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From country to city, From farm to fireworks…Through marriage & children, Through employment & ownership, Life continues to be an amazing journey…

Tuesday, September 18

Wednesday Hero - 1st Lt. Forrest P. Ewens

1st Lt. Forrest P. Ewens
1st Lt. Forrest P. Ewens
26 years old from Tonasket, Washington
1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)
June 16, 2006

The love of Megan Ewens's life arrived at Arlington National Cemetery on July 7, 2006. His ashes inside a small wooden box, the box inside a coffin, the coffin draped with an American flag and carried on a caisson pulled by six black horses.

Lt. Forrest P. Ewens had shipped out for Afghanistan in March of that same year. His wife, being the same rank in the Army, understood the risks, telling a colonel at Fort Drum, N.Y., that if anything happened to her husband, she didn't want to hear about it from a stranger.

On June 6, 2006 Lt. Ewens and Sgt. Ian T. Sanchez were killed when ATV struck an IED while on combat operation in Pech River Valley, Afghanistan.

A few weeks before his death, Lt. Ewens called his wife from an Afghan mountain to inform her that his unit had been subsisting on melted snow and rations and that he had been writing his impressions down in a notebook he carried.

"This was the love of her life," Megan Ewens's mother said. "They were so well-matched and made such a good team. We couldn't ask for a better son-in-law."

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Wednesday, September 12

Wednesday Hero - Staff Sgt. Richard P. Ramey

Staff Sgt. Richard P. Ramey
Staff Sgt. Richard P. Ramey
27 years old from Canton, Ohio
703rd Ordinance Compan, supporting the 82nd Airborne Division
February 8, 2004

Richard Ramey always knew what he was going to be. Once, while in the third grade, his teacher asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. His response? "I�ll go to war and fight" Concerned by his answer, his teacher called his mother, Julie Ramey. She told her "No, that's my son".

SSgt. Ramey was killed when insurgents attacked his and other convoys in Mahmudiyah, Iraq.

"Richard loved to do his job. No matter where it would take him," said his mother. "He really felt deeply that he wanted to protect people that couldn�t protect themselves"

In a statement released through Fort Knox, the Ramey family said, "He was adventurous and smart, combining both qualities in what he did for the Army. We knew his work was dangerous but also knew he wouldn�t have wanted to do anything else".

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

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Tuesday, September 11

Go Fly A Kite

I don't have a lot of time lately, but I miss my blog. So...I will share with you all things that are quick, but worth the mention :)

Next time you hear, "Go Fly A Kite!", (shouts are usually more vulgar than that now...only us old birds remember that)... just hope you can do it like this!

This guy is 79 years young, and is the world kite champion. I watched this, and thought not only was it worth a mention, it was worth a 9-11 tribute. PLEASE WATCH IT...

We Will Never Forget 9-11

Monday, September 10

The Empty Nest

The Empty Nest:

I remember sitting as a young woman of 20 holding my first born son in my arms wondering what it would be like someday when he was all grown up and gone from home. So impossible to imagine then, but a little brother six years later, and now with both of them gone 24 years later, the empty nest is a reality.

The empty nest is a huge room contained in a tiny emotional space called the heart, that encompasses every emotion one woman can have. These emotions come right along with all other emotions that an almost 45 year old woman already has to deal with. At this age, a lifetime of raising children is over, a career is usually coming to its peak, marriage and life’s relationships are more defined, and of course, there is the ever changing physical roller coaster of female maturity. It’s a true yen and yang balance of highs and lows and all in between.

So while you’ve had 24 years in which to imagine how it would be, and six years since the first child left to prepare for the final empty nest…it is still an experience to travel through. The empty nest is a joyous place, a relief on some levels, and a sad and lonely place with new worries all of its own. So, no matter how much you prepare yourself for it, reactions are varied, and a mid-life crisis ensues no matter how intelligent the passer-through :)

Yes, I have a wonderful 24 year old son that continually pleases me with his own changes of life. He works for our company and his growth, burgeoning family and ongoing maturity is a blessing and heartwarming. Little brother just left for college (about 3 miles away), and his newfound changes are coming quickly and are both heartwarming and humorous. Humorous in the fact that I see things happening to him that I remember from my youth, and I chuckle in a good way to watch him experience it all and watch his wonder and quick growth toward his manhood.

Day by day, I find myself changing and going through a new period in my life. It’s exciting and different because I’m at an age that change is no longer scary, and I have the maturity to stop, think, and plan the next course. However, there is a new feeling of youth when the kids go away. Old enough to “think you’re planning responsibly”, but “giddy enough” to have a mid-life crisis that’s OK.

So what did I do? Don’t ask me why I didn’t enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit…NO…I got a new puppy! I guess I couldn’t stand not being a Mommy, so Scooter came into our lives. He’s a Yorkie – Maltese mix, and what a handful!

The eldest son continues to support Mom and grow at work. His girlfriend and her daughter continue to become dearer and dearer to us. Youngest comes by occasionally to do laundry and visit, and he is so busy with college and a job. Their visits and phone calls and e-mails have become the norm, rather than the usual rut of…”Take out the trash, clean your room, etc.”. I have little big men now. My sons have turned out OK. They are the finest two things I have ever accomplished, I love them both so much, and they make me smile :)

So, with the addition of the new puppy, and more time for hubby and I…what could be next? Possibly boobs and a new Hummer H3??? Hey, if you’re going to have a mid-life crisis…make it a good one huh??

