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Saturday, July 14

Support The Blue Star Deli - Farmers Branch, Texas

Well, a big Texas hello to my fellow blogger Texas Fred. He's trying to help a fellow Texan in need, and I couldn't support his efforts more. The following I excerpted from THIS STORY. I encourage all who live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area to try and meet other bloggers for lunch on Monday, July 16th to support the Blue Star Deli.

"Dave Mooney, owner of the Blue Star Deli in Farmers Branch, Texas, is feeling the backlash of his support of Farmers Branch. Dave has been in the forefront of support, opening up his cafe for all types of activities to support Farmers Branch and what that city has tried to do to stop the harm illegal immigration is doing.

News has surfaced from Halliburton employees that a boycott has been called by the Hispanic and pro-illegal employees. Although, Dave didn’t have a contract for business lunches, he did receive orders to provide business lunches from time to time. These orders have now stopped. Also, it is being reported that Hispanic radio stations are broadcasting a boycott of the Blue Star.

Dave is experiencing a 50% decrease in sales receipts due to this boycott and has now taken a second job. The call is out for all of us do what we can to help Dave. If you are in the area, stop by and have one of Dave’s good hamburgers, tell others about the Blue Star Deli.

Call KSKY radio’s Mike Gallagher, KLIF’s Jeff Bolton and John David Wells, all who have had broadcasts at the Blue Star Deli, to ask their listening audience to support Dave. Let’s all do what we can to keep Dave in business.

U.S Border Watch will be sending a check to Mr Mooney, and we encourage everyone else to send him a few bucks. Five or ten dollars in a restaurant business is a lot of money. We must help those who have put their business on the line to help our cause. Below is the address and web site for the Blue Star Deli, and if you are in the area drop in and thank this fine Patriot for his support and have a burger."

Blue Star Deli
14724 Webb Chapel Rd.
Farmers Branch, TX 75234
Phone 972-247-8681

U.S. Border Watch1-800-759-0948