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Wednesday, December 26

Senate One Minute Pro Forma Sessions - Kindergarten Games

The actions of our Senate are just ridiculous, and I for one think each and every participating senator should be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE at the next opportunity. A President has a job to do. However, since that job is so huge and so important, he has 535 assistants that are supposed to be entrusted to act on our behalf (as the people…remember us?), and advise and vote on matters the way we would want them to be handled. The House of Representatives provides the President with 435 assistants, and the Senate houses 100 additional executive assistants to the President of the USA.

Tragically, for a LONG time, and especially since the 2006 elections when Democrats gained the majority vote in Congress, this group of imbeciles cannot stop bickering and fighting long enough to get one thing accomplished. They have made it their main duty to undermine the President and stir up any kind of discourse they can imagine to belittle the President and any other person that carries the brand name of Republican. It has become outrageous and embarrassing, not to mention create a great instability in our nation. Because of this great shameful attitude and because the reigning Congress cannot get any work done on a day to day basis, the President is forced to use his Presidential power to settle some important matters during recess breaks (which are also too lengthy and unnecessary if you ask me).

Well, our “Little Johnny’s” sitting high upon their appointed thrones have found a new kindergarten game they can play during this Congressional break that will make it impossible for our President to appoint people to fill vacancies in the political arena. They are all so proud to each take turns imitating real leaders to “keep Senate open” during recess by coming in each in turn and calling Senate to session only to close the session approximately 57 seconds later. Yes folks, it’s the “One Minute Pro-Forma” kindergarten game. By keeping Senate “formally in session”, the President loses his ability to act on anything until they return.

The kindergarten Senators offered to be nice to the President and not play mean if he would agree to not pick the one kid they don’t like to be on the team (Steven Bradbury, as the permanent head of the influential Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department). The kindergarten Senators think Bradbury is mean to the terrorists and possibly his interrogation techniques could be torturous. (Like the actions of our embarrassment of a Senate aren’t torturous!)

Well, the President, not one to back down to kindergarten bullies, has refused their petty offer, and now hangs his head again in despair as he has another 100 knots tied behind his back and cannot do his job.

I own a business, and most of you either own one or work for one. We all know if we performed our jobs the way our Congress performs theirs, we’d be fired on the spot! We cannot FIRE all the moonbat senators, but we can surely make it known to them that they will not have a job the next time we have the ability to vote. It’s the least we can do as citizens for America. The following people have volunteered to play One Minute Pro-Forma. Put them high on your personal list for job displacement as soon as possible.

Harry Reid - Nevada
Jim Webb – Virginia
Edward Kennedy – Massachusetts
Byron Dorgan – North Dakota
Jack Reed – Rhode Island
Mary Landrieu – Louisiana
Ben Cardin – Maryland

Chuck Schumer - New York