Petraeus Report - Give It Some Time

General Petraeus is providing his "report" on the status of Iraq. I have no doubt that we hear very little TRUTH about what goes on in Iraq, much less any REAL TRUTH about what goes on in every day government in Washington.

Michael Yon is an amazing hands on journalist that has so far maintained the most truthful coverage of anyone I've seen coming out of that region. I am so pleased with his forthrightness, and his "no need" to be first, or politically correct. He just tells it like it is, and I think this is a great summary of how we should handle Petraeus' newest findings...let's wait and see a bit. More than that, could we just ask the right people? Let's just find the truth.

Let's let all the "be first" speculators report what they will, and do the conservative patient thing, and find the real folks to let us know. Let's find some people actually doing the hard stuff tell us the next move to make. Let's try to get our people out, while still trying to accomplish something with the folks in Iraq that will be a positive resolution to a war on forever. Terrorism will be forever, so we must be careful how it's handled.


"But here is a hint to journalists who are seeking truth — good or bad. There is one group of officers whose input has invariably proved both relevant and revelatory for me in compiling my work: battalion commanders who are commanding infantry or special operations units. Special operations people are unlikely to go on record, but the special operations people that I’ve talked with tend to be very knowledgeable and frank, and their input on background is critical. As for the infantry battalion commanders, they are the proverbial sweet spot. Battalion command sergeant majors can be excellent, too, but they often will not go on record. Battalion commanders will tend to be willing to go on record, and will tend to talk to journalists...

...Discerning which officers to talk to is rather like the story of the three bears: Some beds are too big, some beds are too small, but one bed is just right. For this report, the fairy tale translates into something like this: company commander (captain; too small for purposes of the upcoming report); battalion command (lieutenant colonel; just right); brigade commander (colonel; getting too large, but usually is also a good interview); division commander (major general; too large)."

As for what happens to this nation in this war or the next election...WATCH THIS MOVIE... I'm not usually much for silly stupid movies, but I watched this one, and I encourage anyone who's really concerned about the state of our Union to force themselves to watch it. It does have some funny moments, but more than anything else...it made me realize that we are not far from this end. I swear, after watching this silly movie, I see more and more of its truth in every day life. It's scary.


Wednesday, September 5

Fred Thompson Announces Presidential Run

Fred Thompson has so far been my favorite possible candidate for president. Yes, he’s been silent for what some believe to be too long. However, I have believed in him for the simple fact that he seems real, and Lord knows…we could surely use a dose of REAL in this nation. NOT reality, as the new catch phrase is reality TV and reality Celebrity, that’s all BS. USA NEEDS REAL. George Bush, one of my favorite Texans, had the ability to be real, but somewhere along the line, he lost his nuts, never passed English obviously, and just didn’t have the Moxie to stand up to more against him than for him. The only man that can save this nation will have to be able to stand up against, and explain to, and make understand, and defeat more people against him than for him. Otherwise, we might as well get prepared for more trouble than good.

I’ve been absent from this blog for over a month. Not because I want to, just simply because life in general demands my attention. I think Fred Thompson is smart enough to know that his world is no different than ours. There is truly NO NEED to hammer us all “average Joes” with an election more than a year from when it takes place.

Absent though I’ve been of late through a new computer system costing over $50,000 for my companies, becoming an empty nester having just put my youngest son in college, gaining a new puppy, and wheeling and dealing a new building for one of our companies…I’ve just not either had the time or some of my desired energy to attend this blog. But when it’s important, and the right time…I try to make it a point to show up and do it. Tonight is the time. Fred’s coming out :) And, I believe he’s coming out at the right time. But, let’s see…

Now… in my absence, I have been saving things that spark me about Fred. I hope he’s the one, I reserve my decision until voting day, but so far…he’s my pick.

Please click on the links below to see why I’ve so far considered Fred the man. Keep in mind, his decision (or not) depending on the links below could be a deal breaker. Spencer Abraham is NOT A MAN OF CHOICE… is he a pick or not in the campaign…see links below. Also, rumors have flourished that the retired Karl Rove might get involved. I’ve sent a mere $50 to Thompson so far. If he decides to surround himself with less than competent leaders, or fallen “fall guys”, I may not continue my support. We’ll see. For now…COME ON IN FRED…LET’S SEE WHAT YOU’VE GOT :)

My links stem from June until August… see if these stories still ring true, or if some of it will be forgotten and misspoken…

Thompson on the Queen / Salmon Rushdie

Thompson on Darfur / Genocide / Global Warming

Fred Will Speak Out!

Fred’s Comments On Many Issues

Malkin on Thompson & Spencer Abraham

Texas Fred / Fred Thompson / Abraham Out?

Now, I've not checked on any of these sites to see if any changes have come since original articles, but it's always interesting to see what's BEEN said prior to seeing what's ABOUT to be said on the Jay Leno Tonight's Show in one minute