, I deleted many, but got some GREAT scenic shots. I won’t bore all of you with the scenic shots, but if any locals happen to read this…CLICK HERE…to see the photos of Topaz Lake that I kept. I have SO FAR to go to become the photographer I’d like, but I have fun anyway :) It was cloudy and stormy that day (after it was sunny), so I had my UV filter on, and the photos turned out a bit dark I thought. They really looked great on my computer, but not so great after I uploaded them to WebShots.

I’m posting the photo of hubby & I in the boat, (BUT I SWEAR…) this is one of the more horrible photos of me I’ve seen in years. I don’t usually have, or post photos of myself…and some want to know if I’m really still alive…so I’m posting it :) I’M NOT THAT FAT…but I am a bit overweight. For some reason on this day, (and I know I was leaning back so my friend could get the shot…but) I couldn’t believe how “puffy” I looked! I commented to my hubby, and his response was…”Told you that you should have bought that Photo Shop program you wanted that cost so much money…hanging out with a good lookin’ guy like me…you could have just photo shopped out one chin and you wouldn’t be bitching about the photo…” Then he gave me a kiss and told me I was beautiful…good thing…I was about ready to “get Texan”. :) Anyway…fat people always seem much jollier and happier…right?

Enjoy the Nevada scenery, and if you like the desert and fishin’…you’ll like the photos.

mekcboattopazTopaz Lake Rock Formation Circle BrokenGeese Fly Topaz LakeHappiness Is Fishingtopazlakewindytopazlake
topazwaveTopaz Lake, NVimg_0348img_0523speckledduckstormcoming
Topaz Lake Crying Wolf Erosion Patternimg_0264img_0385knightwaterchangingswanstopaz

On the rare chance that any of you might like one of these photos for wallpaper or a screensaver, they are available for free download at WebShots.com. Just click on a photo and have at 'em.