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Sunday, December 30

Bill Maher Was My Birthday Present

I spent my 45th birthday with Bill Maher. Why, you might ask? Well, after the evening was over, (perfect as it was), I asked myself the same question :)

My evening started with dinner at my favorite restaurant (Sterlings at Silver Legacy). I had my usual crab cake appetizer with a salad and filet mignon as an entrĂ©e. My boys came to the restaurant earlier in the day and delivered a dozen roses (in which were 13…lucky me got an extra one :) and a spa gift card. So when I got to my reserved table, I had flowers and a present with Happy Birthday sequins scattered all over the table cloth. My husband gave me a dozen roses earlier in the day with a card, so all was romantic and perfect. The maitre ‘de was more than cordial as always, and the waiter kept the 7&7 glass full :)

Six O’clock dinner reservations led to 9th row, center stage tickets to Bill Maher. One might ask why I would do such a thing on my 45th birthday. Well, I try to recognize talent where talent is due, and even though we sit on WAY different sides of the fence, Mr. Maher is talented. I will listen to two democrats for entertainment purposes. One is Bill Maher, and the other is Whoopi Goldberg. There is also a little truth to “keeping your friends close, but keeping your enemies closer”. One needs to know just what the other side is thinking. Without actually listening to a bleeding heart liberal, you cannot dispute what they say.

I must say, that I’m glad I had the experience, but it was a bit difficult to admire the talent of one such as Bill Maher, and yet believe that he was trying to make a thousand or so of us actually believe what he was saying. Lucky he’s at least funny, for the mere content of his show is sad. But one of normal knowledge knows that if you voluntarily go to a show like his, you’ll get some liberal dust on your collar. What was really sad was the fact that so many people actually buy into that mentality.

We all know that with any concert, or any show…as folks gather at the booze line, and in the “lobby” before entering and finding their seats, there is always hype and excitement. Everybody’s always excited and eager to see the star they bought tickets for. However, this was the first time I ever chose by free will to go and see a true liberal. I never realized that when you congregate so many left wingers in the same space, you can actually smell liberalism. The air is thick with the stench of fiction and self righteousness. I stand in the booze line and I listen to several “dozen of my “friends” around me” buzz with excitement of the upcoming show, and their mere human pleasantries to each other, and their mortal conversation leads me to feel sorry for them, and also want to kick their parents straight in the teeth for the fact that these people were not raised to know the truth about this nation or its government. These people float around on a cloud of what the fuck, and have not one clue of true reality or the principles that this nation was founded upon. No wonder other nations hate us. These liberals have no balls, and are drowning in a quagmire of the fog of one resounding word…TOLERANCE.

I listened to Bill Maher, and yes, I did laugh when he was funny. See, even if I don’t agree, I have a bitch side to me that knows even some cut downs are funny. If he had been Dennis Miller, I probably would have laughed and gotten excited all at the same time. It’s a strange thing though watching someone so funny that is so against all that you believe. I tried to find a common ground with him, and it was tough. Most plays, concerts, documentaries, etc. have a theme…and as with all top notch talents, so did Bill Maher. His whole basis of his speech was that TOLERANCE will get us all through. Well, ya know…tolerance is good to a point, but at the point me tolerating you gets in the way of the principal of sanity…guess what? TOLERANCE BECOMES LEFT WING MOONBAT IGNORANCE! So, if you actually believe that if we tolerate Islamic radicals, and tolerate flaming homosexual behavior and their open acceptance on our streets and in front of our children, and actually tolerate government spending out of control with “pork” to those that stroke us, and tolerate elected officials that are more hell bent on filling our minds with bickering and fear mongering about environmental issues that exceed the common sense knowledge of no littering and poisoning the waters and the air excessively, and tolerate “leaders” that never even think about what THE PEOPLE would actually vote for, and tolerate illegal criminals that slither over our borders and suck the financial life out of us because “they deserve” “help”, then we also TOLERATE FAILURE.

