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Friday, May 9

Reno School Lockdown

Here’s a perfect example of liberal minded “policies” and wasteful overkill in action. Some poor gentleman in a Reno neighborhood has recently passed on to his greater afterlife. An official was assessing the value of the dead guy’s house and came across a box of bullets. So what do we do? LOCK DOWN A HIGH SCHOOL AND AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!

According to Reno Police, a Public Administrator was assessing the value of the home of a deceased man and came across an ammunition tin. He alerted police.

The police response and school lock downs were precautionary. There was no danger to the neighborhood or schools.

NOTE: IN THE OFFICIAL RESPONSE…THERE WAS NO DANGER! If there was NO DANGER then WHY do we keep on doing these costly and senseless things like massive lockdowns? Ridiculous I tell you!