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Friday, September 26

BAILOUT - Pelosi - Barney Frank - Obama - CAMERAS

I’m going to do this post like a bad movie :) I’m going to give you MY PUNCH LINE right up front. Barrack Hussein Obama finally hit ONE NAIL ON THE HEAD with the video following. This video is 4:53 minutes long. Whether you watch the entire dribble or get to the fruit…DO THIS… This is one of those videos that counts DOWN, so from 1:06 in the video to: 56 in the video is THE WHOLE MESSAGE! WE NEED TO WATCH THEIR BACKS, FRONTS, AND MIDDLES! Because…”When you inject presidential politics into delicate negotiations (uh, hum, uh) the camera’s (uh, hum) change things.” YOU BET YOUR ASS THE CAMERAS CHANGE THINGS…HALLELUJAH…SOMEBODY FINALLY GET’S IT!!!! BRING ON THE CAMERAS BABY…I’VE JUST SAVED THE WORLD!!!

At the end of my work today, I was done with MY RESPONSOBILITIES for the day about 4:30. I put Nancy Pelosi’s press conference up on my computer screen and I cannot BELIEVE it did not blow up. This woman literally makes me ill. And if Nancy didn’t cause me enough nausea, then she placed Barney Frank in front of the microphone to explain WHY THEY…remember “THEY”…the ones we as a group elect to be “BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE”…Barney came to the microphone.

He speaks with the eloquence of Sylvester the Cat (who we at least liked on the cartoons), but with the ignorance of the fat kid on the playground that just walked around with his melting and dripping ice cream cone wondering why nobody ever picked him to play on the team! I was FLAT SICKENED! I couldn’t believe (call me bad…I admit it…I never saw HIM before). I knew Barney Frank was one of the bad guys; I’d just never witnessed him in front of a microphone before. OMG! Fuck Me! Can I be anymore “Frank” than that? What a douche bag!

He basically got in front of National Television to state in so many words that “THEY” had a “PLAN” all worked out, and at the last minute “THE EVIL HOUSE REPUBLICANS” came in and crashed the party and tore up the house and all the cookies went away, all the ice cream was taken, and he had to call his Mom to come and get him!

I…as a common middle class small business owner citizen however have spent DAYS trying to gain more information on this crisis attempting to understand it in layman’s terms (since I AM A FREAKING LAYMAN)…and I’ve learned a LOT! I’ve talked to my financial advisor guru whom I respect like a member of my family…and I’ve talked to my conservative candidates running for office this year, and it’s no secret…we’re all freaked a bit. BUT…WE ARE NOT FREAKED OUT ENOUGH THAT WE WOULD BEND OVER AND JUST LET THE LIKES OF PELOSI AND HARRY REID STUFF IT UP OUR REARS!

It’s BAD no matter which way this goes. The “big boys” are all lined up at the crossroads and have rifles pointed at their heads. As bad as it is…we are going to for once watch “big men” get called out to the parking lots. They’ve screwed everything up SO BAD that there IS NO HIDING ANYTHING NOW!

Whatever “bailout plan” they make up, and no matter what “decisive measures” they agree to…you and I are SCREWED WITH A CAPITOL “S” AND “W”, and the "C" that REALLY CAUSED it, and the other "C" that's green... (I'm sorry he's just the "C" that is the Cat In The Hat promoting vague Green eggs and ham). We’ll ride it all out and come out a much better nation, that would be responsible and diligent individuals.


HERE’S THE REAL PLAN…With my career in gaming (casinos), I lived 20 years almost with camera’s on me 24-7. IF WE DON’T IMPLEMENT ANY GOOD THING IN THIS BILL BUT ONE…let’s do this! PUT CAMERAS ON ALL THEIR MEETINGS! Let US hear what they discuss. If it deals with my pocketbook and your wallet…LET US HEAR! Obviously matters of National Security we can’t be privy to, and (us the little laypeople get that!), but put your CAMERA WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! Let us in on EVERY NATIONAL DECISION WE ELECTED YOU TO PERFORM! LET US SEE WHAT YOU DUMBASSES WE ELECTED DO BEHIND CLOSED DOORS…WE ELECTED YOU…WE PAY YOUR SALARIES…WE PROVIDE YOU WITH THIS $700 BILLION FREAKING DOLLARS YOU NEED TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS…LET US IN!

As a person that spent almost 20 years under the camera’s eye…you’d be surprised how differently you make ANY MOVE after a while when you know IT WAS FILMED! In the casino world, a $5 screw up is considered valid. It’s NOT FUN when your manager brings you into the corporate office and flips a DVD into a player and hits PLAY! You get to watch YOURSELF FUCKING something up, and the manager will just calmly sit back and ask you, “So…why ‘ya think you did that?” You respond with “(Uh, Hum, and Guffaw), I’m not sure sir…suppose I was having a bad day.”…or whatever you say. BUT ON FILM…YOU ARE BUSTED…TRANSLATED INTO F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G -- B.U.S.T.E.D. When you have film footage (We always called them “human highlight videos”), you are BUSTED! No excuses, no whining, and no anything…just flat busted and guilty…makes you feel an inch high…BUT YOU NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!

Let’s hold our “esteemed government” to the same “low standard”! Let’s put a CAMERA on them at any point it doesn’t involve major matters of national security. If ‘ya ain’t willin’ to do it in public…maybe ‘ya shouldn’t be doin’ it at all! Can I at least get a resounding TEXAS AMEN on that one? Comments are welcome :)

I know my language sometimes also gets out of hand here where my evil twin plays :) There again...put a camera on me and I'd behave better :)