Bill Maher has a lot of nerve standing up on a stage and defending all these things to the “poor man”, and acting like he’s actually sacrificing anything on a poor man’s behalf, as he’s sitting atop a bank account with six or seven figures in it. He ranted on and on a bit about “corporate America”. Yes, big corporate America has some flaws, but I’m sitting there as a small business owner that tries incessantly to provide for my employees, pay my vendors, serve my customers above par, and manage my own household at the same time and stay in the black all at the same time. Both my companies have employees, customers, and vendors. And they are both “corporations”. Therefore, I feel like I am corporate America. The results and the reality I have to bring to my life to stay afloat would sink in a moment, in the blink of an eye, if I were TOLERANT like Mr. Maher suggests that I should be. As a part of CORPORATE AMERICA, it’s imperative that I balance my little local budgets, and my spending, my company health insurance benefits, and my 401K investments to a fragile point to make sure that all involved still stay in the black. It’s a bit of work and juggling, but not impossibility, or I would be one of those “tolerated” on the welfare line getting it all for free.

But back to giving credit where credit is due…and at the expense of taking a lot of shit for the following comments… I think marijuana should be legal, and as with all grownup humans…or at least most of us…I didn’t meet my current husband a virgin. I as a woman kissed a few frogs before meeting a “prince”, and do most women or men. I’m sorry for Ann Coulter that she had to kiss the frog Bill Maher just to realize that he wasn’t going to be “that guy”. But as a woman, I’ve let a frog or two go over the years that will always remember. Ms. Coulter, he still remembers you…although by his comments in his show, it’s obvious why you let that frog go. I’d always heard that those two had a “thing” at one time, but he saves the best for last in his ramblings.

Bill Maher made a comment at the end of his show (paraphrasing) that Ann Coulter gets a bad rap sometimes. He said, (paraphrasing), that “she’s not like that when she’s cuming”, and then he tried to dodge the “secret bullet” by saying something like “I would never fuck a Republican, would I?” To Ann, his loss, and your lesson girlfriend, no worries, (we’ve all done it :) If you weren’t a woman worth remembering, he wouldn’t mention you at the end of the show when the best punch line is saved. He’d bring you up in the middle with all the other stuff that he was delusional about :) At any rate, Happy Birthday to me, it was a magical night!

Friday, December 28

Star Spangled Banner Explained

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Did you ever wonder how Francis Scott Key was inspired, and how he came to write the Star Spangled Banner which is our national anthem? I've got a very inspirational and educational audio file about 11 minutes long that will clue you in to the exact meaning of all the words of the song, and how Francis Scott Key came to write it.

I did not know all the things found in this great little piece, and with the story set to moving music, it made the hair raise on my arms to listen to this great piece of history. I couldn't figure out how to embed an 11 minute file into a post, so I've included this wonderment on my right side bar in the "COOL FILES" box. Feel free to download it, takes mere seconds...and enjoy and share with all your contacts.

There are some other really cool files in that box too, help yourself to each and every one :) All files have been virus checked and verified :)

New Government Emblem

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Women As Explained By Engineers

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Photo Sharing - Video Sharing - Photo Printing - Photo Books

Thursday, December 27

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated In Pakistan

We haven’t had an earth shattering event in a little while, but the assassination of Benazir Bhutto will certainly have some long lasting and possibly very tragic long term results. While there seems to have been a track record that suggests that Bhutto wasn’t the rose of the Middle East like she seemed to be of late, she surely seemed to me to be dedicated to positive change in her region, and her death was a horrific act of unbridled terror. So many were after her, it probably was just a matter of time before this happened. May she rest in peace and may she always be remembered for her selfless dedication to her homeland of Pakistan.

Now however, many “what ifs and what nows” are remaining. Al Qaeda has already claimed responsibility, however most believe that may or may not be true. London reports that top suspects may be two warlords: Baitullah Mehsud, a militant commander of the Pakistani Army who has Al Qaeda and Taliban ties, and Haji Omar, the leader of the Pakistani Taliban who fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Some believe that Pervez Musharraf himself may have had a hand in the murder, or at least turned a blind eye to the possibility of it.

It is too early to speculate on who did it, or how widespread the effects may be. In my humble opinion though, here are a few givens that seem as clear as black and white.

