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Friday, August 29

McCain Congratulations Ad

Now whether McCain truly meant this or not, only his heart can say for sure. HOWEVER...I get so SICK AND TIRED of all the shit throwing during campaign season. Before you leave a comment, I KNOW that there will be a TON of "spin doctors" and "media" spinning this to be a dig about "this historic day". If ANY of you out there don't know and believe in your hearts that Obama drilled and timed this speech at that place KNOWING it was "this historic day"...then you're nuts and lost on marketing procedure and political strategy. Remember, BOTH these men are sitting in a very high position right now...nobody's pulling any wool over anyone else's eyes. Good job to the both of you on the marketing front.

JOHN MCCAIN...I THOUGHT THIS WAS REALLY CLASSY OF YOU, and YES a brilliant political move. Barrack Obama has run a very successful campaign, and we are all humans and Americans first. I think this ad will carry McCain forward a long way.

I had heard that McCain was "planning a secret ad" to run "just after the speech". I was quite surprised to see this one, and I must say MOST PLEASANTLY SURPRISED...there should be more of this...even if he grimaced when doing it :) Good Job McCain. If you pick Romney in a few hours I'll sing more of your accolades :)