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Wednesday, July 11

Doug Henry - Still MISSING IN RENO

Doug Henry is STILL MISSING, after SEVEN FREAKING WEEKS! I don’t know Doug Henry…never heard of him…but he’s a member of my community, and Reno IS KNOWN AS “THE BIGGEST LITTLE CITY IN THE WORLD”!

I watch the news each day and hear numerous stories of missing people. Many make the BIG NEWS, and you see helicopters, huge search teams and volunteers, etc. looking for these people. I think that’s great. I pray for all those who don’t know what’s happened to their loved ones.

Doug Henry from Reno would have at the age of 54 just celebrated his first wedding anniversary…if he was here. WHY IS IT that a man of our community has been MISSING WITHOUT A TRACE except that he stopped at a convenience store the morning he went missing and then, NOTHING?

One woman who happens to attend the church where he was a member has been periodically posting some brief messages about the progress of this case. But in a county of 500,000 does nobody else care, or try to search and find out what really happened? Was Doug Henry impoverished? Was Mr. Henry a person of suspect behavior on a regular basis? WHY does no one in this community not think that it’s strange that just a “blurb” was on the news, and then nothing?

I guess I wonder what would happen if something tragic happened to ME. Would no one care? Would no one reach out and search for my body, or try to find out if and why I left? Strange…

I can’t explain why this particular man missing makes me continue to come back to the story, except that it’s a story with a vague beginning, and a story with no middle and no end. Something I can’t explain (since I never heard of him), just keeps him on my mind. I have a lot on my plate, and Doug Henry’s plight on my brain is actually irritating, but I’m just compelled to write about him somehow. What is it about a person that when they go missing and no explanation is close at hand that makes them just invisible, unimportant, and not relevant to daily investigation? We all watch CSI, where is Grissom, or Horatio in the search for Doug Henry? Why has Geraldo Rivera, or Greta Van Susteren not come to his rescue? Is it because he isn’t young? Is it because he wasn’t a pregnant mother or a mistress of a black cop gone bad? Is it because it didn’t involve a student of some university or he didn’t play a sport at a college? Why is it that Reno by nature is a household name as a city, but a 54 year old propane truck driver that mysteriously disappeared one morning doesn’t deserve high profile coverage?

Not do demean the tragedy of the other cases we hear of…heck…since this nation has become a media nation of ratings and money, you’d think by now there would be a channel on cable TV called HD-Missing. We only hear on the news of a few, but there are probably enough missing people to fill up a network station 24-7 with late breaking news. It would certainly make better viewing than Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, Cindy Sheehan running against Nancy Pelosi, etc. This kind of TV network would get better ratings and carry a larger bottom line than many other channels…AND HELP THE FAMILIES OF THOSE WITH MISSING LOVED ONES.

There’s something “fishy in Denmark here”. I just cannot be the only person that thinks so. As I said I don’t even have a clue who this man is…but I received one of those “forwarded” e-mails about him, and when I researched it, it was true. So if true…why is it not news? I believe I will send some e-mails to the major networks and just see if we can find out why this story is all “black-op”, or just a sad case of no one gives a crap about Doug Henry.