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Wednesday, October 22

The Sky Is BRIGHT YELLOW! - Ask ANY Modern Journalist!

The sky IS BRIGHT YELLOW! ...You look out the window and say, "Nope, it's blue." NO - I SAID IT'S YELLOW AND I AM A JOURNALIST - I REPORT FOR (CNN, MSNBC, FOX (best of the worst), New York Times, I'M A UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR...pick ANY media outlet or "ordained pillar of the education establishment" these days) A MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET AND BY GOD (oops, we can't acknowledge God)...BY JIMMINY OR BY JOE IT'S TRUE...ALL OF IT! HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THE OMNIPOTENT WORD OF THE MEDIA/INSTITUTION? THE SKY IS BRIGHT YELLOW!

I swear, at age 45 I sit in silence and disbelief as to what I see on my news today. I used to be a "journalist". One of my first jobs at about age 14 believe it or not was for the local paper in my home town, the "Colorado City Record" MANY years ago. Our main goal above all though was TRUTH, even if it was a little lame newspaper printed in a town in West Texas of 5,000 people. I was also co-editor of my high school newspaper and my partner in truth was Rod...and we too...only published truth. Ugly or Nice, we just printed truth. Funny was funny, but ONLY if we laughed WITH you and never AT you.

It's not true today. I NEVER THOUGHT I'd see America's journalists become profiteers at whatever expense, instruments of propaganda, gossip mongers, and overall icky individuals. What little journalism I ever officially participated in amongst others in the field; WE KNEW BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT...WE LIVED IN FEAR...of ever making a factual mistake! WE KNEW that "nobody" cared about trivial crap in day to day lives of anyone (nonfactual and personal trivia that is...birthdays, dinners, and hosted personal events were all we had if factual in the "personals column")...and people's most intimate personal lives (outside crime, or blatant immorality against others) was theirs to keep!

Our paper NEVER participated in nonfactual smear or articles intent on the destruction of someone else just because we could. Not cool, and for my LEGAL Spanish Speaking Texas readers... "No Bueno!" In those days though...only English in the paper...if you couldn't read it, "oh well"...learn it or burn it! We had a few in our town of other nationalities also...it just NEVER CROSSED OUR MINDS to print anything other than English! We never thought it "racist", we just printed what we typed, and "yep" it was ALL ENGLISH...and not all the paper's employees were "Caucasian".

It used to be that ONLY TRUTH made the news, and OH MY GOD...in those days...it was the TRUTH OF GOOD and the TRUTH OF ACCOMPLISHMENT and the TRUTH OF HONOR was the news that sold papers! It used to BREAK OUR HEARTS when a true "news-story" broke which meant we'd have to print in black and white WITH PHOTOS (I used to be a photographer for my paper) something horrible, yet factual about someone or something in our community or school that the general public really needed to know. We would check and recheck again our sources, our tips, our facts before we would actually knowingly throw someone to the wolves. We tried very hard to ONLY throw those to the wolves that deserved to be eaten.

Today...the mantra is, "Heck...throw 'em to the wolves...if the wolves don't bite?...Then we'll worry about covering our tracks later."

The REALLY SICKENING PART OF THIS IS...the FIRST time some lame wanna be journalist tried it...THE WOLVES BIT! The wolves are no longer hunters, prowlers, and seekers of truth and justice...THE WOLVES ARE RABID!


Chick/Dude spreads gossip. Others giggle. Someone like me enters stage right and says, "Did you SEE it? How do you KNOW that's what she/he did, or that's what REALLY happened? WHO told you? WHO told them? Do you have any REAL PROOF? If NOT, did you EVER stop to think that this trivial garbage you are all laughing/crying about might ACTUALLY HURT the person that's the topic of all your entertainment?...or that YOU are HURT for no reason?...Perhaps you're CRYING about something that's hurt you that NEVER was said in the first place! Did you ASK the person that made you cry if that's what REALLY HAPPENED?"

THEN...SILENCE...and THEN...some bitch/bastard hoping to save face and play both sides against the middle would roll their eyes at you, (thus starting a trend in the room) and quietly state..."We were just talking...you don't have to get all defensive! Sounds true and if it is...aren't you the "goody two shoes" trying to make a difference?...if it's NOT, Well...duh...we were still just talking amongst us girls/guys." Some other girl/guy would take "their" side and say something like, "Hey...if we're wrong...we'll pray at church on Sunday...(hehehe), lighten up." And then..."poof" you just never got "invited" to any more of "their" parties and guess what...YOU DIDN'T CARE! TRUTH MATTERED!

BUT...when those "same people" REALLY WANTED TRUTH...they would cower over to you and ask what "you" thought...but don't tell anybody I asked! Truth still mattered, and people ALL went to church...whichever one they chose (THANK GOD our parents MADE us). People did USED to seek TRUTH from whichever source they could find it, and in those days...it was the news people that were "in the know"...

