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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Sunday, June 24

Father's Day

Father’s Day this year was a LOT OF FUN! We took the boat out to Stampede Reservoir and the guys did the fishing thing, and the gals did the nothing lay on the boat in the sun thing. My oldest son and his girlfriend came along with my favorite little Miss Penguin :)

CR had a new water trampoline we all wanted to try, and he was a gem to go to all the trouble to fill it up for little Penguin. This thing weighs 85 pounds in the bag, and isn’t easy to manipulate. He got it all blown up, and hooked to the boat, and guess what?…not much of a trampoline. But, it was a grandiose water floatation device that gave little Penguin an hour or so of fun. It was amazing to me to watch my son take so much time on Father’s Day to be a father-type to her. She is a little darling, (only because her mother makes her so :)… They have been dating a LONG WHILE, but aren’t married, but little Penguin was calling the day Clayton Day since she couldn’t officially call it Father’s Day…too cute! I had a great time visiting with Erica…she brought magazines and read me cool stories of all the celebrities in the rag mags of late. We had lots of laughs and lots of sun.

My husband Kevin has been so gracious over the past 9 years to have taken these boys and called them his own. The guys went out VERY EARLY at 4:30 freaking o’clock to fish, and Erica, Miss Penguin and I followed along with sandwiches and goodies about 10am. YES…we got sunburned, but what a glorious day! I LOVE OUR BOAT! It’s a “party barge”, but we bought the one with the fishing package built in. It’s perfect for a family outing. This photo of my husband that usually has three phones on two ears during a business day got to do just what he deserved to do this day…fish, enjoy the water, and catch a Father’s Day nap!

Thank goodness my cell phone actually worked out on the lake, I was able to call my Dad and wish him a happy day too. I like to take my camera out on the boat, and just snap shot after shot of basically nothing. However, on any given “boat day” I will shoot about 200 shots, and delete 95% of them :) Below are some of my favorite shots of this day… Is the little guy that was celebrating his first Father’s Day not just too damn cute? A binky, a bucket, and pure innocence and happiness. My son and I had a moment just watching him and remembering (me at least) how cute he was at that age…as I sit and look at him at 6’3” and 24 years of age.