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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Thursday, May 3

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Things about MALINDA

This week's list is 13 things / habits about me that will probably never change, in no particular order of importance. It's funny the little things about each of us that make us unique. Some things on this list are just mundane facts, some are really odd...but hey, it's our nuances that make us all eccentrically individual isn't it? You all have them too :)

1. Lawry's: I'm Southern, and if it's cooked in my house...chances are it has some Lawry's sprinkled in it or on it. My Mama used it, as did my Grandmother and so on. I even buy the "industrial" size bottle.

2. The Rubbing Pillow: My little secret nervous habit. Since I was a baby, if I have a certain kind of cotton cloth around me, I will rub it back and forth between my fingers. I guess it's my little version of OCD. I have a pillow on the bed that's just perfect for such a habit. My husband laughs at me, but knows...the rubbing pillow stays...

3. Crackers & Cheese: Saltines, or Ritz...Wheat or grain crackers...I always have a stash of them close by somewhere. And cheese...I could live on the combination probably. It doesn't matter...squeezy cheese, American cheese slices, spreadable cream cheese, just about any cheese...love it!

4. My computer: OK, I'm a geek. I work on one all day, and grab the laptop when I get home to sit on the couch and relax. Work or play...as long as I have a computer and internet access, I'm a happy camper. And yep...on the rare occasion one crashes or my connection is down...it's just about like cutting off my oxygen supply.

5. Office Supplies: I think I have an office supply fettish. I swear I could nickel and dime myself into poverty if left alone long enough in an Office Depot. So many trick gadgets, colored paper and pads, always something to make life in the office more convenient or jazzed up. I have 18 rubber pre-inked stamps on my desk :)...AND...I use them all believe it or not.

6. Green Olives: I buy the "industrial" size bottles of these too. Love them anytime day or night. I can get a small bowl of them and just munch during a movie. Usually followed by a cookie or something sweet. Have always loved the salt / sweet combinations...I'm a wierd snacker!

7. Blue Jeans & Tennis Shoes: I'm a country girl tomboy at heart. My life has taken various turns financially through time...and no matter how rich or poor...you're likely to find me wearing jeans and tennis shoes. I'm just not big on getting all gussied up. But...I have some "gussy" jeans, and some cool tennis shoes with sparkles down the side...does that count? I love my "bling-bling" jewelery though! Diamonds & Blue Jeans...that's me.

8. A1 Steak Sauce: I love a great steak meal. I've been fortunate enough to eat many times at some wonderful and expensive restaurants that prepare the finest filet mignon imaginable. But, you just can't take the redneck out of some people. You should see the looks I get from some of the waiters at a fine dining establishment when I ask for A1 with the meal, as if I'm desecrating the heavenly creation of the chef. However...I've only been to ONE restaurant in my life that didn't have it...so I must NOT be the only one :)

9. Instant Tears: Oh...to be a fairly tough and tumble lady when I need to be...I swear I'm such a sap! If I'm touched or moved by it, my eye will leak every time. I cry at sad movies, I cry when I see cute babies loved by their mothers, I cry EVERY time one of my boys does something really good and special like when they play ball, or get an award at school, etc. And worst of all...if I get REALLY, REALLY MAD...the tears come then too. But...over the years, I've managed to keep it under control and down to a drop or two...my friends will laugh and say..."Oh Lordy...she's gonna cry again..."...then we laugh together, and my eyes water up again at our giggles. Silly me and my tears of joy...

10. Two Vices: Smoke like a chimney, and drink like a fish... That's an ole' cliche, and a description a bit radical to describe me...but I do love my cocktails in the evening, and the cigarettes too. However, bad as it is...I've smoked since I was 16, and still remain under one pack per day...and I can smoke at work, and Reno still has a few restaurants where smoking is allowed, and you can smoke at any bar that doesn't serve food.

11. Procrastination: If I could fix ONE thing about myself, it would be this one. I just can't seem to find the motivation or self will to get in gear and accomplish more things that I need to do around my house and in my life sometimes. I know I need to do them, I tell myself I should change my priorities to include them...but hey...I could be sitting on the couch relaxing and pecking away on my laptop or something right? Malinda needs to get off her butt more :)

12. Natural Vampire: Some folks just have an odd biological clock...I'm one of them. I don't like going to bed early. It's nothing for me to be up and occupied with something until 1am. I'd like to blame it on my 20 year casino career when I worked 6pm - 2am, but I can't. That just happened to be a perfect job for someone like me. Drives my husband insane, as he's one to crash very early. But, I can't change that...and I tell him someday when we retire, I'll retrain him and he can stay up all night with me. Of course by then, old age will most likely set in, and when I CAN STAY UP as long as I want to, I probably won't be able to :)

13. Babble & Ramble: Just ask my husband...I'm a babbler and a rambler. I'm not good with the short version :) I over explain, and provide too much detail in conversation according to him. I also have a bad habit with interruption. Darn it...I really DON'T MEAN too, and I know it can be frustrating to others. And...even though I'm aware of it...it just still seems to happen too often. However...if ya' tell me right up front...the short version please...I'll laugh and get right to the point :)

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