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Friday, February 8

Bigfoot & Sasquatch are Looming!

Everyone that has a blog knows that although we write for the pleasure of writing, and a blog is most likely to evolve into something more personal than public, nothing is more exciting than to find that you eventually have READERS. People that come back again and over time to see what you’ve written. We can’t choose our readers, but for the most part we love them all.

I’m thankful to have readers, and I get a fair share of email from them. When a reader sparks me to a new news story, or gives me insight into something worth publishing, I feel it my duty to give the people that spend time here a moment of recognition. I also feel it a duty to post a person’s feelings EXACTLY as they quoted them to me.

I got an e-mail from Tony today. With so much being published on the political realm these days, I hadn’t thought lately much past our government, conservatives and/or liberals that are pulling the wool over our eyes regarding our economy, our presidential race, or our ongoing war…or the collapsing value system in this nation.

Apparently, the powers in charge are hiding a bigger truth! Bigfoot and Sasquatch are looming, and ready to come out of hiding to claim our demise! Tony has evidence, and below are his concerns quoted exactly as they were presented to me. Tony has evidence to prove this problem, and I really hope that he presents that evidence to us. Tony just might know something we DON’T! Given the rest of what’s been going on lately, who knows? Perhaps we’ll all learn something if Tony shows back up to comment and present his evidence. Or, perhaps Spam…let’s give him a chance to come forth…

Tony’s E-Mail EXACTLY quoted:

I have good reason to believe the government conservatives and liberals alike are covering up the existence of bigfoot or "susquatch" as sometimes it is known. Please say something about this on your blogs guys, it's vary important and your lifes may depend on it when the bigfoots come out of hiding.


PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME AND FOR EVERYONE. I can give you evedance if you need it.