  1. We should soon see the true colors of Pervez Musharraf. If he doesn’t actively go after Al Qaeda that are knowingly hidden in his remote provinces, and militarily eradicate them, or allow our troops to cross the borders and actively pursue them and Osama Bin Laden ourselves, we should immediately withdraw the billions of dollars in aid and money that the USA sends to Pakistan, end of story.

  1. Those that are still convinced that radical Islam can be handled by any sort of democratic or diplomatic process need to open their eyes and realize that it isn’t any one leader of any nation in this region that is the rabid beast. It isn’t Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey, or India. It is radical Islam period. It is a small (compared to the nations’ populous) group of crazed and fanatical people bent on wiping out Western Civilization, Middle Eastern growth, and anyone that doesn’t subscribe to their view of Muslim belief, period.

  1. Leaders (any that are left with any possibility of helping their people) of those countries need to be as worried about radical Islamic influence as the rest of us do. They kill more of their own than they kill of their “enemy”. Until leaders like Musharraf and the likes of Bhutto take a stance to protect themselves, they shouldn’t expect us to come in and bail them out. Yes, it is in the interest of the USA to fight against radical fanatics, but the Lord helps those that help themselves, and I for one am tired of wasting billions of dollars on a group of people that just sit back and let themselves be walked upon. I don’t think any of us mind helping the weak with our military might, but when they don’t take what we’ve started and build upon it, the plan will eventually fail.

  1. Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her life to try and make a difference. Instead of retreat and cowardice, more moderate influential people of that region must now more than ever ban together in stronger numbers to wipe out radical jihad.

  1. Action must be swift. Sometimes, events like these if not dealt with by a swift and quick blow can lead to catastrophic consequences in a hurry. The Assassin’s War has begun, and the moonbat Islamofacists don’t like Musharraf either; rest assured there is a bulls eye on his head as well. The rats are ready to swarm, and I fear the country of Pakistan will get worse before it gets better, and we are just about spread as thin as we can be. They are going to have to unite as a people and come together in their own multi-national coalition to eliminate the gorilla warlords and evil doers. If the wrong person gets into power, the results could be world changing in a place that has nuclear capability. Elections will already be postponed or cancelled in Pakistan, and should the assassins take out a few more leaders, watch out!

I pray for Pakistan and the other countries of this region. Much unrest, violence, and bloodshed is imminent there. May the grace of God and Allah bring some needed courage and change in their nations. And, may God bless America in Her fight to take the right stand and be victorious against these evils.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

A big "Thank You" to Don for turning me on to this little beauty. There is a great British documentary out titled "The Great Global Warming Swindle". I prefer to call it the Real Convenient Truth :) Click on the title to watch the movie, a little over an hour. Good stuff Don, and thanks for being a reader :)

Contact your conservative friends, radio hosts, politicians, etc. and pay this movie forward. It's important that everyone has all sides of this issue at hand.

Wednesday, December 26

Senate One Minute Pro Forma Sessions - Kindergarten Games

The actions of our Senate are just ridiculous, and I for one think each and every participating senator should be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE at the next opportunity. A President has a job to do. However, since that job is so huge and so important, he has 535 assistants that are supposed to be entrusted to act on our behalf (as the people…remember us?), and advise and vote on matters the way we would want them to be handled. The House of Representatives provides the President with 435 assistants, and the Senate houses 100 additional executive assistants to the President of the USA.

Tragically, for a LONG time, and especially since the 2006 elections when Democrats gained the majority vote in Congress, this group of imbeciles cannot stop bickering and fighting long enough to get one thing accomplished. They have made it their main duty to undermine the President and stir up any kind of discourse they can imagine to belittle the President and any other person that carries the brand name of Republican. It has become outrageous and embarrassing, not to mention create a great instability in our nation. Because of this great shameful attitude and because the reigning Congress cannot get any work done on a day to day basis, the President is forced to use his Presidential power to settle some important matters during recess breaks (which are also too lengthy and unnecessary if you ask me).

Well, our “Little Johnny’s” sitting high upon their appointed thrones have found a new kindergarten game they can play during this Congressional break that will make it impossible for our President to appoint people to fill vacancies in the political arena. They are all so proud to each take turns imitating real leaders to “keep Senate open” during recess by coming in each in turn and calling Senate to session only to close the session approximately 57 seconds later. Yes folks, it’s the “One Minute Pro-Forma” kindergarten game. By keeping Senate “formally in session”, the President loses his ability to act on anything until they return.

