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Sunday, April 27

Nevada State GOP Convention - The Good

Despite yesterday’s convention chaos (MY POST HERE: “NEVADA STATE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION”), it was an exciting day and such a great experience. This is my “first year in politics”, and to have served as a delegate to both the Washoe County Republican Convention, and the Nevada State Republican Convention and to become a member of the WCRCC committee has been a fantastic learning experience.

I am so proud to be an American and especially a Republican American when I attend these gatherings. It’s so refreshing to be in a huge meeting hall with over a thousand likeminded Conservatives. It’s so nice to actually stand up and have a prayer said IN PUBLIC! When we all hold our hands over our chests and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, it’s so moving to hear that slight hint of people’s voices getting just a little bit louder as we recite the ONE NATION UNDER GOD portion of the Pledge. It’s exhilarating to feel like you are making a difference, that you have participated and got involved, and you feel like you are helping your neighbors as you represent your precinct or your county by creating a Party and process that will make life better for all citizens of our great state of Nevada.

It was an honor to have our body addressed by such great Americans as Governor Mitt Romney and Congressman Dean Heller. For all my out of state readers and friends, keep your ear on that name and your eye on that man. With any luck Dean Heller will have an outstanding political career and move beyond just a Nevada congressman. He is a great Conservative and truly tries his best to represent our fellow Americans in a fair and fiscally responsible way. He was a great Secretary of State of Nevada, and now he is serving his constituents well in Congress. We were also addressed by Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons, and even President Bush himself via satelite from the White House.

Mitt Romney received a resounding standing ovation. He won the nomination in the State of Nevada during our caucus process. Our state favors him highly. He is a great speaker and appears to be a very common sense politician. I hope he tries again in 2012.

Dr. Ron Paul also addressed our body, and quite to my surprise, he brought the house down. It was like a high school pep rally watching all his frothed and fervent followers carry on to his speech. Dr. Paul is a speaker that can move certain crowds that’s for sure…although his message is sometimes a bit out there. Like the guy or not, it was interesting to be in a room where he was speaking and so many people were crazy for him.

The band of McQueen high school performed and the McQueen color guard was present. I get a bit sappy over those kids because both my boys attended that high school. They were proud to announce that they get to perform at the Tournament of Roses coming soon. GO MCQ!!!

There were interesting booths set up around the arena and even a fur coat vendor for the formal shopper :) Lunch was interesting and entertaining. A 15 year old future political candidate made a very capable speech on behalf of young Republicans and youth interest in politics. There was a lengthy and very entertaining one man Chautauqua style performance taking the audience through our nation's history of politics, efforts to make the USA the great nation it is, and historical political speeches and processes from the eyes of the likes of George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Abraham Lincoln.

Conversations were good amongst the many present; I met lots of really knowledgeable people, and even met a few people fairly high up the local political food chain. Each time I participate in an event like this I learn so much, and being new to the process I am hungry to learn and eager to do well and serve my community in a positive and effective manner.

Nevada has lost dozens of soldiers since our wars began. It was so touching to have the honored father of one of our local fallen soldiers perform an amazingly beautiful acapella rendition of God Bless America. How STRONG that man is in his time of grief and loss to still support our political process and honor his son in such a way. There were quite a few leaking eyes in the crowd including mine.

I am so glad I was fortunate enough to have been part of this process, and it is ongoing. I look forward to the next time it is time to serve.