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Tuesday, October 7

Second Presidential Debate - Antonym, Synonym or Homonym?


First Place - does THAT mean what came first as with the Chicken or the Egg? Or...does that mean First Place as in the Blue Ribbon winner when perhaps the Red Ribbon winner had just as good or BETTER a product at the "fair"? First Place...Antonym, Synonym, or Homonym? Is it FAIR?

I am a registered Republican. I am more so than that a CONSERVATIVE. I believe with all my heart and soul what makes me a Conservative thinker, and I capitalize that word with pride. OR...do I "capitolize" that word? Capital / Capitol - Antonym, Synonym, or Homonym?

I am flat sickened that my nation and my countrymen are in dire straits today because of a few things that to most of us are "no brainers", but to "those" we put in charge, these things are still "no brainers"...but it's because none of them seem to have any brains - big difference! Antonym, Synonym, or Homonym?

I support John McCain. He will without a doubt have MY VOTE in November. I'm involved fairly heavily in the Republican cause here in my community because I believe in Conservatism and the "Republican" way. However, I - like my very ballsy Congressman will not sit idly by and lie to the American people like I won't lie to the few that read this blog, "my constituents". Even my Congressman would not support the rest of this story probably, (probable can be an adjective or a noun) at this time, and I in no way mean to imply that he would.

I support John McCain right now because I can see the BIGGER PICTURE, and I KNOW that Barrack Hussein Obama is by far a worse choice than the other not so good choice right now which is McCain. I am a Republican and WITH B. H. Obama, I will be FORCED into a SOCIALIST nation. John McCain at this moment is a Republican, BUT...

I know I'm supposed to be a "lady", after all I'm a girl...but if John McCain doesn't grow a nut or two (men are supposed to have two) before election day...then JOHN MCCAIN IS GOING TO GIVE AWAY OUR REPUBLIC! I CANNOT BELIEVE that a man that survived 5 FREAKING YEARS IN TORTURE IN A POW CAMP cannot today at age 71 come out on national television and just TELL YOU ALL THE TRUTH! He's FOLDING! He's folding to political correctness and if ANY POLITICIAN wants to bring CHANGE to this country, the "correctness" of politics is THE FIRST THING HE/SHE IS GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE UP!

In the first debate...when asked WHAT each of them would give up to bolster our economy, and to bring our nation BACK...I was sitting in my chair like an arm chair quarterback thinking, "Come on now...come on...say it....do it...spit it out...the ANSWER..." I'LL GIVE UP POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, OPINION, AND WHATEVER...I promise to tell you the people the TRUTH! I PROMISE to do WHATEVER it takes to be in the BEST INTEREST of YOU THE PEOPLE as a MAJORITY - NO PORK - NO MATTER WHAT MY CONGRESS OR SENATE SAYS WE HAVE TO IN ORDER TO PASS A SIMPLE BILL! Not SOME, not middle class or upper class or no class...just what's best for all. Neither candidate did it! Neither candidate has one ball between them, much less the TWO that a man is suppose to have!

(I must interject here for a funny quip: When my son (he's gonna shoot me in the head at age 19) had his first sports physical for football (age 8)...the doctor sensed the UNCOMFORT of Mom being in the room for the "poke & cough" part even though I tried to turn my head and be invisible...asked him with his perfect Irish accent..."So Laddie...we've got to check ya here for to see if your man parts are in order. I've got to check your testicles...so how many do ya figure you should have?"... My poor son so embarrassed...said..."...Uh...Six?" Me & the Doc tried not to laugh...but laugh we did and we knew this kid with SIX BALLS would be a leader most likely some day :)"

Is there some "super secret rule" that WE THE PEOPLE don't know about that states that House Representatives (Congressmen) can TELL IT LIKE IT IS...but at the "higher" level...Senators and "those with more power" CANNOT TELL IT LIKE IT IS? I'm just wondering, because not only MY congressman, but others tell their constituents EXACTLY what happens in Washington and it's NOT PRETTY!

Obama won this debate tonight, and by a fair margin. He DID NOT win it based on principle though...he won it because he is the principal of the English language...meaning he is a great orator...period. Principal means main or chief, yet principle means a fundamental law or code, and yet "they" tell you that the words have absolutely NO MEANINGS IN COMMON! Really? Main / Chief - or - Fundamental Law / Code...NOTHING IN COMMON? Antonym, Synonym, or Homonym?

I want for once for the men/women in office (that YES WE voted for) to stand up in front of God and EVERYBODY on any TV station imaginable to just have 4 balls...not even 6. Just SAY IT! There's no need to hide behind eloquence. There's no need to "have somebody's back up there". For ONCE...have our backs DOWN HERE!

TELL the American people like it is. If you cannot afford a loan, you won't get one. Pay your rent. There's no shame in renting. Don't sit at a bar paying $5 per drink and $6 for a pack of cigarettes from 5pm to 10pm to BITCH about what a victim you are! Drink & smoke if you like, but SAVE your money until you can buy a CARTON of them at WHOLESALE and buy an ENTIRE 1/2 gallon of whiskey for the price of 4 drinks (4 oz. vs. 64 oz.) and then tell me what a victim you are!

