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Monday, February 18

Kansas Group Pickets Reno Funeral - GOD HATES RENO - Vows to Protest Dennison (Denison) Funeral - Patriot Guard Protects

Those nut job insane idiots that call themselves Christians from the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas just cannot allow Reno to grieve and heal as a city. I didn’t post THIS STORY when it first ran because of so many unknowns still left in the Brianna Denison case. Now that she has been found, it’s time to let others know just how insanely psychotic and rudely intrusive these alien non-Christian monsters can be.

Tragically, Reno lost another two soldiers in the month of January 2008. Staff Sgt. Sean Gaul and Army Spc. David Drakulich both valiantly laid their lives down for our nation. Sgt. Sean Gaul, 29 was serving his 5th tour in this war, serving first in Afghanistan, and then in Iraq. He was among six killed when an IED detonated during combat operations in the Diyala Province in Sinsil, Iraq. He attended Reed High School, the same school that the recently murdered Brianna Denison attended. Spc. David Drakulich, 22 was serving his 3rd tour in Afghanistan when his vehicle was hit by a mine and he lost his life. The Westboro church members disgraced the streets of our city in protest at the funeral of Sean Gaul. Thank goodness the fine gentlemen of the Patriot Guard and our local police civilly kept the intruders from public view by surrounding them in peaceful counter-protest.

The Westboro lunatics vowed to picket the funeral of Brianna Denison if she was found dead. Here are some of their more “decent” comments… “God hates Reno.” Reno is a dangerous place to be with the curse of God upon Reno.” “If Brianna dies, blame the corrupt Reno police.” “We will picket her funeral in religious protest and warning.” “God hates America, but you guys in Reno have got a special wrath upon you.” They say God hates Reno because of our “filthy manner of life”.

The website of the group in Kentucky is dreadfully titled God Hates Fags, and has the web address of godhatesfags.com! I’m sure you will have the “pleasure” of dealing with them on the streets of your town or city given enough time. Westboro, leave Reno alone, you are not wanted here. Let us bury our heroes and our children in peace and dignity. To the Patriot Guard, thank you so much for your dedication and honorable duty served to so many families across this country.