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Thursday, January 24

Mitt Romney For President

Well, Fred Thompson has backed out of the Presidential race. He ran a good campaign, and I believe that he would have made a great President. Fred is a solid guy, and still has a lot to offer our nation.

Since Fred has withdrawn, then so too must I withdraw my personal endorsement, not of the man, but of the campaign. Therefore a vacancy is left to fill. At this moment in time, I will endorse and vote for Mitt Romney if he’s given the nomination.

The reason I supported Fred Thompson in the first place was because I felt he was the truest Conservative among the candidates running, and even more than that, I ALWAYS BELIEVED HE’D TELL ME EXACTLY HOW IT REALLY WAS. My second choice has always been Mitt Romney, and he won large in the Nevada caucus. The reasons I now support him are because obviously, he’s the strongest Conservative left in the race. That’s a given.

The MAIN and lasting reason I support him is because he has business experience. I am a small business owner. I have just over 20 employees. I TRULY KNOW how difficult it can be to add 2 + 2 and make it stretch to the needed 4 sometimes. Making a payroll, spending in just the right amounts of money to be marketed properly and still show a profit is difficult. There is NO OPTION FOR DEFICIT in a small business. If you run out of money, there is NO ONE to bail you out, you just close the doors and get a job for someone that did it better than you did. It’s hard to try your best to do what is right for all two dozen families involved sometimes, and still hear the rumblings and talk behind your back when a few think you are unfair. It’s hard to be taken advantage of sometimes, yet still support the ones that make your business work and prosper. It’s hard to try and teach those that don’t know or understand that the decisions you make are always geared toward their best interest, even sometimes when you have to say NO. It’s hard to want to reward heavily the ones that go so far above and beyond yet still remain on that fair side of the fence that makes you know you cannot do for one what you cannot spread evenly among all.

We need a man that can look at the nation’s P&L and spot the errors as if they jump off the page at you. We need a man strong enough to fix that badly broken Washington P&L, and one that doesn’t think that there are not a LOT OF US out here that can also dissect a P&L with precision and detect creative accounting as opposed to a solid profit center. Who knows if Mitt Romney will do that any more than any politician ever fulfills his promises when elected? After all, it’s really the Congress that runs the country, one man; one President’s hands are often tied by bickering politicians that guard their own power and success more than they regard the lives of the people they “govern”. However, at least Romney has the business credentials to really do it if he wants to, and hopefully he’ll take his business prowess to Washington and act like a real boss and FIRE the few that hold back the many from forward progress. It’s really simple; the numbers don’t lie; only people do.

I’d like to also say this. If Mitt Romney should find himself holding the nomination, and would like to make his first move one by the people and for the people, I don’t think he could find a more fitting candidate for his Vice President than Fred Thompson. I’d like to know that Fred will be up there somewhere in Washington watching our collective backs.