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Monday, January 28

State Of The Union - CONSPIRACY

The State of The Union is CONSPIRACY. I’ve held off forever probably on writing a rant like this, but tonight, I realize that I cannot be quiet any longer. The state of our nation has truly come down to conspiracy. The only thing I can’t figure out is WHO or WHAT is leading it specifically. But, I do know this…if we as a people of USA cannot get a grip on it, we are headed for doom, and doom at the hands of those that have been given the honor to stop it, but were to gluttonous to do so.

I think that if you are “stuff enough” to be President, you should have the ability to talk from the cuff, and even with notes that are necessary in a long speech or debate, you should be able to at least do that for yourself if you are President. But, we all know that Presidents, talk show hosts, actors, etc. do have speech writers. Where has the guy been for the last couple of years that wrote President Bush’s speech tonight? You’re high if you didn’t realize that tonight; George Bush made a good speech. It was as if a new man was born, and a light was fired off again in his eyes, in his mannerisms and within his heart.

Oh but wait…it was his last great speech. It was the last State of the Union (SOTU) speech of his presidential career. But, it was a speech of the man that won 7 years ago. But, as he spoke, I looked between the lines. I reminisced. I thought back to an earlier time, much earlier. I remembered a great man, the man that raised me as my father. My old Papa Bill was a man of great stature, but a man of few words. He was a Democrat. He though, was an OLD SCHOOL Democrat. As a grown woman, I am a Republican, and as far fetched as it seems, the things my Papa Bill taught me were conservative beliefs, and the things that make sense. Is it possible that many many years ago Democrats were actually Republicans? Or was it that many years ago, common sense was the rule, and it was mere petty differences that created the dividing line between political parties. My Papa Bill was born in the year 1898, he met President William Taft, it was a highlight of his life, and a favorite story. (If you actually read from the link, you will see that in that day, the country was divided amongst “Progressives & Conservatives”). Basically, at one time we were all Conservative, just a few with some different ideas, not a bad thing. Roosevelt is considered a great man, and he was, but Taft was a fair debater to him. In the end, Taft held a much different and “lower” place on the totem pole, and loved his job after politics so much that in his own words, “I barely remembered I was President”. Imagine a man with the true leadership and non-arrogance to admit that today!

As I listened to the SOTU tonight, I watched the faces around the room. Dick Cheney had great respect on his face. Nancy Pelosi sat there in her nice little purple outfit and had disgust on her face a lot, but when she thought appropriate, she smiled, or stood, or clapped. She chewed on her lip (or was eating Tic Tacs or something). Hilary Clinton wore a VERY RED dress, which is apropos for the WITCH she is. She was void of emotion. She was the epitome of the C that she just is. You just cannot deny your own humanity. The woman is just a narcissistic blob riding on the coattails of a man that cheated on her more than once with women that thought that blowing a man in a suit would some how better their own narcissistic place in the world; they just didn’t have the money to catch a real man on successful terms of their own.

It wasn’t an accident that Barack Obama was seated next to Ted Kennedy. But did you see their body language just evolve into a story of its own? Ted Kennedy hasn’t remained in Congress longer than dirt for no reason. He’s smart! Smart enough to listen. Smart enough to read and take notes! He is truly one that keeps his friends close, and his enemies closer, takes notes to see whose ass he needs to kiss next. Another narcissistic criminal from a family that sold its soul to the Devil long ago to gain acquiescence to power and wealth. Any decent member of that family has been met with untimely death, the others just covered up untimely death. Barack Obama is so far a really nice guy. He’s a liberal, but one I believe still thinking that he can make a difference, because he’s been schooled by people that he believes to be correct. He CAN make a difference. However, if he follows down the road, even the road to the Presidency, he will fail the nation. He won’t fail the nation to the catastrophic degree Hilary Clinton will, but he will fail us all. He is young, he doesn’t know yet, but even in his eyes tonight, I saw a young man intent. I saw a man soaking it all in, and concentrating on matters at hand. Even if he is on the wrong path, I don’t believe he’s on an intentionally personal evil path, but the snakes have already bitten him, and he’s poisoned, but still savable. Evil is all over Hilary, apocalypse is what I see when I look at her.

My point in this rant is the sadness I see in our nation’s current demise, and the obvious trend toward conspiracy. My Papa Bill unknowingly gave me my interest in politics. He raised me to care. He sat as a poor farmer in his “big chair” and made me watch TV any time the President spoke. A President’s speech in that day was BIG. No show, NO “Survivor”, NO “Desperate Housewives”, NO “American Idol”, NO “Superbowl”, NO “Ed Sullivan”, NO SHOW was more important than the NEWS, or a time that the PRESIDENT spoke! In that day, you could look around that same room that all members were in tonight, and it was OBVIOUS that ALL were HONORED to be there. No one was honored to be there tonight. They all acted like they were “bothered” by it all. They were more concerned with their own little petty personal gains than they were with giving the people they were elected by the time of day. WTF?

Even when members of Congress stood and clapped…did you notice early in the speech that noticeably exactly HALF the room stood, and the other did not? Do you think that’s coincidental? It’s not. The media could have reported that the President spoke a good speech, they didn’t. I see a FOUR WAY conspiracy going on. I think I didn’t see it until it may have been too late. When did this country become so damn divided? It’s all become about WINNING, not SOLUTIONS?

