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Wednesday, January 2

Fred Thompson In Iowa

Well, I’ve listened and listened to all the candidates at length. I think that it’s sad that our nation will elect a president based upon which guy had the most donation money, and the guy that could therefore buy fancier persuasion. I’ve tried to pick a candidate that I think is both good for the country and also electable. Not sure on the latter, but with all my research, there is only one man that still has my true interest and that is Fred Thompson.

Hear his latest IOWA SPEECH HERE. This guy is a true conservative leader, and so far still has my vote. He certainly has my confidence. Good luck Fred Thompson in tomorrow’s caucus in Iowa, I hope the folks in the heartland don’t vote according to who had the most television commercials and who raked in more money to make posters with. If the good people of Iowa vote for the best man, Fred Thompson will take the nomination.