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Wednesday, May 9

Accounting Paradise - Small Business Help

Accounting Paradise…no, that’s NOT an oxy-moron believe it or not! I own three small businesses, do most of my accounting and my entire payroll in-house, and have often teased that we should be the poster children for QuickBooks. However, I know many other owner-operator business people that are not big enough to need a full time expensive accounting staff, and don’t have the knowledge or time to do it themselves.

There is now a solution…WOW…this IS a great idea. Knowing QuickBooks inside and out, and knowing what it usually costs, and what can be expected from out sourcing accounting, I understand most people’s doubt. When I looked over the website of Accounting Paradise, I was pleased with the prices, the ethic, and the possibility for so many to find affordable out-sourced accounting online. Imagine being able to handle your payroll, accounting, and business tax issues on your own time, and online. Discounts are available for those needing to purchase QuickBooks, and the bookkeeping fees are explained right on the website. Your main question, “Why Would I Use Them?”, and the underlying doubt of “How Would This Work?” are both addressed at AccountingParadise.com. This post sponsored by Accounting Paradise.