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Monday, May 14

My Mother's Day

Gee! I've been too busy today to get much posting done...but I wanted to share my Mother's Day. How much you wanna' bet I'm the only chick in America that got a Bearcat police scanner for Mother's Day, and was THRILLED! Don't ask me why, I've wanted one of those things for YEARS...this year was the lucky year.

My guys all chipped in and got me one so nice though, that I may need a college degree to figure out how to program the beast. As much as I can do with computers...I began to read the manual that came with the scanner, and I TOTALLY DIDN'T GET ANY OF IT!!! I have weather though by golly...got that much going :) I've been online cruising around for new local codes and tips and tricks. A new hobby...yeah... A Bearcat scanner, a dozen gorgeous pink roses, and a fabulous meal. What more could a Mom ask for :)

I hope all Mom's had a great day, I surely did. I had both my boys at home, and my "girl-friend-in-law" and her daughter too. I don't get to visit with them too often, so it was a real treat. Oscar the beagle came along, so my border collie Reno had an all afternoon play date as well :)

We turned the guys loose in the kitchen...that was the rule...we got to be spoiled, and they cooked a fabulous steak dinner for us. That's comical turning your sons and husband loose in a kitchen to cook for six! Thanks guys, another special day made wonderful by those I love!