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Tuesday, February 26

Pfizer Fires Dr. Jarvik From Lipitor Commercial

Pfizer drug giant bends over at the mere suggestion of impropriety by nitwit House Democrats. This is a prime example of our government butting in where they have no business. After the liberal media MSNBC reporter Robert Bazell wrote an article in March, 2007 suggesting that Dr. Robert Jarvik did not have the credentials to be the spokesperson for Pfizer’s mega-drug Lipitor, a ball started rolling that would eventually roll up Jarvik’s back and take off his head. And, after House Democrats Bart Stupak and John Dingell “put out the contract for the hit”, Pfizer (that originally thought Jarvik was a cool guy) just said, “Uh…OK…Duh, we didn’t mean to put an idiot on TV.”

Well, let’s explain this from a Conservative point of view, a view that doesn’t need our government interfering in our television commercials (that we usually fast forward through anyway). Dr. Robert Jarvik attended medical school. He did not pursue the typical internship or residency that practicing Drs do. He later received a medical degree, and also has a Masters degree in medical engineering. Even on his website, he declares that he is a medical scientist that has been in the field of artificial hearts for 36 years, and does not practice clinical medicine or treat patients in a private practice.

GEE, he ONLY invented the artificial heart. EVERYBODY KNOWS that an artificial heart is at best a temporary life sustainer until VERY sick people might be able to get a donor heart, or to prolong the life of patients that cannot get a donor heart due to their age. Computers have proven that an artificial brain is possible, so if artificial hearts could last for many years, we could have androids. Jarvik’s heart is an amazing discovery. It has helped a lot of people. Some patients lasted only 12 hours, some as much as 620 days, even though miserable days. But for those that want or need to tie up loose ends, wait for a possible donor, the technology is amazing. Even the gory details of the artificial heart are a better alternative than certain immediate death. Why isn’t Dr. Jarvik the perfect spokesperson for a TV commercial on cholesterol lowering drugs?

By the way, when Michael Jackson (the child molester) was advertising Pepsi…did you drink Pepsi because you thought after drinking it you could “Moon Walk”, or did you like the soda? Nobody that takes Lipitor keeps swallowing the pills because Mr. Robert Jarvik said to do so. Only your Democratic liberals that want to be in control of you want you to think that. Did you think when you saw one of the Slutkateers Paris Hilton biting into a Carl’s Jr. hamburger that you might get a date if you went through the drive through and purchased one? NO…you like the $6 Dollar Burger (that doesn’t cost $6), and THAT’S why you buy them. Where’s the outrage coming from House democrats stating that “the government must hold an investigation” to keep child molesters and whorelike people from advertising our products that we consume into our bodies? There aren’t any. As there should have been none in this case with Lipitor and Dr. Jarvik.

Pfizer aristocrats are Pfussies! They should have told the libs to back off and deal with problems more suited for Congress. Leave medicine to people with degrees in medicine. I’d rather have Dr. Jarvik representing any medication I’m taking before I’d worry about the opinion of a Democrat in the House of Representatives whose salary by the way is paid with MY TAX DOLLAR.