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Thursday, February 21

John McCain Affair With Lobbyist - Janet Huckabee at Hooters in Vegas - MORE MEDIA DIRT

Boy, ya gotta love the media huh? They’ve got their ever glaring eye on all of us. The mass media worker bees literally trip all over themselves trying to get the scoop on ANY dirt they can find or make up on people in the spotlight. Their sole intention is to try and desecrate their reputations at any cost. The media want us to find each candidate despicable! First it was the claim that Larry gave Obama a blow job a decade ago. Then, the media moguls secretly crawled inside the head of Michelle Obama and thankfully told us what she was REALLY thinking, and how she INTENTIONALLY CHOSE words that were a slam to America. Gee, I heard her comments and I didn’t interpret the statement that way, so I’m sure glad the mass media jumped right in to sway what I heard to be what was REALLY said. Today, there is more damning and life stopping news that the media knows you NEED to have right away.

John McCain might have had an affair over ten years ago with a blonde lobbyist! OMG…really?

That “wretched” wife of a preacher Janet Huckabee attended a boxing match in Las Vegas and had the gall to stay overnight in the Hooters Hotel/Casino. OMG! Well, will the ceiling literally fall in at the Baptist Church in Arkansas on Sunday?

Get a grip mass media! You guys fill our heads with so much CRAP that all our marbles are falling out! Give the American people a little credit. We are quite capable of taking things in proper context all by ourselves. We don’t need you guys to spin every little incident to extreme proportion for us. Please remember, we are actually People, not SHEEPLE. Start printing some good news for a change, your old stuff and old ways are becoming boring, and all your negativity is a detriment to us all.