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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Wednesday, May 9

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about Malinda
Well...I've made it to double digits! Number 10! This week's list is thirteen things that really touch me. At first, when I started this TT thing...it used to be hard to find THIRTEEN WHOLE THINGS FOR ..., now...sometimes thirteen is just not enough :) I'm touched by the following in no particular order. I could do this list again one day and come up with many more :)
1. Song lyrics that tell stories: A few of my favorite artists that have touched me are, Tom T. Hall, Willie Nelson, Journey, Ozzie Osbourne (YES…with Mama I’m Comin’ Home), Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon, Melissa Ethridge, Willie Nelson…oh heck…there are HUNDREDS…can’t go on and on…

2. Children Laughing: My dear Mama Ann, God rest her soul…used to say…”For today, my day has been made complete…for today I heard a child laugh”. No matter how old my kids get…my eye will leak with a moist moment of joy when they truly laugh.

3. Compliments: No matter how trivial or small…if someone tells me that something I did or something about me is good…I’m touched, and my day has been made. Once when I did theater long ago…as a morale boosting exercise our director had us all write the thing we most liked about everyone else in the cast. No names were signed, and she took all responses from all participants (must have been about 20 or so of us), and she typed for each person a list of everything everyone else said about them. That one lesson and exercise in human kindness never left me. It was Godspell the musical, and for years I kept that list. Most common on my list were my eyes…don’t know why…but it was. Perhaps that’s why I find it important for anyone I have contact with to be able to look me in the eye. I like to see others’ eyes.

4. My family HAPPY: Each day, if my family is happy and there is no bitching or “issues”, it’s a great day. My baby will graduate and move out soon, so it will be just me and the hubby. If a day goes by that he’s happy and doesn’t have any cross words to offer…it is a true blessing. He tends to be a venter…a wonderful man and loves me dearly. He’s just a venter, and I’m not. I’m more of a discusser. I’m touched if everyone around me finds an intellectual way to converse even adverse ideas. Sometimes hard for teenagers or husbands :) Perhaps, it’s the chick they live with…huh?

5. Flowers, Trees, Rainbows, Barns & Windmills: I just LOVE these things. Probably has something to do with growing up in the great expanse of a West Texas cotton farm…but these things always touch me. If I have a camera in hand, I will take a picture of any of them.

6. Simple Get-Togethers: I miss my family in Texas dearly. Whenever we are together, it’s a party. Be it friends or family (and it happens rarely with our busy lives), I am happy and touched if people I care about are around and we are just doing whatever, eating some good food, having a few drinks, and just visiting and laughing.

7. Sad or Profound Movies: I’m a sap, and whether it stirs my psyche, or my heart…I’m a sucker for a good movie with quality drama, suspense, or thought provoking content.

8. Freedom: I’m touched by freedom believe it or not. I do not take it for granted even on the smallest scale. I’ve worked hard for years. I’m an honest woman, love my family, and outside of some rare and occasional civil disobedience from time to time in minute form, I try very hard NOT to do anything wrong…no wrong in family, friendship, business, or person. SO…DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO! I like to do what I want, and when I want. Be it banging away on this laptop, a phone conversation that is inconvenient for others, setting unreasonable time schedules for me based on others’ issues, etc. I’ve gotten really anal in my “old age” with my freedom. I suppose it touches me when I’m truly free to do the things I love, but a bit selfish for those I care most about :) Must be why I’m a staunch conservative and fight so hard for the freedom of this nation :)

9. My Boys: I can never say enough about how much I love my sons. Any moment I’m with them, whatever we do or talk about…anything that has to do with my boys touches me. As with any parent, there have been times that being “touched” by things to do with them have been a hard punch or slap…but bad times or good…I’m touched by their very being. Motherhood, what a trip…what a blessing!

10. Holiday Smells: I love Thanksgiving, Sunday Dinner, any day I actually cook a good meal and can smell the aromas of a good meal and family and friends being around. Nothing smells better than baking bread, turkey & dressing brewing on the stove, cookies baking with a child to bake them with…etc. The smells of the home are soul comfort.

11. Music: While I don’t do it often enough…just listening to music is so touching. I have a stereo that was upgraded by my wonderful husband from the one I purchased as a struggling single mom years ago (I gave that one to my son). It holds 400 CD’s and plays at random. Believe it or not, whether purchased or downloaded by me, I almost have it full. Country, Gospel, Rock & Roll, 1930’s-1950’s tunes, Christmas / Halloween tunes, party tunes, Reggae, Blues, some Jazz, Zydeco, Alternative, even a tiny bit of Rap…I have it all. I like to put on the stereo whenever I’m cleaning house or doing a project. Sing me a song piano man…

12. The Little Things: Whether it’s a surprise gift (especially little tiny inexpensive ones), a phone call from someone I care about that I haven’t heard from in a while, an e-mail just for me, or a note…something on the table. I’m a true sucker for thought. It truly is the thought that counts. It doesn’t have to cost a dime, but if someone really thought about it, and it gets to me at my heart, I’m in. I love little tiny surprises. I love those times when for no reason at all my boys, or husband, or even friends just give me a hug. Warm fuzzys I guess…LOVE ‘EM.

13. Comments: Yes…I could have listed any number of things for 13 that matter…but this one is real too. Even if the comments are negative, if thought provoking, I publish them. I like comments on my blog, and get so few :) How can 150-200 people a day read your blog, and only 5-6 leave a comment…? Comments do touch me. Keep ‘em coming…they bring a special place to my busy business day. Have a happy Thursday Thirteen all…

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