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Wednesday, August 20

Regenerative Medicine - Grow Your Own Organs

Imagine being very ill and needing an organ transplant, but being able to grow your own new organ! Regenerative Medicine is taking on a very real turn for the better. The following video is unbelievable, phenomenal, outrageous,…is there a word big enough for this possibility? Original CBS story here.

The McGowan Institute in Pittsburgh, PA, and the Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA are front runners in the development of this mystical miraculous possibility. The technology has already been used successfully to grow back the fingertip of a man who lost his fingertip in a work accident. Two other people have received bladder growing cells instead of transplants.

The military is especially interested in this technology for burn victims, and limb losers from our war. For once, money was well spent on government grants and medical advancement. I was amazed by the possibilities!