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Wednesday, February 20

Michelle Obama Finally Proud of America

Michele Obama, YOU GO GIRL! I am a Conservative Republican, I am a WOMAN, and I am a wife. I am a mother, and I own a business. DON’T LET THE MASS MEDIA get under your skin. I will admit right up front here that I posted on this blog the story of Barack getting a blow job by Bubba the disenfranchised. If it’s out there, it can, and should be said. I call it like I see it, and I don’t see any less qualities in you. I’m not ashamed that I posted that story; I don’t believe it’s true, but hey, if they post a video and someone is willing to pay $100,000 to prove it, what fish is not going to bite that bait?

I’m SO ASHAMED of my conservative Fox News tonight, and my Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity for succumbing to such CRAP as to have to search SO FAR for “dirt” to find that your comment of (paraphrased) ,”I’m now so proud of my country after all these years” is a BAD THING. I saw that as a quite normal and positive comment… I’m also just now at my age involved heavily in this year’s election. Until becoming so involved, I NEVER realized how crazy it all is. No state plays by the same rules. Parties play by different rules. NOT FAIR! As Angela McGlowan herself said, you are educated, and you are smart enough to choose your words correctly… I think you chose your words, and I hope you stand by them. The spin on this story is UN FREAKINGLY UNBELIEVABLE.

Well, Mrs. Obama (and I WANT FOLKS TO NOTICE THAT I SAID MRS. NOT MS.) I’m proud of my country today too. I am also 45 years old. I too am today proud of my country, for many and varied, and all the reasons I’ve always been proud of my country. But, I feel you Michelle Obama, I know that today, there is a feeling and a movement that makes us a little more proud of our country. In this particular election, the Republicans don’t have a hero. We DON’T have a true winner that we were allowed to vote in AS THE PEOPLE (we WISH we did, we just don’t). We, or I may or may NOT vote “the party”. I don’t believe that just because a guy is given a key to the clubhouse that he is necessarily “one of the guys”. He could have stolen the key? I know that your husband is able to speak to us in a way that we’ve all been HUNGRY for, for many years. I look at it this way…

As a business owner, as a citizen, as a consumer, as a victim, as a woman, as a football fan, as a redneck, as someone who’s failed, and as someone who’s succeeded…whoever speaks to me in a way that your husband has spoken to me, I might give him a shot. He’s done through speech what NOBODY in over 40 years has been able to do. If he can speak to ME that way though, he better be able to back it up. If he cannot, he will be crushed, impeached, and brought to demise more unfairly than any level of devastation has ever been put upon another public figure. It’s maybe not fair, but if Barack Obama is truly the man, then the following will not faze him, or you.

If you want to talk the talk, then walk the walk. Your husband is WAY OFF on a couple of issues, but if he TRULY WALKS THE TALK, then he’ll listen to the people, and learn from small people who balance numbers and mere success for a living. He just might bring the change that is derived from hope, somebody sure needs to! And when I say for a living, in order for ME the small business owner to make a living, I FIRST have to be DAMN SURE that 25 OTHER FAMILIES are going to make a living because I employ them. I am responsible for THEM and what’s BEST FOR THEM, for I’m not stupid. If it isn’t BEST for THEM, then I don’t have a chance. IF it’s BEST for THEM, then it’s GOOD for ME, and if allowed to by my government that doesn’t need to intervene more than necessary, we CAN ALL live our lives on a LEVEL AND BALANCED PLAYING FIELD. Then it’s a WIN WIN FOR ALL. Now I know that’s a generally considered CONSERVATIVE train of thought, but truth is truth. Numbers don’t lie, and if we can ALL add 2+2 and get 4 then we have something.

I heard a man today describe hope in its truest sense. (paraphrased but true) Hope is the result of when you’ve done ALL that you can physically and mentally do to make the possible happen with NO result, and you are waiting for the the IMPOSSIBLE to come true. That is what Barack Obama has made us all think can happen.

I don’t mind paying say 10% of ALL I HAVE, as long as the poorest also pay 10% of what they have. BUT, if the “poor” are “poor” due to bad choices, but are able to do better, then hey, NO has to be a WORD allowed BACK IN to our vocabulary.

How is it Mrs. Michelle Obama (if I may be so rude to ask) that a redneck (Darryl’s other brother Darryl) made a video claiming that your loving husband, and the father of your children bought crack cocaine and powdered cocaine, and then accepted a blow job from your husband in the back of a limousine is HIDDEN NEWS, but yet, you made a comment on your husband’s behalf, and in the truest support of this nation is DAMMED?

It was a comment made of your own educated mind, and IT IS CONSIDERED BAD AND HORRID AND IS OUR FRONT PAGE NEWS! This mere and wretched fact alone is one simple reason that Barack’s message of HOPE and CHANGE just might be possible! I’m so sick and tired of media being allowed to spin negative, and losers being allowed to win with garbage. Don’t get me wrong, if Bubba is telling the truth, then the truth must also set us all free. Truth is ugly sometimes, but at least it’s the truth! Our biggest problem in America is that truth is hidden or abominable, and bullshit is glamorized as truth, or the perception thereof. And that fact crosses both political isles, and it’s so VERY STUPID!

