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Friday, February 8

Berkeley City Council Condemns Marines - Write to Them!

In THIS STORY I exposed the blatant rudeness and treasonous actions of the Berkeley, CA City Council for their demands that the Marine Recruiting Office GET OUT OF BERKELEY!

I don’t think the story actually said enough…this 2 minute video really brings it home. Outraged persons are encouraged to write to anyone on the Berkeley City Council. They are so proud of free speech, far be it for me to stop free speech! Exercise your right to free speech here. Of course, these folks will have to change their e-mail addresses very soon, so I’m not sure if these links will work…the servers will crash.

You may also READ HERE the letter that Debbie Lee wrote. Her son died in Operation Iraqi Freedom. There is a civil protest planned for February 12, 2008 in front of the City Council building at 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way in Berkeley, CA. Plans are to man the front of this prestigious establishment from 5:00am until the council meets at 7:00pm. Participants that cannot attend all day are encouraged to try and be there at least from 5:00pm or shortly thereafter to secure a seat at the city council meeting. GO PATRIOTS! GIVE ‘EM HELL! WRITE WRITE WRITE!