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Monday, October 6

Obama Youth - Junior Fraternity Regiment / Hitler Youth

Am I the only one that finds this EXTREMELY upsetting? Alpha & Omega is a chant that should be reserved for ONLY the God Almighty! Although the teacher "in charge" of these kids was suspended (only AFTER folks like me FREAKED)...it doesn't change the fact that this is going on in the schools of our nation. Obama Youth - Junior Fraternity Regiment, or Obama Youth Brigade - Whatever you call them...IT'S JUST WRONG ON VERY MANY LEVELS!!

The last time youth rose up with chants and military clothing swearing alliegance to a national figurehead was the Hitler Youth. In the video following, you will see grave similarities to what is happening today. And YES, these little German children also sang to their Hitler.

Much like these children sang to "their Obama". None of these children knew what they were singing or marching for...a rogue parent or teacher talked them into the hype.

To quote the child most politicized and violated at both the beginning and end of the video: "Obama's gonna CHANGE it. Obama's gonna LEAD 'em"..."We're gonna CHANGE it - and REARRANGE it"...and THEN to hear the children as a group sing to the "Holy Preciousness"!!! You bet your life honey, Obama will DO ALL THAT AND LESS...if he get's elected! I'm so sorry your Mama allowed you to waste your incredible talent on this exaggeration of right and overt miscalculation of what's OK to do and what you shouldn't do as a patriot and a citizen of this USA. She probably doesn't understand any better herself.

There my countrymen is where the danger lies and the fact that OUR ADULTS are OK with pumping up our little children for these types of things just breaks my heart. God Bless America, and God Help US ALL!!!