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Tuesday, May 13

ATTITUDE Is ALL - Attitude Equals 100%

100%. What does that mean to you and do you see the finality and reality of 100%? YES, it’s a math question, but its answer is as simple to derive as is the answer is to the sum of 2+2. (By the way, 2+2=4). There is no other answer to 2+2 literally than 4. When trying to achieve the euphoric accomplishment of infinity, there is still no greater number than 100%.

Depending on many variables, the top rung of one ladder might be greater in rung numbers than some other ladders, but even an idiot savant can determine that the top rung of even the shortest ladder is the highest, equaling 100%.

Let’s talk about today’s “prophets” though. Let’s talk about the load of crap that has been shoved up our asses for many decades now. The “marketing” aspect, the “corporate achievement” aspect, the “political / policy / government” aspect…NEW MATH we’ll call it. Remember “New Math”? Well remember this…if we just get back to ATTITUDE and the REALITY that 100% is the goal, and when achieved, there is NO GREATER accomplishment. Even in imagination, dreams, and euphoria…at some point, 100% of it can be reached, but NO MORE…NO MATTER WHAT YOU’VE BEEN TOLD.


Put those simple letters of the entire ENGLISH language into NUMBERS.


In correct order, assigning each letter its corresponding number value, there are some interesting values to some valuable words.


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%


11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

RIGHT HERE, WE ARE AT EUPHORIA, WE ARE ACHIEVING THE BEST POSSIBLE WITH ATTITUDE…100%. From here, it all goes downhill, while MANY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE BELIEVE we can actually do better than euphoria. Many people believe we can achieve SO MUCH MORE BY “GIVING MORE”. People actually believe the sad conception that by giving MORE than 100%, we can accomplish more (there is no more than 100%).

Some will say, “You’re a business owner, you KNOW that 100% would mean breaking even.” NO, I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. I know that I have to add a percentage factor to make a living. I know that if I buy it for a $1.00 and I sell it to you for $1.10, most think that’s 110%. It’s not. It’s simply a 10% addition to an original cost when the smart way to do business is to add a 10% margin. (Margin & Markup are quite different…do it the smart way). All units of 100 are divisible by 10, easy math. $1.00 x 10% = $1.10. (100 divided by 10 = 10 is where we get that ability to get 10%) (100 – 10 = 90) One would think if you multiplied $1.00 by 10% it’s easy to get $1.10. One would also assume that given 100 – 10 = 90, that if you were to “check your answer” and DIVIDE $1.00 by .9 you would still get $1.10. NOT TRUE. $1.00 x 10% = $1.10. $1.00 divided by .9 = $1.11. $2.00 divided by .9 = $2.22, etc. That is a TRUE NET 10% MARGIN. Do your business by division, NOT BY MULTIPLICATION! You’ll come out ahead every time :)

No matter which way you do math though, there is no better than 100%. Anything else is just another number added to 100%. It’s a number added to which means extra effort, more time, a push beyond, a fight to a finish. But in reality, if there were more to give, if there were more to be had, if there were a profit to be made…it all ends up at 100%. I sold it to you for $1.11…I bought it for $1.00. $1.11 was 100% of what you were willing to pay…not 110% of what I was willing to spend. At the end of each rope is 100%...NO MORE.

I only wish I knew the formula to prove with numbers the tragic reality of what trying to poke a square peg into a round hole will do to the natural balance of common sense and proven reality of simple attitude and 100%, the best that can be accomplished.

2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

“So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty that While Hard work and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, it's the Bullshit and Ass Kissing that will put you over the top.”

NO, one CANNOT and absolutely SHOULD NOT accept that particular train of thought or ATTITUDE…REMEMBER…Attitude is 100%. While numbers can be spun any way one wants to make them add up…it’s the spinning of fictional numbers that has gotten us all into the disastrous positions our nation is in.

Our government has tried to shove more than 100% down our throats, and we’ve let them succeed at the concept. At some point, the first jack off got away with proving to a weaker person who was actually giving 100% that bullshit and ass kissing was a better way.

If we work 8 hours (a seeming 100%) and then we do overtime, we are taught to believe we’ve given 110% for that effort. We haven’t. We’ve accepted that we are willing to work overtime (for greater pay sometimes, sometimes not)…but in reality…whatever we give is our own personal 100%. In those times we tell our bosses we just cannot work overtime today, it also doesn’t mean we gave 90%, it’s just that on that day…8 hours was the 100% we had to give. That is common sense; if we all lived that way…it would all work fine.

