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Thursday, February 7

Mitt Romney Suspends - What Now?

Mitt Romney left the presidential campaign today. The reason we all appreciated Romney was that he could have been the savior to the nation and the economy because he understands numbers. In any nation, 2+2 will always = 4. If our leader cannot grasp that simple concept, he will fail our nation because every decision can be equated to numbers, whether fiscal, foreign, or cultural. All three major categories of Conservative Principle Doctrine can be made sense of in relation to numbers.

Mitt Romney has a lot of money, but being a leader of numbers, even he knows that it’s not wise to throw good money toward bad, or take donations from American patriots that will go to no win. I respect Romney for that, but I think he should have said that after Super Tuesday, and not have made a big speech about how he was going to stay in the race, and then leave the next day (that was my reason for support of Fred Thompson, he told it like it was). The greatest thing he said today in his speech was that (paraphrased), “If it was truly about me, I would stay in and fight…but…it’s never been all about me.” It truly NEVER was. This race was NEVER about who was the BEST candidate, it was about who could BUY and/or WIN the race.

Well, now for the first time in my lifetime, I…I CAPITALIZED, AND I BOLDED, AND I ITALICIZED, AND I UNDERLINED, must make a choice. I even catch myself flip-flopping during this campaign. I have had so many spit balls, pies, and tomatoes thrown at me that I barely get to wipe my face off before I am again expected to choose. And, I know that the uncertainty was the plan all along.

MY GOVERNMENT WANTS ME TO BE IN TURMOIL AND UNDECIDED. The fix was in before any of us could spell fix. I was listening to a talk show tonight in which the host asked the caller who he voted for. It doesn’t even matter for which party he stands for, as he was from my home state of Texas. THEY haven’t even had a vote yet! So the great people of Texas and many other states haven’t even had a chance to vote yet. Texas is a LARGE state, with a LOT OF DELEGATES, and their vote doesn’t matter. They have already been forced to vote for specific candidates because the rest of the nation was forced to vote when the robotic “leaders” told them they HAD TO!

My state’s vote was ridiculous. Our caucus was a cluster!*&% of disorganization. I’m a delegate to the “county convention” coming up on March 15th. NOBODY since we voted in JANUARY has bothered to call me, e-mail me, contact me, OR mail me ANYTHING! The candidate I voted for is gone. The candidate our STATE voted for has “suspended” his campaign. So what does it all mean? I’m at a QUANDARY that most of you are not. You see, no one has told me as a delegate if our voting delegates are PROPORTIONAL, or WINNER GETS ALL! If winner get’s all, that would mean that Nevada’s delegates ALL go to Mitt Romney, who carried our state. If delegates are proportional, then delegates go mainly to one guy that’s no longer in the race, and in third or fourth place to another that is no longer in the race. So what is fair? Democracy is democracy, and the people are supposed to speak. It would seem in a WINNER TAKE ALL race, if the WINNER has “suspended”, then the second place guy would get the delegates.

I have always said, the reason I agreed to be a delegate, was that I would cast my vote as a “voted in” delegate according to the way the people of my precinct voted and dictated that it should be. I even said that I would be willing to cast my vote for a man that I hated as a delegate, if my people in a majority voted that person as a winner. That is the true meaning of a democracy isn’t it? People vote, and those that lose have to lose gracefully, and the voted winner gets his true diligence awarded by the majority of his people.

I’ve heard rumors that Republicans are all winners take all. If that’s true, then the second place winner that’s still in our Nevada race would be Ron Paul. YES, Ron Paul took second place in our state. Now, would I personally vote for him as a singular voter in November? NO I would not! BUT, as a trusted delegate of my local precinct, I would feel a duty to vote on behalf of the people that in a majority vote chose Ron Paul as #2.

I also heard testimony of another delegate from another state that has already had their “second convention” that stated that when present, he was told to “compromise” to McCain, or he “couldn’t be a delegate” any longer. He said fine…I quit. Did they call the “alternate delegate” and give that person the ability to vote or compromise? We’ll never know. But I would quit before I would desecrate the true duty of being a delegate (Merriam Webster): “DELEGATE: a person acting for another: as a: a representative to a convention or conference b: a representative of a United States territory in the House of Representatives c: a member of the lower house of the legislature of Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia …Well…isn’t that interesting…West Virginia considers (according to West Virginia) a delegate as a member of LOWER HOUSE!

I don’t know what I’m going to do. I am in a true conundrum! I don’t know whether to GIVE THE FAILURE to the Democrats (Obama especially, I cannot go Hillary), but what if “the dream team” huddles up? Should we GIVE the failure to the enemy, or opposing team, or should we rally around a loser candidate of our own?

Mr. John McCain has been waiving his little prickly stubby arms and hands in a fit of I WILL. He’s now got speech writers that are having him say all the right things, but is it all BULLSHIT?


John McCain’s voting record is mixed. Some days he liberal, some days he’s conservative. He seems to stroke the feathers of the fairest foul of any given day. So, Mr. McCain…when you stroke the feathers of the Democrats, who are you lying to pretending to be a Conservative? So, Mr. McCain…when you stroke the feathers of the Conservatives, who are you lying to pretending to agree with the Democrats to just get a job over with? You have to be lying to SOMEBODY…in the way YOU present things, it can’t be both ways.

It IS POSSIBLE to work in a camaraderie with differing opinions, YES, but ONLY when you have the cajones to put it all on the line, and state…”This is how I see it, This is how I’ll play it, IF the only way we can AGREE to it, and there is an important COMPROMISE, then we’ll have to let the AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH, and see what the MAJORITY OF THEM think. Have we EVER had a president take THAT STAND?

The nomination process wasn’t fair. Millions of US didn’t have the chance to even vote for the last place candidate because our primaries or caucuses haven’t happened yet. There is a LONG time before November 2008, is it possible for a miracle to happen? Most likely not, the fix was in. WHO is responsible for the gang bang type hype that took over our country in just a few weeks?

I won’t forego my principles to vote badly. I’ve spewed a lot of frustration on this blog of late…and I’m still not sure which box will get my checkmark. I never thought I’d be 45 and have so much crap to sort through in order to make a decision, but then again…NEVER BEFORE IN MY LIFETIME have so many decisions been made for me that I had no personal choice in. THINK ABOUT IT AMERICA…WE…WE THE PEOPLE…STILL HAVE A CHOICE…MAKE NOISE! The greasy wheel will ALWAYS GET THE GREASE!

BTW, “Suspension” of a campaign is a strategic word. Suspension means he can still collect funds as donations. Suspension means that, he may suspend it but could then reenact it? Strange times, but hope is always a good thing.