When my Government doesn't have it...and I'm asking for it...tell me like you'd tell your buddy at work asking to borrow $500 dollars! "Dude...I feel your pain, but I'm supporting my kid's softball team...I'm trying to save to buy that 52" Samsung TV I saw at Best Buy, I'm actually paying my electric bill ON TIME...I DON'T HAVE $500 to give you!" Why is it our government NEVER SAYS NO...NO...NOOOOO! Not NO, but HELL NO! If you don't have it YOU CAN'T GIVE IT! At least that's the way it works for most of us!

Whatever ITEM you need/want/have to have...if I don't have it in my pocket or bank account, I CANNOT GIVE IT TO YOU! Even my credit cards have high limits...BUT THERE IS A LIMIT!

Don't TELL the American people this bailout bill was a "rescue"...it WASN'T! Have the six balls enough to come out and tell us that "Oops...no matter democrat or republican...we "F'd" up! We THOUGHT you'd never notice because "we" have NO balls...and you need SIX to keep up with all this stuff..." WHATEVER! It's never going to get FIXED until SOMEONE (like a woman like Palin or a man like my Congressman) will just come out and call you Joe Six Pack!

Beer / Item / Six Pack / Trillion - Billion Pack...Antonym, Synonym, or Homonym?

We are all Joe Six Pack! Whatever we choose to fit in our pack of SIX...needs to be normal, achievable, and fiscally responsible! If you Mr. Joe Six Pack CANNOT do it? Guess What? You are now just one "beer" / "item" short of a six pack. Joe Six Pack does NOT NEED to compare his/her self with Joe Mr./Mrs. Jones! If you cannot afford it or pay it off within signed and set terms...DON'T NEED IT - DON'T BUY IT. Ask ME...a Jane Six Pack that FAILED once (didn't get bailed out by the Government)...had to CLIMB BACK UP the ladder the hard way.

By the way...BK doesn't mean bailout! BK means you F;d over all those that entrusted your good word. It's like a prison sentence and well deserved I might add. For when you THINK BK means FREEDOM it does not. It means that you are shamed, you are left not able to finance even a paper cup when you'd like to have pure crystal. BK means that no matter after the "10 year sentence is served" you FOREVER "have to mention it" whenever doing financial transactions.

Might I also add that when I was one of those dreaded and forever marked BK losers...I walked away with SHAME. I didn't get to walk away with a $MILLION DOLLAR severence package. I walked out of court with the same shame I walked away from divorce court with once...not with a multi-million dollar severence package...but a package that forever on...I'd pay a little higher interest rate. I'd forever pay with my conscience the knowledge that I DIDN'T DO everything I could have done AT THE TIME OF FAILURE what I should have done to PREVENT IT!

Am I a better person today? You bet I am. Did I meet a man that loves me and did I gain marriage again...yes I did. Did I eventually get good credit again...yes I did, my credit score is 720. Did I marry a perfect man...no I did not. Did he marry a perfect woman...HELL NO! He too failed at marriage and had to climb the hard road to try again. Is it EVER the same again? No it's not. Is it GOOD...yes it is, and it only depends on the same effort you put into your original failure as to if your secondary attempt will succeed. Who knew happiness could be so much work? If it's worth having, it's worth working for on whatever level you consider happy. Antonym, Synonym, or Homonym...?

Can our nation FIX the problems at hand? YES WE CAN...and I do NOT mean that in the way that Barrack Hussein Obama says WE CAN!

Fixed: Does that mean what the dictionary defines it as? Does FIXED mean "securly placed or fastened"? Does FIXED mean "formed into a chemical compound"? Does FIXED mean "not subject to change or fluxuation"? Does FIXED mean "having a crystallized form or character"? Does FIXED mean "recurring on the same date from year to year"? Does FIXED mean "supplied with something (as money)"? Does FIXED mean "immobile / concentrated"?

Or does FIXED mean just what a middle classed Southern redneck would naturally assume it should mean? (Mirriam Webster OBVIOUSLY never treaded Down South) Does FIXED mean that "I'm gonna FIX this!" "I'm going to make this RIGHT?" Does FIXED mean that "Yep, I/We screwed up with a CAPITAL SCREW...(in our case a capitol screw), but I'm gonna FIX it"? Does FIXED mean that when I reach out and shake your hand and ADMIT I messed/screwed/muddled/shook it all up...but I'm willin' to FIX it...that FIX DOES MEAN FINAL"? FIXED DOES MEAN not subject to change or fluxuation?...in its true form of REALLY FIXED?

You decide folks... And to Barrack Hussein Obama AND to John Sidney McCain..."Sidney Mac!" "You boys are acting like ASSHOLES!" (Only three people know the TRUE meaning of that last quote paraphrased after Sidney Mac...but the three of us GOT THE MEANING) You decide...Antonym, Synonym, or Homonym?