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Saturday, May 5

My Sons - Iraq - Liberal Spew

"Are either of your children old enough to join the armed services? If so, send them to Iraq and wait for their heads to get blown off.
If not; shut up!"

I recently posted a new e-mail address at this site for the purpose of allowing blog readers to contact me. WOW...amazing how much stuff hit my in box and junk box afterward. Most are either true spam and immediately deleted, or are good e-mails from folks that read. Some don't agree, but offer up nice dialog.

I have been lucky at this blog in that I don't often get really nasty comments. However, if it's not obvious spam, I will publish ANY comment positive or negative. I got an e-mail tonight...not a comment...an actual e-mail. Most people that want to slam you or disagree will leave a nasty comment with Anonymous as the name. However, this person sent me a very short e-mail...complete with a return address. I do appreciate the fact that the person had the decency to send the e-mail rather than comment, but I would have published the comment had it been such, and my response would have been the same. This short e-mail though hit me strangely.

I was not angered by this e-mail, I was just further saddened that I try so hard to get average every day people to remember what made us America. I just want to go to work everyday and live my life. However, my country is at war. It's a war that is messed up at the moment, I believe due to media persuasion based on ratings, and the fact that "political correctness" has taken over good common sense in otherwise rational people. I support my troops, and I support this war even though I'm not stupid and I realize that a change in course needs to happen in order for us to come out accomplishing what we set out to do in the first place.

Here below is my response to this e-mail. I certainly hope that if even for one moment the individual that sent it to me...a perfect stranger...will take a moment to realize what America and our unwanted and uninvited war means. We were attacked, and we had to answer. But...we have forgotten WHAT we were answering, and we've changed our kick butt war to a war of school children. Our soldiers are perfectly willing and able to win...our soft liberal citizens and our stupid spin media just won't let them...

"Yes... I do have children old enough to fight. Our country still has a voluntary system of military. I have one son that given a draft, would be happy to go...but since there is no mandatory calling, remains in the private sector respecting the amazing choice of those that do volunteer. I have another one that is about to be 18, about to register for selective service and has die hard respect for armed service personnel. He too must debate his personal choices.

However, thank God, both my sons realize the real truth. If either of them were to go and fight...they both know that fighting the enemies on foreign soil, or at home is for a simple truth...to give people like you the freedom to speak your mind and send me e-mails suggesting that the only reason one would join the military service would be for one mother to offer up her son as if he were a disposable commodity to get his head blown off. The real truth is that with the freedoms Americans enjoy, the greatest is the freedom of choice. Even God Himself began this human existence with one rule...the freedom of choice with Adam and Eve. Have no worries though...there will always be enough of us in America willing enough to continue fighting for a place like America to offer up freedoms for people like you that do not see the big picture. If there were no sons that ever horribly had their heads blown off, you'd not have the opportunity to bitch about it.

The other thing you need to realize is that people like Cindy Sheehan who bitch incessantly at the cost of their sons' honor did NOT offer their sons up for slaughter. Any son or daughter that valiantly joins this nation's armed forces does so out of personal choice, the same personal choice that allows you to freely and with welcome to spew moonbat ideas regarding my children and where I "send" them. And those that do not choose to join are no less patriotic than those that do. Don't sit around on your high horse pretending that Mothers "SEND" their children to Iraq, or Korea, or Germany, or Normandy, or Vietnam, or ANYWHERE there's ever been a war. Mothers sit at home and cry for their children and wish and pray for them the strength to make the difference and then come home to reap the rewards of great service to a nation that enjoys the benefits of freedom, but takes it all for granted. People like you think that if we just sit around and do nothing, and let anyone come on in that wants a piece of our pie will accept it graciously and never stir the shit pot. Open your eyes...open your ears...the great melting pot is melting and boiling over. I'm sorry, but if a few not really highly educated bad guys with a couple of radical thoughts were able to confiscate FOUR MAJOR COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT and commit an act of terrorism greater than any attack on this nation in over half a century (the only other being Pearl Harbor) didn't open your eyes...what will? If 19 bad guys can shut down an entire country (the MOST FREE NATION ON THE PLANET for a couple of days and kill over 3000 people), what will open your eyes to the fact that your ability to bitch could be shortly taken away? What would it take to make YOU realize that YOU can no longer be a liberal? If you had to wear a burkah, or if you were stoned to death for liking a person of different beliefs and wanted to marry them, but your father stoned you to death for it...or if you didn't happen to have blond hair and blue eyes, or if you were homosexual and were a man and wished to wear a prom dress in the town square, or if your particular liberal nutjob circle of friends were gassed to death...what would you do? I don't agree with you, I actually can't stand people like you that send e-mails to people like me about my children, my blood and life...but I accept you. I DO AGREE that my sons would be honorable for fighting to their death to protect your dumb ass ability to sit back and not get it. That's what America is all about. We are about letting us all speak our minds and have our personal bitches...but also have the miraculous ability to VOTE. And...in this country, if you get VOTED OUT...you have to live with it. Right now, folks like me are voted OUT...but hopefully the majority of the nation will see how "far it's gotten us so far", and VOTE REALITY back in next time.