The kindergarten Senators offered to be nice to the President and not play mean if he would agree to not pick the one kid they don’t like to be on the team (Steven Bradbury, as the permanent head of the influential Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department). The kindergarten Senators think Bradbury is mean to the terrorists and possibly his interrogation techniques could be torturous. (Like the actions of our embarrassment of a Senate aren’t torturous!)

Well, the President, not one to back down to kindergarten bullies, has refused their petty offer, and now hangs his head again in despair as he has another 100 knots tied behind his back and cannot do his job.

I own a business, and most of you either own one or work for one. We all know if we performed our jobs the way our Congress performs theirs, we’d be fired on the spot! We cannot FIRE all the moonbat senators, but we can surely make it known to them that they will not have a job the next time we have the ability to vote. It’s the least we can do as citizens for America. The following people have volunteered to play One Minute Pro-Forma. Put them high on your personal list for job displacement as soon as possible.

Harry Reid - Nevada
Jim Webb – Virginia
Edward Kennedy – Massachusetts
Byron Dorgan – North Dakota
Jack Reed – Rhode Island
Mary Landrieu – Louisiana
Ben Cardin – Maryland

Chuck Schumer - New York


Wednesday Hero - Merrill Worcester

This week's hero was suggested by Cindy & Kathi

Arlington Christmas Wreaths
Each year, around this time, since 1992, the Arlington National Cemetery has something happen to it. It gets covered in vibrant green Christmas wreaths. The wreaths are donated by a man named Merrill Worcester who is the owner of the Worcester Wreath Co. in Maine. From the Worcester Wreath Co.'s website:

Each year Worcester Wreath donates Maine wreaths to adorn the headstones of those who serve and those who sacrificed to preserve our freedoms. In 2007, over 10,000 wreaths are destined for the annual wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington. In addition, 2,500 wreaths will be sent to Togus National Cemetery in Augusta, Maine. Worcester Wreath also donates ceremonial wreaths that will be used as part of the Wreaths Across America events at over 230 State and National veterans cemeteries all across the Country.

Sometimes a hero is one who sacrifices everything in their life to help others. And sometimes a hero is one who sacrifices nothing more than their time.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. To find out more about Wednesday Hero, you can go here.

Friday, December 21

Christmas Cookies

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, many cookies need to be made. I am providing you with a very cool link to recipes for just about any cookie you can imagine.

Enjoy and Happy Baking!


President Bush Boycotts Christmas

I was truly disappointed, and I felt a sinking in my heart and my stomach that my president stood before the nation while holding his Year End Press Conference and quite purposefully omitted any reference of Christmas. He spoke of the White House “holiday reception”, and the “holiday break” coming up for Congress.

I am so sick and tired of the people that claim to be “offended” by Christmas! December 25th is NOT a generic holiday. It is Jesus Christ’s birthday. Yes, there are other holidays (also not generic) during this time of year like Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Ramadan. All these holidays are wonderful, festive, and very dear to the people that recognize them. None of them are offensive. However, December 25th is CHRISTMAS, and I refuse to let people force me into being “politically incorrect” and start calling everything a “holiday” thing.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s just fine. You are not offensive either. Don’t pretend that you are offended by Christmas. You know it just doesn’t matter to you because you don’t celebrate it. If you don’t like Christmas music, don’t listen to it, and don’t pretend you like the “holiday songs”. If you don’t want a Christmas tree, why would you want a holiday tree in your house? If you don’t appreciate the Christmas tree, don’t buy one! If you don’t want a Christmas wreath on your door, why in the world would you hang a holiday ring there? It’s like all these outrageous people want to enjoy all the fun parts of our Christmas celebrations, but don’t want to admit that by participating in “holiday” activities, they too are actually celebrating Christmas.

I will say to all people, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. That covers everyone, and we can all enjoy each others’ festivities. When are we going to elect a President that has the gumption to stand up to the idiocracy of renaming everything, and reinventing the wheel to cower to the whining of a few moonbats? I will never take Christ out of my CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas all, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

See the president’s press conference here…