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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Thursday, May 3

Mama Said - DON'T TAKE Candy From Strangers!!

I LOVE the few young people that "keep me in the loop". I'm tired, and have been so busy I've neglected my favorite hobby the blog this week, but one of my employee's daughters keeps me on her e-mail list (Thank You Renee), and gave me the inspiration for a quick post on my way to bed. I laughed my butt off at this, and thought of my dear Mama Ann that reigned my life with an iron fist when young, but did teach me about " NO Candy From Strangers".

I think all of us know how we teach children about the dangers of true strangers. However, I grew up in a small West Texas town on a cotton farm. NO STRANGERS would ever find my house unless they were invited with explicit directions. But, thank goodness my Mama Ann DID teach me to watch out.

Do any of you know what "Spree" candies are??? They are basically a bit bigger, and more colorful with a shiny candy coating, and are the
"high end" greater version of Sweet Tarts. Well, in my West Texas town, when I was in high school and an "A" student...my mother found Sprees in my purse, and I SHIT YOU NOT...she took them and gave them to the local pharmacist at our local drug store... that would be Rick... and asked him to analyze the "drugs" in her daughter's purse! When she found out it was actually CANDY... and she was WRONG... it was priceless.

But...I can't post this, and not admit that occasionally on more minor things like exceeding my allowed mileage on my car, and sneakin
g a phone call or two to boys, or even some more major things in life she WAS right about...I HAVE been guilty a time or two...REALLY GUILTY...


Just curious...as an 'old fart...is this the visual aid and true meaning of San Francisco Values??? Let me know, 'cause I think it is...and while I'd give this guy a kudo at a talent show for balls, I WOULDN'T VOTE FOR this being OK on a daily basis driving down the street. He's FUNNY, and he's obviously GAY... who cares? But, he should save this kind of gayness for at home with his partner.

Same way that I like to fly the Confederate Flag as a symbol of sheer Southern heritage and history...doesn't mean anything, but THAT, and I like the design... But I GUARANTEE YOU, if HE and I were walking down the same street...and he was the gumball machine guy, and I was the redneck chick waving a Confederate flag girl...I'd get the shit, and he'd be OK.

Thanks again to those that send me funny stuff that reminds me of memories, whether or not my crazy memories meet with what the "norm" expects or not. To those of you that are of my age...laugh with the young, they will set the policies and standards we will live by later. It's fun to laugh...DON'T TAKE CANDY FROM STRANGERS!