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Wednesday, October 15

Third Debate - Moderator Won - McCain Did WELL - Obama Hung Tight

VOTE MCCAIN-PALIN! My position hasn't changed. I'm a die hard Conservative. McCain is a die hard Republican (close as we'll get?), and Obama is a die hard Liberal...among MANY other ills that bother me still reading between his lines of eloquence. Be careful of what "old folks" might tell you. I'm 45, McCain is 71 or so...we only get smarter :) BHO falls comfortably somewhere in between.

There hasn't been in this nation for over 20 years a true Conservative that ran for President. In 1980. He ran against Jimmy Carter, the WORST president any of us can remember. As bad as it hurts me as a Texan to admit...George Bush Jr. is vying for that position more and more each day. Bush did well for four years, and has sunk to new lows each year since; the MSM or Liberal media will certainly portray George Bush as a worse President than Jimmy Carter.

HOWEVER...AS BAD AS BUSH'S APPROVAL RATINGS ARE...HE SOARS AT 22% COMPARED TO OUR CURRENT APPROVAL RATING FOR CONGRESS OF 9%! And Americans, it's your Congress that runs your nation. Your President is but a figure head, and without Congressional support he/she CANNOT get ANYTHING done!

AND AGAIN...REMEMBER THIS! IF...LISTEN CLOSELY...IF YOU the American people; if YOU allow a Liberal to gain the office of President RIGHT NOW, TODAY, WITH TODAY'S PELOSI & REID MENTALITY, if a Liberal is elected, the 9% approval rating of the VAST MAJORITY of America regarding Congress will now have a 9% LEADER!

If a Liberal man is allowed in to the big chair, then what you DIDN'T LIKE HAPPENING in your current Congress will not happen 9% of the time, but 100% OF THE TIME...THINK about it!

It's no doubt a hold your nose and vote year, but McCain has my vote 100% over Obama. These are the reasons why:

  • IN 1996 I didn't know if I was coming or going. I drove across a nation to move back to a place where I knew I could make a living for my children, that I left in the early 90's for a better place. I left Mississippi (that gave me support, friendship, and a place like no other I ever lived, my leaving was family oriented and no other) with 3 good tires and one bald tire. I had literally a few bucks in my pocket. I lowered myself when I got to where I was going to admit I was broke and borrowed $20 bucks for a casino dealer's gaming license...from my ex-husband. I lowered myself to ask my ex-husband to house and keep my children for a couple of months until which time I could house them and care for them appropriately myself.
  • My LIBERAL FRIEND offered me a room in her home (without children...don't blame her). I asked her, "can I pay you rent?"...she said HELL NO...don't pay me rent, you ARE MY FRIEND...SAVE your money, get your own apartment, and get out of my house :)
  • How perfect is THAT! One SHOULD take gracious for grace, one SHOULD take an opportunity and make the MOST of it, and one SHOULD take RESPONSIBILITY to its MOST LITERAL sense, in my case it WAS Bi-Partisian! It's not always that easy. Sometimes, when one's trying, another one's dying. Sometimes between parents in separate families, EACH really wants the best, sometimes it seems the worst. I think sometimes those of us wanting to be the best parents don't become really good parents until it's long beyond the time that it would have mattered the most. THANK GOD some of us are graced with children that have a magnet within them that suck up the best of two parents and become the one child that any parent would envy. In my case...I have TWO! I have TWO SONS that make me proud each day that I breathe :)
  • Obama: Tax those making over $250,000. I am TODAY a small business owner that employs on average 22 people. MY PAYROLL is over $250,000 per year. Like the MAJORITY of SMALL business owners I'm an S-Corp. Many don't know that in an S-Corp, the "company" pays no taxes. The Company FILES a tax return, but whatever numbers filter through the company as profit filter down TO THE OWNERS ON THEIR PERSONAL TAX RETURN in the form of a paper called a K-1. As owners, we claim all the profits of the company ON OUR PERSONAL TAX RETURNS. If your PAYROLL to EMPLOY a simple 22 people is OVER $250,000, it would certainly APPEAR that WE make more than $250,000. WE DON'T! I own three businesses technically. Two businesses comprise 22 employees, one has only 9. I make from one business in salary $10 per hour. I make from another business GROSS less than half of what Obama "determines" is "below the higher tax bracket"! HOWEVER, the REASON I make that figure GROSS, is that as an OWNER, I UTILIZE the freedom to put the MAXIMUM into a 401K plan of $15,000 per year. So NOW, my GROSS salary is really EVEN CLOSER to that of a normal middle class citizen that Obama "wants to protect". That's BEFORE TAXES...THAT salary exposes ME to the HIGHEST TAX BRACKET in which "THEY" tell you is the RICH. CERTAINLY NOT $250,000 per year! My employees make an average of over $20 per hour. I have some clerical staff...the data entry guys/gals $14-$20 per hour. I have some employees that make $28 per hour (managers). Due to CURRENT tax implications, or 401K decisions, MOST of my employees' actual paychecks NET MORE than mine, and I'm the owner. Obama can kiss my ass!
  • When Obama TELLS YOU about the MIDDLE CLASS, I highly ENCOURAGE YOU to ASK HIM if he will be as admitant to HIS HOUSEHOLD numbers as I am to mine, as a SMALL BUSINESS owner!
  • Obama wants to give ME the small business owner a $3000 tax CREDIT for NEW employees that I hire. Am I to assume that I should FIRE all my EXISTING employees and hire NEW ones so that I can get a break? GIVE ME A BREAK! WHY on God's green earth would I have to worry about NEW employees when I've spent YEARS to build up a good team of GREAT employees just so I can get an even break? A TRUE small business owner's great hope in life is that EVERY employee they hire will last for YEARS! DUH@! OWNING a business is like being the figurehead of President...the president of a company. NO SMALL BUSINESS OWNER WITH ANY SUCCESS DOESN'T REALIZE that it's HIS employees that make the business! OWNING a business just makes you the guy that opened it, marketed it, and made it grow. EMPLOYEES MAKE A BUSINESS!...NOT THE OWNERS!
  • McCain scored when he mentioned that Obama is eloquent. "We'll "look" at drilling for oil" I come from oil country. Drill here, drill NOW, or don't drill at all and see where that gets you! City boy Obama...again...you're a dumb ass! DON'T talk to OIL PEOPLE about OIL...you have no clue and I have lived OIL my entire life! I have also lived through that "little pipe" that USED to exist beside all oil wells in which was always an open flame. Natural gas that was burned off. WE'VE reconsidered that and decided (T-Boone Pickens) that we can now harness that too as usable energy. ALSO...Obama...DRIVE THE TEXAS LANDSCAPE! Wind Farms EVERYWHERE! We're into that too! Obama can kiss my ass!
  • Obama's "vent" on fuel efficient cars is that we should just MANDATE that we go to hybrid. GUESS WHAT! Current hybrid cars can only travel about 100 miles before a recharge. I am a native Texan but have resided in Nevada for almost as long. BIG STATES! Gotta go more than 100 miles for a LOT of reasons. Hybrid cars can't usually do 60mph? Our speed limit in NV and TX is sometimes 75...big DOWNER! Gotta charge 'em up? It takes most hybrid cars 8 HOURS to charge? Come ON...you techie guys can come up with better than THAT before you try to SHOVE THAT DOWN OUR THROATS! Especially WHEN we have OIL RESERVES in this nation EXCEEDING some of those in the middle east! DRILL HERE DRILL NOW!
