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Tuesday, September 23

Sarah Palin Attack - YOU DO IT

Gee...How was this cartoon drawn to represent Sarah Palin? What CRAP would we hear if this was Obama...or would we?...cute cartoon...BUT...I'm even being NICE by what's out there!

Well...she isn't Obama. She isn't a person that wants to hold you down. She's a normal every day person. Normalcy has somehow become a "bad thing". She's getting attacked so hard because she has somebody scared. The mere attempt to put on national television that incest and other horrid atrocities came to her family without proof is beyond words. Even after judge, jury, and executioner we had proof with the almighty Clinton President. We're now ATTACKING a VICE presidential candidate with NO PROOF! At least with the Democratic Bill Clinton, a gal had a dress with petrified DNA on it. She had cigar residue in places we won't discuss...all proven in a "court of I had no relation with her".

For goodness sake, the "harrowed" princess of one night stands (or even relationships) got drowned in the Chappaquiccick with the God Ted Kennedy. Paulson, Frank, and Dodd are guilty of overseeing the demise of only a mere 700 BILLION of YOUR tax dollars...but let's accuse the nice guy of screwing his daughters...there's a brilliant marketing move! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LET DUMB STAND FOR DUMB IN THIS COUNTRY!

Have you ever noticed that NO PERSON EVER draws cartoons of someone they don't either think worrisome, or a TOTAL LOSER! Well...it's obvious from this cartoon that she isn't a loser...she has folks worried. It's a damn shame that goodness and success suddenly makes someone a target for cartoons. The artist should have at least placed lipstick on all the little piggies making fun of decency. Oh, did a guilt but run through his/her colored pencil at the last moment?

When you look at Congress...When you look at Senate...when you look at the President...KNOW THIS!!! These people are not any different than you or I. Some folks are shitheads, some are not. Some of you and I are good, some are not. Your government is no different, except that it's not like it was in the old days...cream no longer rises to the top. No matter HOW MUCH CREAM is at the top...your politicians are NO BETTER than you or I or the neighbor. STOP HOUNDING THE NICE GUYS!

SO WHAT Palin's daughter is pregnant...so were MANY of yours. We were horrified when Clinton got a blow job in the White House...but that was all swept under the rug. Hillary didn't have the balls to divorce him...or many other women whose husbands cheated on them or women that cheated on their husbands. How many people in this country that maybe committed crimes they didn't get caught for, or how many people know someone that committed atrocious crimes they never reported????

For every shoplifting crime, for every petty larceny, for every kidnapping, for every murder...SOMEONE knows who did it, even if it's the guilty party alone. STOP MAKING CARTOONS trying to make us all LAUGH at shit that is not funny!

Cream now gets made fun of and sits at the bottom. AND THIS IS WHAT GETS ME THE MOST! It USED to be that if one of our leaders was "let's say a few cards shy of a deck", WE WOULD NEVER PUT IT ON THE NEWS! Why is it NOW that ANY PERSON trying to do a good thing...be it Clinton(s) and their HORROR stories, Kennedy or HIS horror stories, or even BUSH who cannot speak in public to save his butt...WHY IS IT WE TRY TO DEMEAN those trying to serve us?

Each time someone (ANYONE) tries to do something really good...it's our nature now to MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE AN ASS?????????????????????????????????????????????

I put a question mark there a LOT for a reason. If YOU think YOU can do so much better at it, then YOU RUN FOR OFFICE! That's the SOLE REASON people of good qualification DON'T RUN for office is because ALL OF YOU HAVE TO MAKE FUN OF THEM for being good enough to do it...and DIG UP EVERY LITTLE THING about them to KEEP THEM FROM FOLLOWING THROUGH!!!

I swear the MAJORITY of this country has become such a failure I guess that the mere THOUGHT of someone that MIGHT DO something GOOD for YOU just becomes all about "reality" and who has a key to the clubhouse.

