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Sunday, February 3

Super Bowl XLII - Gisele Bundchen The Most Hated Woman In New England

Is Gisele Bundchen the “Most Hated Woman In New England”? Just possibly I might think! You see, I come from the country of Friday Night Lights. Little boys and little girls as well, who live in football land are taught that during season, and especially on game day…GIRLS AND FOOTBALL ARE A FORBIDDEN MIX! I guess some of the little boys didn’t get the memo!

Everyone in Texas knows that if not for Jessica Simpson and her evil deliberate distractions to Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys just might have made it to Super Bowl XLII :) The last evil day in which Jessica Simpson desecrated all of football by wearing a sacred Dallas Cowboy jersey to a game, yet replaced the silver and blue with a PINK FREAKING #9, caused single handedly the demise of the Cowboy’s chances of a Super Bowl bid.

It’s a standing joke at our household. Today, when the announcers panned the crowd and showed Ms. Gisele Bundchen in the box above “pretending” to watch the game, and also announced that she was there as a guest of the quarterback Tom Brady, and received flowers, I announced then…”OH, THAT was a bad move!”, “The game has just been cursed”. We joked as to if she would become the most hated woman in New England. Well, now she is. The world can thank another bombshell gold digger that probably would rather be reading the newest copy of Vogue or Cosmo than she would ever appreciate a football game, for collapsing the perfect season of the New England Patriots. Some "Patriot" she is? She’s not a gold digger in the sort of wanting Brady’s money, she has more…but she is a gold digger the same as Jessica Simpson is, in that she thinks a big, bad, manly quarterback is a large notch on her gold digger gun. Romo, and Brady…Boys, you can BOTH do better.

NOW, Brady & Romo, just might understand those nagging words of their mothers (IF their mothers understand reality football)…”Son, you’d better be suited to a woman that truly has your best interest at heart.” If you are going to be drawn to super “*!&’s”, at least bring them to the game wearing a normal game jersey and blue jeans. Feed them a hot dog, and teach them how to watch football and understand the game plays! I’m so glad my football playing son NEVER had a gal that distracted him from his duty on the gridiron.

I bet Donovan McNabb’s Mom would like to throw a hot bowl of Chunky Campbell’s Soup right in her fluffy face!

All joking aside, what an upset! I’m a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, and to feel glee for the New York Giants is REALLY hard for me. Especially when my husband is a die hard San Diego Chargers fan, and it was a “Manning” that was too damn good when drafted to play for the Chargers, and thus played his juice family Archie Manning card (probably) to go to another team.

However, I always give credit where credit is due, and that one play…the one where Manning was surrounded, he was tugged on from all sides, he was basically done and sacked…but no…WAIT…he scrambled away, he didn’t know if he should run, or stop and throw…time lapses, he runs a bit…the scrimmage line rule dawns on his brain…OH LOOK!...there IS a receiver down field in proximity…his arm takes over his brain…he THROWS…DON’T LOOK, oh DO look…OMG…the guy, he strains, he stretches, he raises his arms over his head and BEHIND HIS HELMET…OMG, he freaking catches the ball, AND HANGS ON TO IT! That was the play of Super Bowl XLII.

And so, 18-1 becomes a phenomenal season, but does not a champion make. Congratulations to the New York Giants for being “the guys” that saved Don Shula’s ass :)

And to the “wanna-be” heroes…keep your trophies in the trophy case behind closed doors. Or, teach your trophies to understand football and all that it means, all that it stands for, and that there is almost a biblical proportion to its definition. Real women understand that. Real women love football from a sense of history, of sons who played and daughters that were cheerleaders, or band geeks (I was one), and brothers, friends, Dads, Uncles, Grandfathers, Ex-Players that still go to games…people that man the concession stands and stop all sales to lean out the windows to see the big play. Tradition, honor, rain – sleet – snow – heat – cold…all make “Any Given Sunday” as predictable as it is mysterious. That’s why we all watch…’ya just never know!

BTW…don’t tell anyone that myself, and my eldest son’s girlfriend both had eye leak issues during this Super Bowl XLII. We were both pulling for Hank the Budweiser Clydesdale, and (although a strange name), Mr. Plaxico Burras had us both at “hello” when he got emotional in the post game interview. We both made comments that the young lady that won American Idol that sang the National Anthem chose a very classy and beautiful dress for her performance (no chance of a wardrobe malfunction)…(but of course, her father…we never knew…was a football player…another woman that understands football!). We thought she might have been lip-syncing, but then at post game interviews, we saw that Terry Bradshaw’s lips, and those he interviewed, also were not in sync…we wrote that off to HD TV, or Direct TV dish issues… See, you should NEVER watch a football game without a real woman at your side; it makes it all so much more colorful :)

Now, we just have to wait until August or September of 2008 to yet again help our real men enjoy football yet again :)