  • GUESS WHAT ELSE? Those "guys" that deliver your food? Those "guys" that haul your goods? Those "guys" that carry out YOUR TRASH? Those guys that haul horses, haul product, haul the "bling" that keeps the nation going...as in FOOD, CLOTHES, WATER, ETC??? NOBODY has EVER proposed a hybrid TRUCK!!! I/We/My EMPLOYEES FIX TRUCKS/PICKUPS every day. The same trucks that bring you "your stuff"! Call 'gals like me and Sarah Palin "dufus" or "blahzaee"...F you! So a 'gal ran a state...so a 'gal RAN a company...DO ANY OF YOU THINK THAT I OR SARAH PALIN DOESN'T REALIZE THAT IT WAS THE DOERS, THE EMPLOYEES THAT MADE THAT WORK? DUH!!! EVEN SARAH PALIN would tell you that without exceptional people (Bill Maher made that a BIG DEAL TONIGHT about execptional) WE do consider Americans EXCEPTIONAL!
  • BOTH CANDIDATES FAILED MISERABLY ON HEALTH CARE! I deal with this each year and I fight hard to change it. Obama says he can DROP your health care cost by $2500. BULLSHIT! McCain says he'd like to let us "cross state lines" BULLSHIT by current standards! WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN is that me with 22 employees, (SHOULD BE THE SAME PRICE I USED TO PAY WHEN I WORKED FOR A CORPORATION WITH 2800 EMPLOYEES), and YOU with 3 (THREE) employees, and the next guy with only 100 employees (ALL CONSIDERED SMALL BUSINESS) should be able to GROUP TOGETHER to form LARGE groups, (across state lines or not...I agree with McCain there) to get affordable health coverage for OUR PEOPLE...REMEMBER THE EMPLOYEES THAT MAKE OUR SMALL BUSINESSES SURVIVE? Jesus Christ! Let US SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS at least give our employees good health coverage WITHOUT SOLICIAST CONTROL!
  • What happens currently is that we have a small group. If ONE guy has a major surgery or ONE guy has a catestrophic event...we ALL PAY MORE!..because we're a group of 20! Let us ALL group together so that in a small business ONE PERSON with an unknown and catestrophic event can't bring the whole group down! What IF that ONE PERSON with a catestrophic event was THE OWNER! There but for the Grace of God go EVERY ONE of US! I hate to think that although I would NEVER fault ANY employee for ANY insurance claim I have that fleeting moment when one of my employees (it might be ME on any given day) has a HUGE claim that I KNOW...this is going to raise the rates of my entire company next year. THAT'S WHAT'S FUCKED UP ABOUT HEALTH CARE...NOT...that we need to Nationalize it, or that we need to SOCIALIZE it...but that as American's we can ALL JOIN ONE BIG GROUP so that there are SO MANY in the group it WORKS FOR ALL! DUH, DUH, DUH...I think even the most lacking of all American's can see the LOGIC in that! Leave the GOVERNMENT OUT OF IT...let ALL OF US American's be able to join a BIG health insurance plan all ON OUR OWN! Logic WORKS...
  • McCain & Obama are BOTH WRONG on thier ideas on how to solve this one. ASK US, we'll be happy to tell you in fiscal and simple language how to do it!
  • Obama's BIG HEALTH CARE BLUNDER! "$900 per year in health cost comes to the "little guy" because some people cannot pay. DUDE OBAMA...DUDE MCCAIN...WHY...WHY...SHY DIDN'T EITHER ONE OF YOU bring about the FACT that (at least in my MAJOR CITY of 500,000) 55% of NON-PAID health care is DUE TO THE FACT THAT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS RECEIVE THE GOODS! Republican or Democrat! Black or White! And, Mr. Obama...you seem to be on the side of the "race" card always being played...I don't give a shit if you're white, elite, black, yellow, red, or brown! If you are in this country ILLEGALLY...screw you! You took that chance when you came in to milk us ALL for your right to do NOT DO very much! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS came in annoymously, and should have annoymous health care...DO EITHER ONE OF YOU GET THAT?
  • ABORTION! That's a BIG ONE! I personally am PRO LIFE! I've stood at the crossroads and have decided whether to KEEP a life or ABORT it. However, given a split second decision by the other party involved at the moment, who knows? Pregnancy is a MILESTONE in EVERYONE'S life. I can't IMAGINE my life WITHOUT my two sons! I'm just not sure that it's MY JOB to tell YOU what you need to do in your life. Given but some certain circumstances, who knows where my children would have been?
  • McCain HURT himself tonight trying to debate abortion based on the Mother's HEALTH. I THINK IF A WOMAN HAS TO ABORT...SHE SHOULD KNOW WITHIN THE FIRST TRIMESTER!!!! McCain tried to assume that Obama supported late term abortion. Late term abortion should ONLY be allowed if the Mother's LIFE IS IN DANGER OF BEING DEAD! DEAD...some folks find that a "creepy" word. NO MATTER HOW PRO-LIFE you are, if the GIVER of life would DIE due to some condition that would ALLOW a baby life to come forward..."probably" the baby would suffer some sort of "condition" too. ALL CONSERVATIVES myself included favor ANY thing you can do to save a life. But for McCain to say that "health" has been "stretched" to an a limit not acceptable for a woman? I think he lost HUG$E points there. Just about any husband, baby daddy, any paritioner, or any well-doer would understand that if a baby's birth would kill the mother, an abortion might be acceptable. As for ME? I'd give my life for my child, but that's BECAUSE I HAVE TWO sons that I cannot imagine life without. My choices aren't everybody's to make! There ARE worse things than death. Crack head Mamas, Ho mamas, Abused children to the