When people put in power stretch our 100% beyond what we have to give and beyond what we can all collectively manage to pay back, then we aren’t beyond 100%, we are at failure. You see, math proves that there is no greater number we can all give greater than 100%. Call it 1000%, call it infinity, call it “futures”, call it national debt. Whatever value you put on it other than 100%, it equals failure and demise. Your banker (when your account is overdrawn) will cease your cash flow. Your power company will turn your lights off when you cannot achieve 100% of your bill payment. Your child’s daycare center will lock the door on you if you cannot find the 100% brand of payment they require. We all know this and we live within those means. People that you OWE something to will NOT extend your REALITY beyond 100%. There is no 150% when you are the one OWING. It’s ONLY the ones TAKING that preach percentages beyond 100%.

Some give their children, friends, or local citizens more than they have coming (i.e. bailing out troubled folks over and over). We all give friends and family money. At some point though (far longer for some than others) you have to quit giving. At SOME POINT even the “most well intended” supporters have to say NO MORE. So many people put their own well being at risk or demise because they think they are helping those in need. At which point you’re 100% makes YOU WEAK while those taking your 100% are becoming seemingly STRONG yet giving very little in return, you are NOT HELPING…you are HURTING an entire nation. In reality…YOU are giving to an EXTREME your 100%.

In the “old days” there was no money value placed on 100%. A barter system allowed folks to give of talent, effort, and spirit of what they had; while those receiving gave back a talent, effort, or spirit unique to them. Each gave 100%, and each party felt equally compensated. Even when dollar values became placed on said trades, those parties involved felt justifiably compensated. Pride was accomplished, and success followed for the masses. That is not the case today. Today, it’s all about who can “one-up” the other, as if getting “one-up” on the next guy equals success. It equals failure.

Let me place a definitive point here. If I own a bigger house than another, does that mean I "one-up'ed" the other guy?...NO. I came from nothing monetarily, but I have always been rich in love and teaching. I try today each day to give 100%. There were times when I didn't have much, and there were times when I didn't give 100%. Even today when I "think" I give 100%, I know some days I could and should give a little more and try a little harder. Prosperity on whichever level one might think they are above another doesn't mean those with less money give less.

The people in this world I know, love, and respect the highest have all sorts of incomes. I know some very wealthy people that I respect highly and model some of my actions in life behind. I know and love many more people that give 100% each day, but have little monetarily, but they give me untold fortunes by their example in ATTITUDE. But those same people with "less" are just as happy as the folks with "more" are happy. I fit somewhere in the middle. I am blessed in materials and I am blessed with love. I am blessed with intimate knowledge of wonderful people in every "status level".

I've learned that with truly happy and successful people...belongings, homes, cars, and etc. are a very small portion of what makes a human spirit. People making it successfully on their own...people actually paying their bills on time as they responsibly committed themselves to doing...people who pay rent, raise kids, and still have a couple of bucks to buy a burger, go on a trip, or splurge on something that feels good to their family are successful. "Status" levels are just titles that folks on the bullshit and ass kissing levels placed upon the rest of us. People that can add 2+2 and get 4, and people that don't buy into something beyond 100% are really happy, no matter how big or small their 4 or 100 is. Our founding fathers got that concept.

I know women / men that get all frothy over a new $100,000 car or boat. I know folks that get excited to go to McDonalds and get that sweet $.25 ice cream cone. But, both those people can get together on Saturday night and have a great time together. There is no jealousy and no comparison, there is just common friendship. That is true Americana.

WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE CONCEPT OF ATTITUDE! We all have to DEMAND of each other, up to AND MOST IMPORTANTLY OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS, that 100% is IT...THAT IS SUCCESS, but no more of trying to get us to give BEYOND. It is not mathematically possible. Those trying (us…we the people), don’t possibly have more than 100% to give.

It all goes back to another old cliché’ but one MOST IMPORTANT TODAY. “All gave some…some gave ALL”. While that most beautiful cliché’ was accredited to servicemen in war…turn it to reality. Let's pretend that the saying didn't have anything to do with our wonderful and selfless servicemen and women. Let's pretend that "All gave SOME and SOME gave ALL" was just a saying given to day to day life.

Bums, homeless, regular citizens, young and old, silly rich and grossly poor…ALL GIVE SOME…but some give ALL. It needs to be more even. Our government has taken the good nature of those of us willing to give all beyond what we can give, and hasn’t made any allowances for those that just give some. Some is not enough. Some need to work on their ATTITUDE.