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Sunday, January 6

Fox Predidential Debate

Well, my review of tonight’s Republican debate is much different at the end of the debate than I thought it would be prior to its beginning. It’s no secret that I favor the beliefs and convictions of Fred Thompson. I will follow him as far as he gets through this process, and I’d be pleased if he ended up President. If he doesn’t make it that far, I’d highly encourage any person making it higher to consider him as their Vice Presidential candidate. My comments here though are not about one man, but about the debate itself.

If I had to pick a “winner”, I’d have to tip my hat to Mitt Romney, strictly from a debate standpoint. I left Mike Huckabee out of the photo I chose for a specific reason. I don’t like him as a presidential candidate, and would not vote for him under any circumstance. Not because he’s not a nice man, but maybe because he is a nice man. His record as a politician I could care less about because I don’t even think of him for a second as a political candidate or one that should even put himself in that position if he truly is committed to his profession. I consider myself strong in my beliefs, while not even close to an “evangelical conservative”. I’m simply an average American with religious conviction, belief, and complete with spirit. I know though that a man of the cloth has a very specific place in life. A pastor is vital, needed, and very important to the spiritual growth and maintenance of each human spirit. However, we have a separation of church and state in this country for a reason. There is an independent and necessary and an undeniable critical need for a strong and powerful leader in the position of president, and/or pastor, priest, rabbi, cleric, mullah, etc. One and the other should never be the same. And if Mike Huckabee was truly dedicated as a religious man, he wouldn’t be bothered with politics, which leads me to doubt him on both sides of that fence.

However, back to this debate…I must say this might be one of the better debates I’ve ever watched. I was doubtful that Chris Wallace would be a good moderator, but he faired high on my score card as well tonight. As my husband and I watched, we were both surprised and amazed at the entire presence of the panel as a whole, from moderator to participants. Now, while both of conservative mind, my husband and I do debate ourselves, and he would much rather be watching something more entertaining or different than a presidential debate. I have a hard time making the men in my family (2 sons & husband) participate in the conventional duty of citizenship sometimes :) But tonight we all agreed on one thing.

What a panel of great men were on the stage. Maybe something as simple as letting all the participants sit rather than stand helped. Perhaps that relaxed setting made for a more normal conversation. Whatever, if all of these men were a delegation in charge, some great change might come. The bickering was to a minimum and all respectful. Each man was given time to wager their points of view without argument or interruption. Each man brought strong and viable points to each topic of discussion. Unlike many presentations of leadership panels before, I don’t think just from the conversational discourse we heard this evening, that our nation would be in “bad” hands if any of the candidates ended up elected. That point alone made me once again glad and honored that I have been blessed with a conservative mind and train of thought.

So in closing, I’d like to see Fred Thompson win, however, he might not have the support to do so. But, I think in literal terms, a Thompson/Romney team, or a Romney/Thompson team might fare well for the Republican Party. I certainly think that those two would most certainly be able to defeat any democratic team, and we all know that the Clinton ego would never allow her to create a Clinton/Obama team, and she would rather commit suicide than let herself be the first woman Vice President as the Obama/Clinton team. However, an Edwards/Obama, or Obama/Edwards team might make for a good ballgame :)

Guess I’ll see you all in the play-offs :)