Your e-mail to me was short and not so sweet...but it was this... "Are either of your children old enough to join the armed services? If so, send them to Iraq and wait for their heads to get blown off. If not; shut up!"

Well, I say to you...is there anything you're willing to get your head blown off for? Would you let your head be blown off to save your son? I would. Are YOU so AGAINST THIS WAR that you're willing to get your head blown off to STOP IT? Be very careful about how you feel about my sons getting their heads blown off. Over 3000 people got their heads blown off at the World Trade Centers, and they didn't sign up for it, they never saw it coming. They were living the dream, like all of us are...just going off to work, and living another wonderful free day in the USA. EVERY MOTHER that has had a son or daughter lost in any war that continued the availability of our freedoms would have gladly given up their own head in place of their son's...or daughter's. You are obviously against the war, therefore you have not signed up to fight. You obviously have schooled your children NOT to sign up, and therefore you will not "send" any of your children off to war. I however, have tried to present all sides of any circumstance to my boys. I have tried to teach them whatever little I know about any subject, and to lead them as adult men to make their own personal choices, and to feel secure that they had enough facts to make a clear concise decision. I try to respect their adult decisions even when I might not agree. That too, is an American blessing...the ability for a child to grow up and not necessarily agree with their parents. Children in countries that we fight are often KILLED for the simple fact that they didn't agree with their parents...getting their heads blown off for speaking their minds.

I say this, which is an old cliche of conservative thought. "I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend you with my life your right to say it." Now, the radical conservative side of me says...You say in a negative way that if I don't SEND my children to Iraq to get their heads blown off, then I should shut up. I'm not going to shut up. It isn't about Iraq, or Muslims, or Nazis, or Viet-Kong...it's about your freedom to be you. It's about your freedom to tell me to shut up. It's the sheer principle of that simple word. PRINCIPLE...GET IT??? HEAR ME AGAIN...PRINCIPLE...say it, breathe it, smell it, hear it, see it, touch it, feel it. You fail to realize that without a FREE COUNTRY AND NATION like the USA...all you nutjob moonbat
folks would be out of business. So look at it like this, if you can find no other reason than this to support the war...without people like us who can adapt and survive...folks like you will stand no chance if America folds into the quagmire of everything's OK at no cost, and without conflict. If you stand for NOTHING, then you will surely FALL for ANYTHING.

I won't let you fall, and the great men and women that CHOOSE to fight for you, will be there for you as long as there are still people standing that believe in the true American way. What scares me, is that people like you are willing to give up valuable time and effort better spent elsewhere...but you'd rather preach your anti-American babble, not realizing that you aren't offending me, or ruffling my feathers in any way...you are only digging your own grave. You are laying your own self and your own family out on the chopping block for the sheer belief that the world can behave appropriately with a "time out" whenever a disagreement comes along. SORRY...when 19 guys, and one dictator can kill 3000 here, and several tens of thousands there...a time out won't work. I really hope that more and more of my sons and your daughters don't have to die before we figure this all out. We have the ability to end such skirmishes in a few fell swoops, but WE continue to respect the maniacal wishes of folks like YOU, and just don't take care of business. Even Spock realized that the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few. RADICAL persons, people that are jealous of your freedom, no matter the color of their skin or faith beliefs, DON'T SIT AROUND A CAMPFIRE and sing Kum-Bah-Yah...

Thanks though for using the e-mail button on the blog. That too is a freedom granted by blown off heads, of someody's son. Please at least...when you see a service man or woman...take the time to shake their hand and tell them that you appreciate their effort to fight for your right to bitch. Someone's son got their head blown off for your right to bitch. Amazing, isn't it?