I want to ask the American people a simple question. WHY WOULD YOU WANT YOUR LEADERS TO BE ANY DIFFERENT THAN YOU? YES...YES...and HELL YES... When put in a position of power, you should in good conscience take a personal oath to be above and beyond, you should walk a different walk and talk a little different talk on a personal level...now...you are the people's person. BUT BEFORE you took that office...you were just a human wanting to make a difference.

I would run for an office, but then I'd have to explain to every citizen how I WAS A FUCK UP on occasion, or HAVE TO EXPLAIN every time I didn't do the right thing until I got old enough to live right from wrong ALWAYS! Give me a break! Becoming a GREAT LEADER means you LEARNED SOMETHING along the way to learning to be a person. I don't want somebody running my country that's never lived. I don't want somebody running my country that doesn't have the same problems that I've had. I do though NEED somebody willing to give it all up to serve a greater cause than their own. Can we just give those people a chance?

I think that once in office Clinton (Bill or Wild Willie as some call him) should have zipped up his pants. I think that there might be no greater cause for AA than could be the service of public office. I think that if you occasionally have smoked pot in your life or you did a line of cocaine once or twice or even thrice, you should not be held to a cross. Only a deity like Jesus can be held to that grind stone...Oh, but Jesus walked amongst us as a human and saved a whore...I forget...and then got speared and died on that cross. Evaluate WITHOUT CONDITION what people do IN OFFICE...but don't slam them for what happened to them to make them see the greater good of serving the country! You are ALL HYPOCRITES if you think any good public servant wasn't at least once just a member of the simple public.

I guess I think you shouldn't sit in a glass house and throw stones. I guess I think if you are such a screw up that by the age of "you should damn know better" then a screw up you will be forever. I think that the Jews have a good business idea. You get three times to screw up, more than generous, and after that...DONE..It's OK to be DONE! I think the members of the MSM (Main Stream Media) needn't write stories they wouldn't want written about themselves. I guess that all the reporters whaling on Sarah Palin never had anyone in their household pregnant under age. I suppose that while choice is available (we're all about free choice in America) never had to stand at a cross road and choose.

I suppose that while Barrack Obama tries to portray himself on a race card as the first black American for President, it isn't true. He's half black, he's NOT black (like it matters...a great president could be green for all I care).

Rumors are going around that Biden will withdraw and he will finally put Hillary Clinton in as Vice President...what's up with that? As bizarre as Sarah Palin was for McCain's choice on day one, why would Obama the "Messiah" choose one, then allow another? Total horseshit! For them, it's all about WINNING...NOT ME...NOT YOU...NOT THE PEOPLE...WINNING ALONE!

I'm sure it's true with McCain too...tried to choose who could win. He just never realized that Palin until the poisons creep in WAS A WINNER...IS A WINNER...WOULD BE A WINNER no matter her personal circumstances. She can add 2+2=4.

STOP HASSLING OUR POLITICIANS! Isn't that the CRY OF USA? Don't we WANT POLITICIANS that are MORE LIKE OURSELVES? Stop trying to get the DIRT on everybody! DIRT is as common as the wind blowing dust onto your night stand. If you NEVER have to DUST because your damn house is SO PERFECT...then don't dust. The rest of us have to dust, wash dishes, clean diapers, rescue our children once in a while from the Principal's office...STOP PRETENDING OUR POLITICIANS have to be less than human.


How about we just hold our politicians to what NEEDS TO BE HELD TO...run our country like you run your checkbook or your business. How about we just expect our politicians to be one of us, how about we HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE when they screw up? How about all of that simple stuff...how about we don't KNOCK DOWN success and how about we KNOCK DOWN failure? How about 2+2=4?

How about everybody quits HATING Sarah Palin for what she is? How about we THANK GOD there's a woman out there willing and able to be human and still represent YOU? Are you deserving of Sarah Palin? Were you deserving of George Bush? If you answered NO to either question...then TELL ME WHY YOU should be elected to any office.

As for me and my household, we'll vote McCain Palin for many reasons. You find your own and vote your conscience.