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Monday, October 27

California Appeals Court Rules AGAINST San Francisco Sanctuary Policy

A California Appeals Court has ruled AGAINST San Francisco's Sanctuary policy. OH MY...it's ABOUT TIME! While this is just a small beginning in the fight for LEGAL immigration, any reform in current Sanctuary City policy is fantastic. San Francisco has always maintained that the "LAW" already in place didn't apply to them, therefore they refused to mandate that their police department comply with existing laws.

San Francisco officials (and officials of MANY cities around the country) "feel like Section 11369 of the California Health and Safety Code, was an impermissible invasion of the federal government's "absolute authority" to regulate immigration."

The Appeals Court ruled, "...Section 11369 does not require any state or local law enforcement agency to independently determine whether an arrestee is a citizen of the United States, let alone whether he or she is present in the United States lawfully or unlawfully. Nor does the statute create or authorize the creation of independent criteria by which to classify individuals based on immigration status... All of those determinations, as well as the duty to tell an arrestee who may be in this country unlawfully to either obtain legal status or leave, are left entirely to federal immigration authorities...the statute is therefore not an impermissible state regulation of immigration."

One step at a time perhaps we can bring this immigration fiasco under control. This is a first start.