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Tuesday, August 12

Diesel Demons Are Back

The Diesel Demons are back! Not in the way perhaps that one might think of a team returning…this year we have a team that is phenomenal, but yet they haven’t won a game in four. 0-4…shitty record to some, champions to others. Perhaps beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but “I own the team”, and I SEE BEAUTY!

The original Diesel Demons team was a mere fluke we started as a company to have fun. We had LOTS of fun, and my son met his love during that season. We threw together a team that we didn’t think would win one game, and yet…we did well…almost got into a local softball championship. However, as a co-ed team…it was what it was…great fun, good ball, but yet…mediocre all the same.

Not taking away from the original Demons…but this year’s team is LOADED with talent. This year we have an all men’s team…and they get to play on a field unsurpassed by any other in the nation (Golden Eagle Sports Complex), and when not playing there, our games are at the already renowned local Shadow Mountain facility.

Google Diesel Demons and you will find my ramblings and fun of our last team. Although they did SO WELL, our new team is so much more awesome. I go to the games and I find that EVERYBODY on EVERY team in this league is above average in talent, and the games are exciting. Even if we lose, the games were EXCITING. I hope my team sees that.

I was approached by one of my clients, the Sun Valley Water Authority to see if we would sponsor a team. Big D comically stated that his team had won many trophies in years past, and would guarantee me good return on my sponsorship fees. That didn’t matter to me in my decision although I give him a bit of shit for the comment at 0-4, but I was just happy to get back into ball. Then, they were short a player and my son was on the team…I LOVE TO WATCH MY BOYS PLAY BALL…since the day they were small :)

These usual champions are bummed right now at 4 losses. However, I only see their talent. They are REALLY GOOD, but so are ALL THE OTHER TEAMS! These guys won’t even let me take a good photo of them yet because they haven’t won. The night I got them to pose, my camera was dead and there is only one poor cell phone photo to show they even exist. You see, I’m a bit older and have raised a couple of kids in sports. I’ve seen great players never win a game in a season of football or little league, and yet…there are a couple of trophies amongst my kids too…some years with a team you never thought that would win and some years a team destined to win didn’t. It’s all about fun, exercise, and community involvement. My team represents my company proudly with manners on the field at all times, and with exceptional talent and vigor. I’ve enjoyed each game tremendously no matter the score. And BELIEVE ME…I’m a Southern gal…if they truly sucked, I’d say so to someone…and just NOT write about my awesome Diesel Demons on this blog! Sports are huge in the South, and I’m not the only woman that LOVES BALL!

DEMONS! YOU EXIST TO ME AND I LOVE BALL AND I LOVE WATCHING YOU PLAY! I think there is MUCH MORE EXCITEMENT in watching a local softball game with two teams LOADED with talent than there is in a boring old MLB game with million dollar players. Keep hitting guys…keep up the effort…a practice or two wouldn’t hurt the lot of you either.

At my age I can see incredible talent and also know that the big V doesn’t always come to those with great talent. Victory is in the heart and in the soul as much as it is on the field…and I would only say that to a winning team. Losers with no talent are just pitiful folks that had a bad luck year and people laugh at. Great teams that bring excitement to the fans and make plays that suck your breath in are still great, even if the big goose-egg hangs over the dugout. GO DEMONS!