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Wednesday, May 9


OK horror movie creep lovers…FINALLY, a new movie is being released that will spark your screeches and wiggles for real. Not since the Exorcist, has such quality in horror hit the big screen. Lionsgate Films has teamed with the academy winning director William Priedkin (The Exorcist and The French Connection), to bring us BUG. There hasn’t been a really believable and “creepy-crawly” bug movie released in a very long time.

Imagine Agnes, a down and out waitress just trying to get by and escape the regular horror of a mean and abusive husband. After finally beginning to live again, and attempting romance with a sexy drifter…THE BUGS COME! The bugs live in her blood and FEED ON HER BRAIN (is your skin crawling yet?). In a world where nothing is as it seems, and reality is nightmarish…Lionsgate Films chose the stunningly beautiful, down to earth, and extremely believable Ashley Judd to star in this unimaginably disturbing bug movie. The film also stars Michael Shannon, Lynn Collins, Brian O’Byrne, and the very popular Harry Connick, Jr.

If the story line, the cast, and the director aren’t enough to draw patrons to the theater, the movie posters surely will entice the artistic doubters. Brilliant spooky art splashes one poster, creating a giant bug with Ashley Judd’s silhouette embedded in the bug’s body, and its feelers created from wisps of long hair. Apparent splotches of blood create optical illusions of other bug parts, or by-products perhaps. Perhaps it’s the bug’s dripping fangs that cause the spots. The other movie poster features a shadowy serious pose of Ms. Judd…with a silhouette of her co-star embedded within her face. They share the same eye, giving the appearance of like thought, but the mystery of difference as he’s turned away, and apparently living inside her head…much like the bugs! Very mysterious bug movie indeed. BUG – IN THEATERS MAY 25TH. This post sponsored by Bug.