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Monday, January 21

Martin Luther King

In honor of the late great Martin Luther King, I have just a few words to say, but I feel sure that in heaven, Mr. Martin Luther King would salute me as I would salute him back.

I was not old enough to really participate or fully understand his work in his day, but I’ve certainly been made aware as my years grew. Martin Luther King was a great American and did great things for civil rights. Right or wrong, I have my own ideas of Mr. King. I have a picture of the whole King family. I think another great American was Coretta Scott King, God rest her soul. Behind every good man is a great woman, and no doubt, part of Martin Luther’s strength he derived from his great wife Coretta and the love for his children.

I believe that if Martin Luther King could be alive today, we wouldn’t be hearing one thing about how the greater black American vote went to Obama or Hillary. I don’t think Martin Luther King would want to know about how many black people were given this or that.

I believe that Martin Luther King truly did have a dream, and it was equality. I believe that conservative Americans see that equality. I believe that in any issue, in any election, in any place…if we wanted to honor Dr. King, we would do it by not having to ever play the race card again. You either vote for someone or you don’t. You are either qualified for a job or you are not. Black people are as qualified to vote as white people. Black people can be or not as qualified for any job as white people are qualified or are not.

When I need to have a job done, when I vote for a candidate, when I meet someone in a store, or I go to a place of business to purchase a product, or get a service, as long as the job is done, as long as the person at the store can help me and educate me as to the product I want to buy, I could care less about the color of their skin. It’s only when the task at hand is NOT accomplished that I get irritated. And even when I am irritated, it’s only because I went somewhere for one task, and it did not get accomplished, period.

As goes with prejudice. Nobody’s ever irritated with anyone who just does what they are supposed to do, is kind, and is a good citizen. It’s only when folks fail that others begin to judge. We are a nation of patience, and you really have to be a total fuck up not to meet the bar in today’s nation. Have a job, pay your bills, and be honorable to your family. It’s not that hard. No matter what color you are. If you cannot get a job, it’s one of two things…you aren’t trying, or you didn’t try in school. School is free, it’s the “fun” you had while blowing off school that ends up expensive. And that crosses NO COLOR LINES.

If we can just get past skin color and realize that idiots and geniuses live on every color line and every race line, then we can again become the nation that is the greatest on earth. But ONLY when we are each willing to identify our own idiots. And, we must all be able to see between that fine line between the helpless and the unwilling. Helpless people will always need help and deserve help. Unwilling types must be kicked to the curb to either learn how to be willing, get up and become viable, or be left to extinguish because they are able but won’t try. Humans are only unlike animals in that way…we don’t leave the intelligent and unwilling kicked to the curb. We coddle them, and it’s becoming our demise. Animals know the difference and without question they make the choice. Until we have another leader that knows the difference, we’ll continue to wallow in the quagmire of mediocrity. I don’t care what color you are, mediocrity will lead to failure. Cream always rises to the top folks, no matter what color the cream churns out to be. Let’s all just concentrate on churning our cream shall we? Happy Birthday Martin Luther King.