Since WHEN did America become so lazy and so obviously without normal lives that we began to THRIVE on CRAP? Maybe that's why I have so few friends (lady friends). When I sit in a room of gossipy gals (or guys) today and the "shit's a flyin' ", my first question STILL is (we all spark a bit to juicy gossip)..."Did you see it?", "How do you KNOW that's what she/he did, or that's what REALLY happened?..." Many times I've been "that girl" that slumps into a chair (or more likely just LEAVES) because I get the "rolled eye treatment and the DUH's".


NOTHING cries out BULLSHIT louder when you "question their logic" than a room full of people that just STOP in silence, ROLL their eyes at you, and hem and haw and then finally spew more crap like, "Well...so in so told me!...DUH, EVERYBODY KNOWS IT...WHERE have YOU been?...etc. etc." And, then...just before you leave...YOU REMEMBER YOU ARE NOW OLDER now!

You might PRODUCE ACTUAL documents. You might even have TAPED VIDEO AND RECORDED SPEECH of those in question! You might have that TRUTH TRAIL ten miles long and TWENTY YEARS wide...and the same people in the room will STILL ROLL THEIR EYES AT YOU and spew more crap like...

  • He/She was probably having a bad day. They didn't really mean that what they said first...see...since then he/she's produced a new video that corrects it! DUH!
  • Oh...silly you...you just CAN'T believe everything you touch, feel, see with your own eyes, or hear with your own ears. So in so told us all...DUH...EVERYBODY knows different! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
  • Come on now...Malinda...don't you WATCH the news? ABC the ANCHOR person (DUH THE LIKE MAIN ANCHOR SPOKESPERSON) for XYZ News said it RIGHT ON NATIONAL TV...get with it...It was ALSO printed in BLACK & WHITE in the DEF Newspaper!
  • "Lame" me, I still ask, "Did YOU see it? Who told ABC, DEF, or XYZ? Did they verify the story? Aren't they afraid if they're WRONG that NOBODY will listen or read? If they are WRONG or NONFACTUAL, their sales will PLUMMET! NO ADVERTISERS will purchase time! Their P&L's will vanish! How 'come the ORIGINAL source is so often 'nowhere to be found'? Original doesn't seem to exist! WHERE'S THE TRUTH? Even the Old Lady back in the day wanted to know..."Where's the BEEF?"
  • OR...I might have actual PROOF...DNA evidence...DOCUMENTATION IN LEGAL FORMAT...etc...VIDEO OF SAID PERSON UNDENIABLY STATING SAID FACTS! One of those TRUE STORIES where sadly someone HAS to be thrown to the wolves because they NEED TO BE EATEN!...Today's wolves IGNORE DESERVED WOLF MEALS!...How can a wolf of TODAY IGNORE a meal WHEN THEY ARE KNOWINGLY ALREADY RABID?...Oh yeah...rabid animals don't make rational instinctual decisions!
  • "Oh...that technical stuff that "makes you the goody two shoes seeming accurate" is just your inner child trying to rebel against change. You're just TOO ONE-SIDED! Here...have a latte' chill your self in our oblivion. We're in a "happy place" and you are just trying to work us all up...stop with all that!"
  • But...But...But...OUR NATION IS AT RISK! REAL people are out there TRYING TO HURT YOU...YOU WITH THE LATTE'! I'm trying to SAVE YOU! Your way of life is on the brink of EXTINCTION! Can you HEAR ME......crowd noise rises...more people step in front of me...I'm waving my arms and yelling with proof in hand...my proof gets knocked out of my hands and falls to the floor. Good Time Charlie's trample on my proof, my video on the TV is replaced with loud music videos portraying people with lots of money in large baggy clothes spanking girls in scant clad attire as the singer calls her "my ho"...etc...etc...
  • As I leave...because I realize no one wants truth...as my back is turned and my head is down and a tear in my eye before I reach the door...I vaguely hear in the background some more cluttered conversation...but I make out this...
  • Paris, Brittney, & Lindsey... / Oh...some guy they say did a bomb or something when he was 8...no big deal...DUH, he's a professor for heck's sake.../ some smart chick from Alaska (who knew Eskimo's could be smart)...but did you get a look at her...HOT / The market fell today 500 points...what market? Oh dude...I was just at the market...did ya know they now have this tofu hybrid nutritional enlightenment food that will rock the world?...ya gotta get some... / Check this out!...I just bought this killer beamer (BMW)...I'm gonna lay that chick over there in the red dress...wanna bet me? / Don't we have to vote or something soon?...yeah...I'm voting for the dude for change...I like that dude...they all say on the news he's the BOMB!...who's the other dude?...Dunno...some old dude with a hot chick that I heard can kill a moose or something...everybody's talkin' 'bout her where've you been? / ....fading...I'm leaving...last whisper I hear from the clink and clatter...
  • Check it out! The sky is BRIGHT YELLOW! HUH?