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Saturday, March 1

Millennials: The Failed Children - Liberal Influance Has Failed Generations

Millennials: This is the “new word” for our latest generation (I didn’t know that), the generation my children fall into. PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO HIRE THEM; THEY ARE BECOMING A FISCAL NUISANCE, AND A MATTER OF PROFIT AND LOSS NEGATIVES. My niece Rhonda started this ball rolling in my head, and I’m not sure we stand on the same side of the fence on the principle, but as I let it sit for a few days, more things have happened that remind me this is something that needs to be said. The Soap Box is open, so bookmark for later, or read now, this one will be long : )

Thank goodness, neither my niece, nor my boys fall into this category, due to their particular conservative upbringings. However, I’ve seen this coming on for YEARS, and the articles and points made clear in this post are some current events that bring these thoughts to fruition.

Having children that are six years apart, I’ve had a total of 30 years of experience of watching our national school systems turn from actually TEACHING our kids what they need to know in life, to helplessly watching the vastly LIBERAL minded MOLD our kids into NEEDY ROBOTS VOID OF THE CAPABILITY TO COPE.

Now I know that not ALL kids fall into this category, but the ones that have risen above it really don’t realize that while they are going on about life in a normal and successful course because they DID have good guidance and teaching, there are MANY times more than them that aren’t. And, given a course of 30-50 years, the RESULTS of many years of liberal and “cushy” mentality in the school systems…, the repercussions are finally beginning to show themselves. The repercussions are not good, and we must get a handle on it soon, or the future of America will in no way resemble the easy and sensible successes our founding forefathers intended for this nation.

THIS ARTICLE says it. This is the first article I’ve read lately that seems to bring the reality that young people have not been prepared for life in school to the forefront. While I TOTALLY AGREE with Owen Hannay (who fired more than a dozen millennials in 2006), a principal of Slingshot, LLC in the Dallas, TX area (an agency known for its leading edge marketing), I find some real problems with the “solution” he hired. His observations of the underlying problem are correct, but the “cushy” “professional” he hired to solve his problem, or “teach” him how to deal with the Millennials seems to me to be as misconstrued as the Millennials are.

How is it that NOW we have professionals to teach us how to deal with a problem that should have never been, and the solutions are as coddling as the basic reason for the original problem were? We have generational experts? We have certified reality therapists? I just don’t get overly liberal minded people that just cannot say NO, or THAT’S WRONG! If we as a nation of adults make it our priority to TEACH correctness and life skills from first grade forward, the current state of affairs would never be.

When a “child” is 27, and is still confused, it’s too late. Political Correctness, Spiritual Anonymity, NOT Teaching NO RACE but Creating Racial Chaos, and promoting a Void of Proper Physical Normalcy, has left our children without life skills. I think that “older people” say age 40+ are more able to grasp the young world and market it properly for profit than the “young people” are capable of grasping the discipline necessary to still market and profit, yet keep some decorum within great profits. It is possible to be COOL and RICH, but still RESPECTABLE AND CENTERED, even, and I said EVEN if you combine your efforts with a little risqué and skin. Just keep some basic parameters around your boldness, your attitudes, your work ethics, and your common sense! Oh yeah, this article is about how we don’t teach common sense anymore.

If you didn’t read the linked article, here are some quotes, and we’ll continue the story from there. I’ll post comments in between…

"They wipe out on life as often as they wipe out on work itself,"

If we taught them early on that life is beautiful, not chaotic, they wouldn’t be wiped out! It’s the PERCEPTION of life that they’ve been taught that leads them to depression, overt restlessness, and failure.

"They've been overparented, overindulged and overprotected,"

They’ve been UNDERparented, overindulged, and OVERprotected. We used to play OUTSIDE for HOURS. Our parents used to tell us to “shake it off” if we weren’t bleeding. A quarter when we were young and $5 when we were older was a great allowance. Our children today are given too much too early, and even I am guilty of that one. My parents though found time to TEACH me powerful things, they made time to point out life situations when I wanted more attention when they were busy paying bills or having “parent” discussions about life things. Later, when they could, they made up for it. They played with me outside, they took me for a drive and showed me something cool, they educated. There is a HUGE difference between TEACHING and EDUCATING, folks that have been educated know that to be a sure truth. If I could ever change anything about my life, it would be that I was not guilty of NOT spending enough time with my children to just show them the mere beauty of any day the sun rises, and WHY?

"They get an apartment and a kitty, and they can't cope. Work becomes an ancillary casualty. They're good kids with talent who want to succeed. That's what makes me nuts."

