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Friday, December 28

Star Spangled Banner Explained

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Did you ever wonder how Francis Scott Key was inspired, and how he came to write the Star Spangled Banner which is our national anthem? I've got a very inspirational and educational audio file about 11 minutes long that will clue you in to the exact meaning of all the words of the song, and how Francis Scott Key came to write it.

I did not know all the things found in this great little piece, and with the story set to moving music, it made the hair raise on my arms to listen to this great piece of history. I couldn't figure out how to embed an 11 minute file into a post, so I've included this wonderment on my right side bar in the "COOL FILES" box. Feel free to download it, takes mere seconds...and enjoy and share with all your contacts.

There are some other really cool files in that box too, help yourself to each and every one :) All files have been virus checked and verified :)