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Tuesday, January 29

John McCain Wins Florida

Well, the Florida results are in. John McCain won Florida. John McCain is a closet Democrat, and if you don’t see it, you are either a Democrat yourself, or blind. Florida is a state ravaged with illegal and legal immigrants of foreign nations. It is a state not unlike the country of Mexico, hugely influenced by years of Cuban influence, and years of the influx of old retirees who in that setting tend to be Democrats. It also still holds a large population of old drug criminals and money mongers of the cocaine era. The people that pretend to be Republicans there still lean left. Not all...don’t take this as a slam on good Florida Conservatives...thank God, Florida has some, but they didn’t win, simple as that.

Over 15,000 Floridians voted for Fred Thompson. Over 8,000 people in Florida voted for Dennis Kucinich. Both of these men are no longer viable candidates and are no longer running. So, over 23,000 people in Florida weren’t paying attention, and don’t even know who’s running. There are numbers like that in every state. Obviously, the ballots were ordered and printed long before candidates dropped out of the race, but people…pay attention! If you are still a McCain supporter, and believe that he will deal with the immigration issue, swallow this…

Juan Hernandez is his National Director of Hispanic Outreach. Juan Hernandez is a dual citizen of both Mexico and the USA. Juan Hernandez believes that we should just “love them all, ALL 12,000,000 MILLION OF THEM unconditionally”. According to McCain’s campaign, he is a non-paid volunteer to reach out to the Hispanic community. John McCain quoted says, "He’s on my staff because he supports my policies and my proposals and my legislative proposal to secure the borders first," and "a non-paid volunteer to the campaign, and he does not play a policy role." Aren’t we smart enough as a nation yet to realize that our “Hispanic” people, the ones here legally, better described as just other normal folks walking along like the rest of us…don’t need a representative? I don’t need a representative, do you? I don’t need a “Director of Caucasian Outreach”. Neither do other legal and honest citizens or legal aliens of our nation. Also, McCain steps in it again that he’s willing to take so much effort from someone with some influence, and not pay them. Another capitalistic viewpoint shared by liberals. If Juan wants to do it, fine, but a person with such a title should at least make minimum wage from the campaign. Probably though, he was “promised” something if McCain wins. Another promise that if fulfilled will be a detriment to the people, or will conveniently “not be available or possible” to the individual in reality. So, dumb volunteer and vague keeper of a "promise".

But, McCain needs him to reach out to Hispanics. Well, people of legal status don’t need a special person to reach out to them. They are seeking out the American dream, and although difficult, they are finding it. They know that the American dream is just as difficult to achieve for white folks as it is for other colored folks, after all…we are the ones paying for all the others. Hispanic, Asian, White, Black, Muslim, Italian, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. legal citizens ALL USE OUR COLLECTIVE TAX DOLLARS to pay for the lives of those who DON’T. Those of us, who pay, only see green…our green dollars going out the window. Money has only one color, and when we all have to spend some of ours to pay for the moochers that pay none, we don’t see any other color. So, the way I see it, the only people that need “outreach” are people that aren’t conservative in their views, won’t support the Conservative way of life, and through his “outreach”, McCain is only looking for another vote.

The proof is in the pudding, or in the human highlight video. I’ll do you all a favor and provide many choices below. You can choose from CNN, MSNBC, or FOX. You can even see McCain himself dodge the big bullet, and play the “I’ll take that under advisement” card.

I’ll never take away from John McCain his service to our country. He’s a nice man, and a great war hero. He sacrificed more for this country than any of us will ever know. However, it’s like he caught Stockholm Syndrome along the line. He has sympathy for the devil, and that is not a Conservative view. It’s not a viewpoint that can FIX anything that is broken; it makes him limp and obviously willing to swallow his way to the top. I cannot accept that quality in a man I want to lead my nation. He’s far too soft on far too many issues. Immigration is just the soft tip of his left leaning iceberg.