Kids who have been paid to be quiet, by parents who were the FIRST generation to be coddled are used to having it all, and when they get out on their own, they cannot imagine anything less. Kids who had nothing because their parents just worked hard and didn’t have much to give are used to seeing their friends have it all, so either way, indulgence is the norm with today’s young people. WE DON’T TEACH THEM HOW TO SAVE, HOW TO BE HAPPY WITH LESS…we paid for it, they had it when young, and they don’t understand the screeching halt to it all when we magically cut them off at age 18-20 something.

"You have to be very careful in how you talk to them because they take everything as criticism."

That’s because liberal minded people over years taught us to give everyone that plays a trophy. Elementary aged kids who play soccer, baseball, football or other sports are encouraged to NOT keep score, to make it fairer for everyone. After all, parents PAY for these kids to play, therefore ALL KIDS must be given equal playing time and results must be generic. NO, “Ya pays your money, and ya takes your chances.” Parents should better be teaching their youngsters that “it was worth every penny”, “maybe next year you can work on it and be better”, or “maybe that’s not your sport or strong suit, what do you like?” , “Next year, let’s try another activity that you might be better at.” If the child truly loves the thing that they failed at, then work with them, teach them diligence and hard work. If you love it, then pursue it until you succeed at it. Failures and disappointments will come, but if you really love it, then you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to overcome and surpass the negative. Today, it’s commonly taught that it’s not fair to exclude those that fail; it’s only taught that we must include the failed with the accomplished and give them all the same reward. Therefore, where’s the incentive?

“He (the principal of that marketing agency) turned to Dallasite Cathie Looney, a nationally known speaker and generational expert, to help him understand this age group, the oldest of whom are 27 and just entering the workforce.

All true, says Ms. Looney, a certified reality therapist and retired director of children and family ministry at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church. And many employers are backing away from hiring them because they're so high maintenance.

If you want to get the best out of the millennials, you have to invest in them. You have to give them a mentor to teach them how to navigate the adult world,"

NO, NO, NO…if I own a business and hire people…they should ALREADY have at the very least life skills to “navigate the adult world”. After all, they are ALREADY adults! I’m ALL FOR paying big bucks for additional training, and even on the job training for adults that are learning the skills for a particular job, but LIFE SKILLS… that should have been taken care of by graduation of high school IF OUR SCHOOLS WERE PROPERLY TEACHING OUR KIDS…OR IF OUR PARENTS WERE PROPERLY TEACHING OUR KIDS. If kids are taught by all of us, parents, mentors, and teachers alike about life, then NOBODY COMES OUT HIGH MAINTENANCE!

The funny thing about liberal minded professionals is that they contradict themselves continually just to make them appear “proper” on both sides of a fence. They are the experts of CYA (cover your ass). The only things that Cathie Looney (oxymoronic name I think) the “reality specialist” said that is true or that made sense are these quotes…

"You have to tell them in black and white what your expectations are for them and what the consequences will be if they don't meet those expectations."

Well, in most circumstances, when you are hired for a job, YOU ARE GIVEN a job description. You ARE told what is expected of you, (it’s in the employee handbook that you probably didn’t read). If I’ve ALREADY TOLD you what your job is, and I mention from time to time what you need to do different…and I’ve told you that if you don’t meet the probationary period expectations of 90 days you will be let go, THEN WHY SHOULD I HIRE A FREAKING MENTOR TO TEACH YOU HOW TO NAVIGATE THE ADULT WORLD?

“But parents of millennials also turned into agents who worried about building self-esteem. Unfortunately, such coddling can lead to workplace meltdowns, Ms. Looney says. "Healthy, resilient people learn life skills from failure and frustration.”

If parents of millennials were so worried about self-esteem, they would have taught them real lessons to avoid the term “needed self-esteem”. Unfortunately, my point is made here… Parents of millennials were also “victims” of liberal coddling that made THEM incapable of teaching their children. Healthy resilient people learn life skills from failure and frustration, however, our current society teaches our children, and even adults (given every program one after another to “help them and supplement them”) that failure and frustration is a thing we don’t talk about, and by God, our “ever concerned” government just won’t allow. Our liberal minded, want everything given to them, or government subsidized “professionals” teach today’s youth …don’t worry if you fail, “we’ll bail you out.” People of more than one generation have been bailed out, accepted, babied, coddled, and paid for, for too long. We are beginning to see the mass results of coddling.

The article that started this rant was part 1 of 2. Part 2 lets part 1 slip away in importance, more liberal and way too muckety-muck. However, in fairness, if you want to read it HERE IT IS.

Now, (probably nobody has read this far :) these are the other things that happened lately that brought me to write this.

