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Monday, September 29

Obama's Casting Call For Beautiful Rape Incest Victim

Whether you are PRO-LIFE, or NOT…this should chap your ass down to your tailbone! WARNING: BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER…UNLOAD YOUR GUNS…PRETEND YOU’RE NOT BITTER…AND HIDE YOUR BULLETS WHERE YOU CAN’T FIND ‘EM…AND KNEEL DOWN TO PRAY TO THAT GOD YOU HIDE BEHIND…’cause you might have a hankerin’ to go a shootin’ after reading this :) The esteemed Obama “approved this message” and sent out THIS NOTICE FOR A CASTING CALL to find “break your heart” females aged 15-19…THAT’S FREAKING 15-19…NOT EVEN “OF AGE” GIRLS…to star in an anti-pro life ad against McCain-Palin.

Folks, it doesn’t stoop any lower than this. CLICK THIS LINK…THEN CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE the actual document and MAKE SURE you read every disgusting word of it. AND I QUOTE FROM THE MESSIAH’S INSTRUCTIONS for the “casting call”…

“BRUNETTE OR DARK BLONDE: - Caucasian girl 15-19 yrs. Old. She should be able to evoke a lot of emotion without talking. A girl that can break your heart. She’s your sister, your cousin, your daughter, your neighbor. She’s a victim of incest and pregnant now…forced to keep her child b/c Roe v Wade overturned means no exception for rape or incest.”
If that’s not evil enough…here’s what you get paid if you “win” the casting call…NOTHING…NADA…OH BUT WAIT…YOU GET A FREAKING DVD!

“Rate/Compensation: NONE – but production will supply talent with a DVD of the ad.”

There ya have it folks. Sell your soul to the devil…(hummnnn, excuse me the messiah) to be a pregnant kid who’s uncle screwed ‘em and you get a DVD for your efforts. Well, isn’t that nice.

Why only brunette or Caucasian girls? Black girls don’t get raped? Redheads don’t get raped? Fifteen to nineteen years old…25 year old fat ugly girls don’t get raped or screwed by their white/black/yellow/red trash uncles? Give me a break. This is marketing in its skankiest form! Way to go Obama! Let’s vote in CHANGE!