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Friday, July 25

Drill Here Drill Now

You know what I’m damn sick and tired of? I’m SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF the same situation NOW that was the reason I left my home state of Texas in the 80’s and FUCKING OPPOSITE REASONS for the SAME SITUATION! I left Texas and made a new life for myself, but I miss Texas. I miss my family every day for over 22 years I’ve been gone.

I’m sorry for the curse words, but “you people”…you media, you experts, you politicians FORGET THOSE OF US THAT LIVE THE DREAM!@ You guys forget the “we the people” that ARE the people.

One thing about growing older is that you can REMEMBER what happened THEN. I am at that perfect age, and lived in the middle of OIL COUNTRY in “the day”. I just this minute saw a clip oYou kf Nancy Pelosi on the air on my TV, and because murder isn’t either legal or moral…I had to get up to write this. Behind her dumb ass was Harry Reid, and he too makes me want to vomit, and he is “the guy” that happens to come from my new state, Nevada, where I’ve lived pretty much since 1986.

So rather than vomit, I thought I’d get up out of my wonderful bed at 2:00 freaking o’clock in the morning to tell you all a little story. One that I lived from cradle to grave.

Big OIL is SO NOT your problem! This country we live in is the GREATEST NATION on earth! Free speech, free enterprise is what made even the most losers of you all what little you are today!

Back “in the day” when the oil crisis hit Texas…I REMEMBER. I REMEMBER THE EXACT DAY like it was yesterday. We ALL normally listen to the news as we ready ourselves for work. SOME don’t…some are more worried about REALITY TV which has NOTHING to do with reality! One day as I was brushing my teeth before work, the news guy said (as every day he said it)…this morning, West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil is trading at $9.00 per barrel. My husband at the time and I laughed. It also happened to be a new employee at the news channel, so we thought he might have made a mistake. As the day went on, we realized it was true.

You see, on that day oil the day before was trading at $33 dollars per barrel. Those in the know knew we had been in a boom and they were OK with $18 per barrel to break even (1980-1982). TODAY, you F*&^%$er’s are bitching about $145-$130 per barrel oil. In our day the bitch was that we could IMPORT refined oil from OTHER COUNTRIES much CHEAPER than we could do it ourselves. Therefore, we should SHUT DOWN our drilling facilities and buy it from THEM…whoever the hell “they were”. Wanna’ know what really sucks…??? WE BOUGHT THE LINE OF BULLSHIT!

We really thought then that if it truly made more sense to buy it from them cheaper, then OK it’s a good deal. When oil immediately dropped from $33 per barrel to $9 per barrel, no one could survive. We got that. But…to only strive at that point to get back to $18-$20 dollars a barrel to break even and then get ahead??? HELLO!!! Today, oil is $100 plus!

Back then the big scare was that we would RUN THE FREAK OUT OF OIL IN USA! The scare tactic was that. Again today, it’s been proven that WE HAVE MORE OIL THAN ANYONE RIGHT HERE IN USA…the same way as it was THEN. But TODAY, they aren’t afraid we’re going to run OUT OF OIL, they’re AFRAID that HAVING OUR OWN OIL might kill some butterfly or some HUGE organism like a FREAKING ELK OR POLAR BEAR! Have you seen the wildlife surround the pipelines? THEY LOVE THEM. Caribou and other such animals don’t have a problem with a pipe in their path…WHY SHOULD YOU?

However, today; they try to make it like it’s some new damn discovery! WE ALWAYS KNEW IT. If my government wouldn’t have made the same mistakes then as they are still today…I’d still be a happy camper living in Texas. But I’m not, and I live in Nevada and there is still OIL all over USA. DRILL IT…build refineries, and tell the stupid third world assholes to piss up a rope! How hard is that to understand.?

Oil (the lack of it working like it should) stole a huge portion of my life. I’m not particularly fond of that fact! I DON’T WANT TO SEE IT HAPPEN TO ANOTHER GENERATION OF YOUNG PEOPLE! Oil is the least of your problems! YOUR PROBLEMS LIE WITH FOLKS THAT DON’T TELL YOU THE TRUTH…LIKE THE MEDIA!