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Friday, August 22

Obama Chooses Joe Biden as VP Running Mate

Barack Obama chooses Joe Biden as his VP running mate. I already don’t like him because the engine is still hot on the new secret service car, and he’s already lied to me a LOT on TV. Great…another liar in the White House. Biden has been seen many times stating he wasn’t interested in being VP, and wouldn’t accept an offer. Then he lied to reporters and blatantly said he’s not the guy. A simple “no comment” will do…blatant lying is not necessary. His past record speaks for itself…just another left wing nut that doesn’t give a hill of beans about you or me.

But, what else should we expect from bleeding heart liberal hot head aggressive power mongers? None of them can tell the truth. If McCain drinks his smart juice and chooses Mitt Romney as his VP running mate, these two morons don’t stand a chance.