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Sunday, December 30

Bill Maher Was My Birthday Present

I spent my 45th birthday with Bill Maher. Why, you might ask? Well, after the evening was over, (perfect as it was), I asked myself the same question :)

My evening started with dinner at my favorite restaurant (Sterlings at Silver Legacy). I had my usual crab cake appetizer with a salad and filet mignon as an entrĂ©e. My boys came to the restaurant earlier in the day and delivered a dozen roses (in which were 13…lucky me got an extra one :) and a spa gift card. So when I got to my reserved table, I had flowers and a present with Happy Birthday sequins scattered all over the table cloth. My husband gave me a dozen roses earlier in the day with a card, so all was romantic and perfect. The maitre ‘de was more than cordial as always, and the waiter kept the 7&7 glass full :)

Six O’clock dinner reservations led to 9th row, center stage tickets to Bill Maher. One might ask why I would do such a thing on my 45th birthday. Well, I try to recognize talent where talent is due, and even though we sit on WAY different sides of the fence, Mr. Maher is talented. I will listen to two democrats for entertainment purposes. One is Bill Maher, and the other is Whoopi Goldberg. There is also a little truth to “keeping your friends close, but keeping your enemies closer”. One needs to know just what the other side is thinking. Without actually listening to a bleeding heart liberal, you cannot dispute what they say.

I must say, that I’m glad I had the experience, but it was a bit difficult to admire the talent of one such as Bill Maher, and yet believe that he was trying to make a thousand or so of us actually believe what he was saying. Lucky he’s at least funny, for the mere content of his show is sad. But one of normal knowledge knows that if you voluntarily go to a show like his, you’ll get some liberal dust on your collar. What was really sad was the fact that so many people actually buy into that mentality.

We all know that with any concert, or any show…as folks gather at the booze line, and in the “lobby” before entering and finding their seats, there is always hype and excitement. Everybody’s always excited and eager to see the star they bought tickets for. However, this was the first time I ever chose by free will to go and see a true liberal. I never realized that when you congregate so many left wingers in the same space, you can actually smell liberalism. The air is thick with the stench of fiction and self righteousness. I stand in the booze line and I listen to several “dozen of my “friends” around me” buzz with excitement of the upcoming show, and their mere human pleasantries to each other, and their mortal conversation leads me to feel sorry for them, and also want to kick their parents straight in the teeth for the fact that these people were not raised to know the truth about this nation or its government. These people float around on a cloud of what the fuck, and have not one clue of true reality or the principles that this nation was founded upon. No wonder other nations hate us. These liberals have no balls, and are drowning in a quagmire of the fog of one resounding word…TOLERANCE.

I listened to Bill Maher, and yes, I did laugh when he was funny. See, even if I don’t agree, I have a bitch side to me that knows even some cut downs are funny. If he had been Dennis Miller, I probably would have laughed and gotten excited all at the same time. It’s a strange thing though watching someone so funny that is so against all that you believe. I tried to find a common ground with him, and it was tough. Most plays, concerts, documentaries, etc. have a theme…and as with all top notch talents, so did Bill Maher. His whole basis of his speech was that TOLERANCE will get us all through. Well, ya know…tolerance is good to a point, but at the point me tolerating you gets in the way of the principal of sanity…guess what? TOLERANCE BECOMES LEFT WING MOONBAT IGNORANCE! So, if you actually believe that if we tolerate Islamic radicals, and tolerate flaming homosexual behavior and their open acceptance on our streets and in front of our children, and actually tolerate government spending out of control with “pork” to those that stroke us, and tolerate elected officials that are more hell bent on filling our minds with bickering and fear mongering about environmental issues that exceed the common sense knowledge of no littering and poisoning the waters and the air excessively, and tolerate “leaders” that never even think about what THE PEOPLE would actually vote for, and tolerate illegal criminals that slither over our borders and suck the financial life out of us because “they deserve” “help”, then we also TOLERATE FAILURE.

Bill Maher has a lot of nerve standing up on a stage and defending all these things to the “poor man”, and acting like he’s actually sacrificing anything on a poor man’s behalf, as he’s sitting atop a bank account with six or seven figures in it. He ranted on and on a bit about “corporate America”. Yes, big corporate America has some flaws, but I’m sitting there as a small business owner that tries incessantly to provide for my employees, pay my vendors, serve my customers above par, and manage my own household at the same time and stay in the black all at the same time. Both my companies have employees, customers, and vendors. And they are both “corporations”. Therefore, I feel like I am corporate America. The results and the reality I have to bring to my life to stay afloat would sink in a moment, in the blink of an eye, if I were TOLERANT like Mr. Maher suggests that I should be. As a part of CORPORATE AMERICA, it’s imperative that I balance my little local budgets, and my spending, my company health insurance benefits, and my 401K investments to a fragile point to make sure that all involved still stay in the black. It’s a bit of work and juggling, but not impossibility, or I would be one of those “tolerated” on the welfare line getting it all for free.

But back to giving credit where credit is due…and at the expense of taking a lot of shit for the following comments… I think marijuana should be legal, and as with all grownup humans…or at least most of us…I didn’t meet my current husband a virgin. I as a woman kissed a few frogs before meeting a “prince”, and do most women or men. I’m sorry for Ann Coulter that she had to kiss the frog Bill Maher just to realize that he wasn’t going to be “that guy”. But as a woman, I’ve let a frog or two go over the years that will always remember. Ms. Coulter, he still remembers you…although by his comments in his show, it’s obvious why you let that frog go. I’d always heard that those two had a “thing” at one time, but he saves the best for last in his ramblings.

Bill Maher made a comment at the end of his show (paraphrasing) that Ann Coulter gets a bad rap sometimes. He said, (paraphrasing), that “she’s not like that when she’s cuming”, and then he tried to dodge the “secret bullet” by saying something like “I would never fuck a Republican, would I?” To Ann, his loss, and your lesson girlfriend, no worries, (we’ve all done it :) If you weren’t a woman worth remembering, he wouldn’t mention you at the end of the show when the best punch line is saved. He’d bring you up in the middle with all the other stuff that he was delusional about :) At any rate, Happy Birthday to me, it was a magical night!