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Wednesday, July 18

Restless Leg Syndrome - Liberal Media - What's Wrong With Our Country

OK…I’m just trying to relax tonight and play a quick game or two of Phlinx on Pogo Games before I dive into bed tired and exhausted from yet another day of business, errands, ad deadlines, quarterly taxes, crap still to do floating around in my head, etc. It’s 10:30pm here in Reno, and I JUST finished all the “shit I HAVE to finish” before tomorrow that started at about 7:30 this morning.

I’m enjoying a bit of “silence” while the TV is still playing in the background and hubby just went off to bed. Ahhhh, my favorite time of day as a wife and mother. The businesses are closed, the kids are all safe, the husband is resting peacefully…MY TIME. I’m sitting here shooting my little Phlinx balls around on my game, and out of the “corner of my ear”, I hear a commercial on TV. I would call it an epiphany, but an epiphany is something that is supposed to be mind boggling…this wasn’t…it was just yet another DUH reminder of what is wrong with this country and the Neocon Liberal Media that is poisoning us at our very being.

RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME: Is it real? Hell…I don’t know. If it’s real, then I feel for those suffering from it, but for God’s sake I hope those inflicted aren’t looking toward the makers of the cure for answers! We’ve all heard or seen the Restless Leg Syndrome commercials. I suppose your leg just goes nuts (a leg on crack) and it’s bothersome enough to disrupt sleep, work, thought, etc. Well, they have a pill for it. Don’t ask me what the pill is…don’t know; don’t care for the purpose of this rant. I’ve seen the past commercials, and as with all new cures…the list of “side effects” of the medications are enough for most folk to just suffer with the disease.

I SHIT YOU NOT…on the Restless Leg Syndrome commercial that just came on my TV…as they were talking about the side effects of whatever pill fixes it, they said, “If you find yourself having the urge to gamble excessively, drink too much, etc…(paraphrased)”, contact your physician. Are you shitting me? If it’s even a condition to have an erratic leg…what does gambling have to do with it? Is it that tweaking fellow or gal at the poker machine tapping their leg up and down excessively because they are watching their entire rent check going down a nickel or penny slot machine constitute Restless Leg Syndrome? I think it’s more like the condition my leg is going to have after I shove my restless foot up some dumb asses arse! The crap they put on TV…

Now I have a headache, I must run down to Longs Drugs or Wal-Mart and see if I can find some of that wonderful Head-On… I promise not to gamble (yes, we have slot machines at drug stores here in Reno)…