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Monday, September 29

Bail Out Bill - My Two Cents Worth - Compared to $700 BILLION

I’m certainly NOT a math teacher, but I’d like to compare TWO CENTS to 700 BILLION and RED FLAGS, may I?

Here’s my take on the “Bail-Out Bill” and its fortunate demise today. Mine will be only the 4 Billionth opinion written in the blogosphere, so if we were all paid $1 (a great raise over our $.02 cents worth), we could have solved the world’s problem for 175th the actual cost of the $700 BILLION “plan”…so folks, it’s my pleasure…skip the donate button tonight, I don’t need your dollar or your two cents :) But…just for an actual reference…keep in mind that if we ALL DID get our two cents due us… (and there were 4 Billion bloggers), that would be 80 MILLION DOLLARS…you just imagine what 80 MILLION dollars could do, and if only all bloggers got two cents…that we donated to a WORTHY CAUSE…we’d be able to spend 80 MILLION on something GOOD. Points of reference…need ‘em today…they’re IMPORTANT!

RED FLAGS…didn’t your Mamma ever teach you the concept of a RED FLAG? Or perhaps “Something Fishy in Denmark”…ever heard that one? “If it’s TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it probably IS”…at least the dumbest of us all knows that one? This bill STANK from high heaven from the get go. You gotta’ understand Capitalism. It means if you make something cool…it costs you $1.50 to make it…you hope that you can sell it for $2.00 at least, maybe $10, and certainly NOT FOR TWO CENTS! The basics start there.

If you make a lot of crappy stuff at the cost of $1.50 and CANNOT SELL IT…and I laugh at you and TELL YOU that your widget is crappy and NOBODY will buy it…and MILLIONS (not even to billion yet) of other people TELL YOU…why would you continue to produce said crappy widget at the cost of $1.50 that is only sellable at $.02? YOU WOULDN’T! YOU COULDN’T! At the simple rate of sale of $.02 over the cost of $1.50…you would ONLY BE ABLE TO PRODUCE 75 (SEVENTY FIVE) crappy widgets before YOU WERE OUT OF MONEY! If I’m your best friend…and you come to me and say, “Hey friend…could you front me a bail-out? I’ve only got 75 widgets and I need to sell 50,000 of my crappy widgets for $.02 cents to make my $1000 house payment! Can I borrow money from you? Will you just GIVE me some? I’m only at 75 widgets and I need 50,000 EVERY MONTH!” You’d tell your own best friend to blow you!

Also…If you were in a club that had 100 members and 51 members HAD to VOTE your way to get that give-out or bail-out loan from your friends…and YOU KNEW THAT 55 OF YOUR CLUB MEMBERS thought exactly like you…WHY WOULD YOU GO TO THE 45 of your enemies to have the money you NEEDED SO DESPERATELY TO SURVIVE? YOU WOULDN’T! YOU WOULDN’T EVEN NEED TO!

If your crappy widgets cost $1.50 to make and you could only sell it for your two cents worth of eloquence or public speaking ability, it would cost your friend $75,000 to loan you enough money to make your $1000 house payment! Are you getting me here?

What if your friend went to the enemies of the club house and told them that “Trust me…when my widgets become really popular (like crappy widgets ever take an up-surge), MY WIDGETS WILL BE WORTH $3.00…NOT $.02 CENTS? WON’T THAT BE GRAND FOR YOU! For your mere $75,000 investment that will profit you ONLY $1000 TODAY…THAT BY THE WAY YOU LET ME HAVE FOR MY HOUSE PAYMENT EVERY MONTH UNTIL THE WIDGETS BECOME POPULAR…TOMORROW…(more like NEVER), you could “potentially” stand to see a profit of $75,000! YOU DOUBLED YOUR MONEY :) “Aren’t I A GOOD FRIEND to give you that opportunity?


Because, while your friend in the clubhouse is screwing you up your rear…while having access to your wallet in your back pocket while he has your hands bound behind your back (and “he” tied your hands by merely mentioning the threat of doom and gloom…the Armageddon of Finance…the worst thing since the Great Depression)…the NEED for bi-partisan agreement…he ROBBED YOU. He robbed your kids, your grandkids, your Mamma and your Daddy…who already plan trips to the grocery store based on when they’ll have to fill up the car with gas at $4.00 per gallon…just a mere $1.00 more than your brilliant widget will be worth whenever the heck it becomes valuable. “He” already ROBBED YOU ONCE BEFORE…but you never noticed when you bought those widgets in the first place…and yes we ALL BOUGHT THEM! We didn’t stop them when they were creating bad finance, but now all of a sudden we must BAIL THEM OUT of bad finance? It’s a double edged sword. You’ve already paid for it once (it was secret and hidden in interest rates, fees, whossits, and whatevers…but you paid for it already), and NOW…you get to pay for it AGAIN!

OH!WAIT…I saved some “cheer for you” to attempt to swallow. Government brings a “whole new meaning to swallow” for those that get that… Your friend/enemy…remember him from the clubhouse? He is SO HAPPY that EVENTUALLY YOU’LL MAKE $75,000 on his crappy widgets that he convinces YOU…the SMART INVESTOR…RIGHT? He convinces YOU that you should take some of your profit and give it to OTHER GUYS with CRAPPY WIDGETS because Their Widgets Too are only selling for $.02 cents when they should AT LEAST be getting $1 One Dollar for them…like ACORN…they do so much for us all! They were HAPPY to see their tenants LEAVE when we let the “little people” buy houses in crack districts. They weren’t paying rent anyway…good riddance. So…for the privilege of letting low income, no rent paying, no mortgage paying derelicts becoming home owners in the burbs…OUR BRILLIANT GOVERNMENT decided to take part of your NOT REAL $75,000 you made off your friend/enemy in the clubhouse and give it BACK TO THEM so they could “improve” the torn down trashed out dumps they want to rent again to MORE FUTURE MEMBERS of the club house that think two cents isn’t much! The cycle continues…AND YOU CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR THEM!

BY THE WAY ON A REALLY GOOD NOTE…Thank You and Thank You again Congressman Dean Heller of Nevada for voting AGAINST this horrible bill that will fix NOTHING! You are a main-stay and friend of every minimum waged citizen of Nevada and you remain a mainstay for those of us fortunate enough to make a little more :) It’s my PLEASURE AND HONOR to give you my vote in November!