This very morning, on every news channel, a huge riot at a Miami, FL high school was dominating the news. It was like “Kids Gone Wild”. DOZENS OF POLICE CARS AND OFFICIALS WERE PRESENT. Helicopters were shooting live video for us all to see and panic over. Every school has fights, or problems, but THIS was like a prison riot. Teenagers were on the rampage, and many were arrested. I went to work, and during normal work, I kept the “live streaming video” minimized on my toolbar and checked it as I worked from time to time. As the day went, I closed it. Tonight, thinking about how this story was making my point about how our youth is uncontrollable sometimes, and if taught better from childhood they wouldn’t be…I was appalled to find that I had a really hard time finding any mention of the story tonight after hours. “They”, “the powers that be” DON’T WANT US TO SEE…in a mere few hours, it’s all swept under the carpet as a non-story. It’s GREAT to panic us in the moment, but as soon as one story is “non-profitable”, a new story of panic and fear takes its place. I managed to find THIS MENTION of it, but even MORE disturbing was the mention that Miami Edison High School just recently CELEBRATED the movement “upward” from being considered an “F” school due to average grades, to a “D” school on average grades. PEOPLE, this isn’t a reason for CELEBRATION, it’s a reason for CONCERN!

Another thing I came across was in the line of OVER political correctness. YES, we need to keep our kids from doing TOO MUCH on the “sexual line”. We should NOT let our kids exhibit OVERT EXOTIC behavior on campus. DUH, don’t let the kids make out in public, don’t let hormonal puberty stricken pre-adults find their way in public. HENCE, if we taught them correctly from childhood, this would be a NON-POINT! Even I, the old chick of 45 once put on a skit in a talent show with my friends (in college) regarding PDA’s (public displays of affection), but in MY DAY, our skit was funny, provocative, but in favor of the establishment, that “some should just get a room”. (It USED to be that the ESTABLISHMENT was RIGHT.)

I bet you are expecting me to make some point on high school juniors or seniors aren’t you? NO…MESA ARIZONA made a new school policy PROHIBITING HUGS longer than TWO SECONDS among little JUNIOR HIGH students, at Sheppard Junior High School.

Junior High students mind you are of average age from 12-14 years. I’m an adult, and often people I see that I haven’t seen for a while I innocently give a hug to. The OVER political correctness of our liberal society is LITERALLY teaching our kids that NO TOUCHING is allowed. Touching is a vital part of learning human kindness, or human involvement. Inappropriate touching is bad, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that SOME TOUCHING is not only vital, it’s normal! Our biggest problem in our schools is that the adults no longer touch. We don’t hug the kids when they do well or touch our hearts in a special way, and we don’t spank their little butts when they do bad and need to learn. Many times the parents of multi-generational failure don’t, and the “knowledgeable, real adults” at school don’t either. Our kids are being failed on two levels. There is a video in THIS LINK, you should watch it!

In Mesa, AZ, Kathy Bariess, the “adult spokesperson” for Sheppard Junior High in the video above is in my opinion part of the problem, not part of the solution. Perhaps she was told to say her spichel, but if I was told to make this “non-problem” a problem, I would decline the interview.

We are slowly (30 years or so), but surely being “taught” or “molded” to be generic robotic people. Fear, horror, negative, evil…these are the things we are fed. Our schools don’t promote happiness, flowers, beauty, respect, or honor. All the good things are left by the wayside nowadays; therefore, we are all antsy. It’s just so unnecessary.

The ability to say or print “something funny”, that IS FUNNY about ANY OF US, is no longer allowed. Humor, is vastly apart from truth. Jokes ARE FUNNY, when generic. If someone is NOT pointing a specific finger at YOU, then categorical jokes of any person, race, creed, hair color, or ANYTHING can be funny. The skin in this country has become FAR TOO THIN! People of the liberal mind like to poke, but JUST CANNOT FATHOM IT, if the poke comes back. We don’t teach funny, we don’t teach happy, we don’t teach natural progression of life with proper control. It’s all become about TOTAL CONTROL of our lives with the fear of being sued, or offended, or “dis-enfranchised”, or “dis-abled”, or “dis-apportionate”, or DIS-SOMETHING!

What about PRO or PER? What about PROper? What about PERfect? What about PROfessional? What about PER-child (making sure each American child is taught)? What about PROvidence (divine guidance)? What about PER-diem (by the day for each day)?

Let’s do our children a favor. Let’s go BACK a few generations and TEACH our children. Let’s bring common sense back to America and be willing to “suffer” the “consequences” to make it happen. We all want it; it’s just that hardly anyone old enough to make it happen remembers how.