Even the woman, Kathleen Sebelius, that gave the Democrat’s response to the SOTU speech, said that no longer is our Government asking what we can do for our country, but they are not asking anything of us at all! What a crock of shit is she trying to shove down your throat? Our government is not asking anything of you because if you are limp and disinvolved you are easier to control! If your government doesn’t require you to clean your room, do your laundry, or reconcile your bank account, they have you. If you never have any consequences as a result of your non-behavior, you’ll never be the wiser when you are only given what they say you can have and can only do when they say you can do it. Am I the only one that sees this coming?

The media immediately after the SOTU speech was spinning it all negative. It doesn’t matter who says what, or what happens in this world today, the media immediately starts telling us how BAD IT IS. The MEDIA is part of the CONSPIRACY!

FOUR PARTS… (1) Narcissistic Government (YOU ELECT & DON’T HOLD ACCOUNTABLE), (2) BIG HUGE CORPORATIONS (from any industry) that donate to politicians in order to gain favor and keep their own profits high (3) DIRECT UNDERLINGS OF CORPORATIONS AND LOBBYISTS that get their way with GOVERNMENT because they gave donations, but KNOWINGLY FUCKED the rest of us because their plans were failure from the beginning, but sounded cool, and THESE FOLKS eventually NEED TO and creatively CAN SWEEP IT under the rug and convince YUPPY WALL STREET GEEKS AND “FINANCIAL EXPERTS” GOOD AT BAD MATH that the “plan must go on”, so financial professionals just invent more creative financial bullshit to make it all “work out” … and finally and the WORST OF ALL, part 4, that’s FOUR, and (oddly enough when typing on a keyboard, the number 4 when shift keyed is $), (4) THE MEDIA…THE LAST BASTION, THE FOLKS THAT ARE LEFT TO TELL US ALL HOW IT IS…The media is lying to us all, the media is held to what their advertisers are dictating to them to tell.

The MEDIA tells us the “NEWS”. If it bleeds, it sells. If it really happened, it will probably convict someone in a place of power or wealth. It USED TO BE if it REALLY HAPPENED, it was something to be proud of. Not any more, we don’t publicize anything POSITIVE. If it’s good, and if it makes sense, it’s now boring.

We must kill the conspiracy. The negative, the fear mongering, the doom to “the people” when a few cannot gain because they might have to “give” of their time or a few of their dollars. This nation has become a nation that ONLY GIVES to those who cannot GIVE BACK. As I’ve always said…the HELPLESS will always deserve help. The helpless can NEVER hurt you. But, our nation expands the help to the helpless, or what I call the “NOT-less” to the extreme. It’s been the doing of the powerful for decades. Somewhere, somehow, those that gave to the helpless felt that they were spending honorable dollars at the expense of themselves and their own arrogant needs. DEMOCRATS!

So, they had to get even. Today, they are willing to spend billions to hold the little guys accountable for what was supposed to be a helping hand. They do the math. Folks, 2+2 will ALWAYS EQUAL FOUR! As long as any of you that think you are the “little guy” buy into the doom and gloom, and sign onto an interest only home loan, or don’t take your own lives into your own hands, or go to a “paycheck loan” store, you get what you deserve. If you actually BELIEVE that whenever the “GOVERNMENT” is “GIVING YOU SOMETHING”, that it isn’t going to eventually spiral down into the RESULT OF YOUR GIFT, or realize that IT COSTS YOU MORE THAN YOU WERE GIVEN, then you are a MORON.

Our state of affairs right now is bad. However, it’s not yet so bad that it is not fixable. HOWEVER…people have to open their eyes and be able to know the difference between a wolf, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You know, I’ve always been one that didn’t particularly like to talk politics, or government. But I find myself more and more talking to average people about it, because I feel the need to help. I NEVER try to initiate political conversation, but others do. When they do, if they are STUPID, I will kindly express my point of view conservatively. So many times, I’m more and more shocked that a simple 2+2 conversation with someone that doesn’t really know what’s going on will cause them to shake their heads, or say, “Really?..UnUunh! For Real? “ YEAH PEOPLE, IT’S ALL FOR REAL. WakeTF up!

Kill negative media. I would pay my tax dollars to make the NEWS portion of any media center to be a non-profit like it used to be. I’d put up with all the other “reality” shows, the “celebrity gossip”, movies, and sit-coms and all, just make the news the TRUTH, and let the other departments of any television conglomerate carry the news room on the P&L as a given, just like rent, or the electric bill. Making news stations FOR PROFIT organizations has taken away the truth.

I’d gladly spend my TAX DOLLARS to promote an entire station that just televised GOOD NEWS. Imagine that! An entire network that WAS ONLY ALLOWED to report on good things. The economy, the politics, the entire view of America would get back to what it used to be.

CONSPIRACY! It’s real! It’s inevitable! I JUST WANT TO KNOW THIS? What dumb ass that originally invented conspiracy decided that conspiracy would be better on the bad side than it would have been to the side of GOOD? If ANY PEOPLE wanted to be truly rich beyond end, and if ANY PEOPLE wanted a thriving economy, and if ANY PEOPLE TRULY wanted to be omnipotent and all powerful, then they would CONSPIRE to be GOOD! Goodness, Kindness, Honesty, Equality, Truth, Loyalty, and Honor create SUCCESS…

Just ask God. These people in “high places” that are trying to be God and CONTROL THE WORLD AT OUR EXPENSE are forgetting one little tiny thing. The little tiny thing has many words to describe normal and tiny: God, kindness, honesty, balance, fair, majority vote, earned profit, ambivalence… DUH!