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Tuesday, February 19

Panties Found Near Brianna Dennison's (Denison's) Body

There has been a new development in the manhunt for Brianna Denison’s killer. God forbid, let’s hope there’s not another dead woman out there somewhere.

The panties in the photo above were found at the dump site near Brianna Denison’s body. Police have found the killer’s matching DNA on the panties, but the female DNA did not match Brianna’s DNA. Police are hoping that if anyone recognizes these panties and might be the owner that they will come forward. They want to know if possibly there is another victim that hasn’t yet reported a rape, if a woman might have dated someone and then later noticed the panties missing, or if the panties might have been taken in a burglary.

Also, condoms like in the photo below were found at the scene of a November rape that has been linked to the abduction of Brianna Dennison. Persons with any information are asked to call Secret Witness at (775)-322-4900, or the tip line at (775)-745-3521. Let’s pray the owner of these panties is still alive and well.