Hillary’s husband, or Hilary (however her name is spelled) is running for PRESIDENT OF USA and her husband FOR SURE got a blow job. He denied it on national television in the “UH, I didn’t ACTUALLY have sex with that girl”, I only experienced erotica with a secretary with a CIGAR…but…UH…NO! We can't talk about that!

Michelle, your husband is a great speaker, and YES, he’s got to get to more specific in his speech before November, but hey…you guys are the “normal” Americans. YOU are a VERY RESPECTFUL LADY! I’m a good and bad girl through 45 years, I’m a successful person on the basis of vague judgment, but I wouldn’t want to compete with you!

You got DISED, or is it DISSED…I don’t know, I’m 45 :) This barrage on your character is bullshit! AND, John McCain’s wife FINALLY TOOK HER HAIR DOWN? This robotic young beauty (no DIS to her either) finally took her hair DOWN only to make a rebuttal comment to you? How dare she! In the world of chicks, she scored negative points with me on that one.

She’s been revolving around and around on a pedestal of silence with the same tight uptight hairdo for months, and finally brushed her hair out only to mock you? What is John McCain thinking? Chicks DON’T fault another chick for differing opinions unless it’s REALLY BAD, but when a chick OBVIOUSLY CHANGES her appearance and then pulls the “I’m the tough chick” card, but has never spoken before and then makes her first most famous comment to slam a political opponent of her husband, bad move.

I don’t see her as first lady! Whatever you may think of George Bush, it’s a DUH thought to think that Laura Bush would have EVER come out to fight her husband’s battles in that manner. Laura Bush is an impeccable lady, and so are you Michelle Obama. Your comment was benign, and not in any way interpreted to fight your husband’s battles. Real men don’t need a woman to fight their battles, the same way that real women can fight their own too. You have no battle here, but the drive by media just made one for you, fight it by yourself, you can.

Michelle, you carry yourself with dignity, and if you could, you would spew out your thoughts on a personal blog not unlike this one, and you would point out both sides of any struggle. If you could, and you CAN’T, if it were EVER politically correct to flip someone off, you have my OK to flip all the media mongers OFF. Now that’s saying something coming from a staunch conservative! Stand by your man… Even Hillary stands by her man, the guy that has philandered on her and lied on public TV and has done horrid things. I’d more appreciate her if she had the balls to divorce her man and go out on her own, but then…that wouldn’t benefit her financially, or career wise…sound familiar to any other women here? Hillary knows which side her bread is buttered on, and chicks won’t fault chicks I guess for liking butter.

Another thing I heard tonight on TV regarding Michelle's comment, was that if someone cannot run their own household, how can they run the White House? I almost lost my own composure on my own couch. Bill on Fox said that on his show. HELLOOOO? Why is that a slam dedicated to liberals all of a sudden? I swear on my name that I continually tell failing employees, and failing managers when drama of their lives comes into play with their jobs that if you can't run your own life, you cannot possibly run any portion of my business.

However, in this case...with this so NOTHING comment and more truthfully a BRILLIANT comment by Michelle Obama, I think she's running her own life just fine. Whether Barack and she can run the White House or not is a possibility yet unknown, but as true as the comment is, the CONTEXT is NOT DUE the Obama's. Perhaps someone should ask of the Clintons...if you can't run your own household, how can YOU run the White House. Perhaps the same could be asked of any of us.

My household has had some rocky moments, my husband and I continually meet minds to run our businesses and our household, but we run it. We maintain it through thick and thin. We may be more proud now than ever that our household is good. We finally after all these years are proud of our household and our family.

People, if you can look in your mirror…if you REALIZE your faults, your past errors, your “skeletons” and grow from them or at least keep them all in phonetic check, then you too are quite normal. You are NOT a victim, you are NOT disenfranchised, you are the accumulation of your choices minus what you cannot possibly control. Helpless need help, babies of the physical, mental, or spiritual need teaching, and if we just accept that and search out what training or building that each of us need, we’ll succeed. If we are all willing and know that it is acceptable to publicly admit our shortcomings, and we all work together to carry each other over the finish line with some rules and demands, we’ll ALL make it. If nobody NEVER tells you NO, then you will never appreciate YES. Because YES, or IT’S OK has become the NORM, is the reason we fail. With no rain, we’d never see a rainbow.

Possibly we all need to know that NONE OF US could hold a public office with purity. Anyone SO PURE that no dirt could be dug up on them from a personal life experience of 35 years (I think that’s the minimum to run for president) doesn’t have the human experience to deal with the job of President of the USA, the “ruler” of several, many millions of people, and for God’s sake…the COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE MOST POWERFUL MILITARY ON THE GLOBE. And, for the media to sit in that chair and ridicule and point fingers at any person because some boss demands it, because of advertisers and ratings and money that dictate it is dumb. There but for the grace of God go I, don’t forget that little clichĂ©’. We the people need to teach our advertisers that WE WON’T publish their ads for goods if THEY aren’t normal and good Americans. People, the tail is wagging the dog, and we chase the tail around in circles like little puppies and think it’s cute. IT’S ONLY CUTE WHEN A PUPPY DOES IT!

So many Americans could be good leaders and even president. None of us is pure, only Christ (whatever your word for Christ is) or Karma is pure (and Karma is just math or proven numbers, the perfect circle) and the people that have NO skeletons in their closets could never lead the masses. Why am I the only one (I’m not) that sees that?