point of starvation, etc...SOME abortions were a BLESSING to those aborted rather than just a simple KILLING of life. My HOPE would be that in EVERY Dastardly neighborhood that ANY WOMAN facing that choice would HAVE the KNOWLEDGE to just reach out! REACH OUT with NO JUDGMENT! Give YOUR BABY to someone that wants a baby more than life. But it doesn't always happen that way. To say that an abortion should NOT BE GRANTED UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES comes from someone that's NEVER had those circumstances to deal with, and the "alternatives" AREN'T ALWAYS so EASY to FIND. I don't DOUBT for one moment that ANY woman faced with that obstacle either thought about it, felt like she didn't have it, or just realized that "saving" doesn't come with a wave of a wand. Some people might have done the best by a "3 week fetus" to let them go to God than to have brung them into a world of abuse, inability to feed them, or general and overt chaos! I had a great childhood although one of much discourse and chaos. AS AN ADULT...GIVEN SOME OF WHAT I'VE SEEN TODAY WITH WHAT CAN HAPPEN WITH YOUNG UNEXPECTING OR UNABLE PARENTS...ME MYSELF! I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN TO BE ABORTED THAN TO HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP IN SOME CONDITIONS SOME KIDS ARE BORN INTO! DON'T JUDGE IF YOU'VE NEVER BEEN THERE.
  • EDUCATION! BACK UP AND HEAR ME ROAR!!! BOTH candidates scored POORLY on this one! Again...NEITHER CANDIDATE has ANY BALLS! McCain SHOULD HAVE scorned those that only pour liberal thoughts into our children's minds! He didn't have the balls! Obama should have scorned his Liberal cohorts that ONLY POUR LIBERAL thoughts into OUR CHILDREN'S minds! Obama has no balls either. Children or "young adults" NEED to hear BOTH SIDES! WHAT WE NEED in our Education system is more FAMILY! Vouchers won't save the kids! MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING WON'T save the kids! WHAT WILL SAVE OUR KIDS is a fair and balanced system of education and fair pay for GOOD teachers that can TEACH, not LEAD! OUR TEACHERS NEED TO DEMAND more response from PARENTS!
  • (GUESS WHAT!) JUST BECAUSE we ALL NOW HAVE TO WORK!...PARENTS...if you ARE NOT AT HOME helping your kids learn (There's ALWAYS BEFORE work and AFTER work), if PARENTS are not at home leading our kids to TAKE CARE OF ALL OF US OLD FOLKS SOME DAY...WTF? Kids ONLY DO what those that MOLD them show them THEY SHOULD DO! If YOU LAME PARENTS encourage OUR KIDS to take the EASY ROAD OUT...then FAILURE you WILL HAVE! If YOU the PARENTS will TEACH YOUR KIDS how to SURVIVE, then a NATION we will AGAIN HAVE...DUH!..DUH!..IT'S NOT LIKE SURVIVOR! You DON'T get to just KICK OUT the guy that DOESN'T MEET THE POPULARITY CONTEST! But...you TEACH your kids how to TRULY SURVIVE, and then along with that NO-DUH teaching you ALSO teach them how to KICK OUT the ones that CANNOT GRASP REALITY! Reality is NOT "Survivor". Reality is simple. Get a job. Live within your means. It's fun to drink, smoke, and party. IF...you CANNOT afford your RENT, your ELECTRIC BILL, your TELEPHONE bill, your GROCERY bill...THEN...GUESS WHAT! DON'T GO TO THE BAR! DON'T DO what you CANNOT do within your personal budget!
  • My personal favorite quote is this...and I HAVE NO IDEA WHO SAID it except for a mere OLD MAN that was an Ex-Producer for the ever famous group "Credence Clearwater Revival", and he WAS FROM Lodi, CA. Anybody that LOVES CREDENCE KNOWS that one of their hits was "Stuck in Lodi Again". This was a MAN that I was dealing cards to one night (had dealt to him before more than once, just didn't know WHO he was, but he saw my distress), while I was "trying" NOT to cry while I was on the brink of family collapse and divorce and personal humiliation one night, and all deserved by the way... he told me this:
  • "Baby Girl"..."The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence. The grass is GREENEST where it's watered. Go Home. WATER YOUR GRASS!" I didn't particularly take his advice that night. I lost a family and almost 17 years later with an AMAZING HUSBAND (who puts up with my what ifs, and I wonders), I own three businesses, and I have a beautiful home and two kids that are successful...and YES...all of us and the Ex are friends...I sometimes still wonder...
  • If I'd have watered the grass, would it have turned out green or not? I live today with an amazing man, I LOVE MY HUSBAND, but I tarnished a life(s) before...and my current husband had lives he lived before.
  • KNOW THIS WITH YOUR POLITICIANS! They are NO DIFFERENT than you or I. DESPITE what you HEAR on the news, our politicians are just humans. YOU DECIDE! MORE SO THAN JUST A DECISION...LOOK BACK at your OWN LIVES! Who's got your back? When a politician TELLS you that he's going to GIVE YOU something...THINK ABOUT JUST WHAT he's going to give you!
  • How many times in your life has the "easy way out" proved to make you financially better off? How many times has SOMEONE who took A HARD ROAD with you made you EVENTUALLY a MORE SUCCESSFUL person? God comes to mind. Your best friend (a true friend who'll tell you to kiss off) comes to mind.
  • Perhaps we ALL just need to remember THIS: Shall we GIVE it to you, or SHALL YOU EARN IT?
  • I KNOW EARNING SOUNDS like something FOREIGN to a LOT OF YOU, but Barack Hussein Obama wants to GIVE it to you. And whether YOU know it or NOT...GIVING IT to you MEANS YOU PAY HUGE. You'll be forever BEHOLDING to "the man". MAKING YOU EARN it will give you an incredible knowledge of economics, but also a knowledge of patriotism, responsibility, success on ANY level, and will MAKE YOU a better citizen.
  • Grass ISN'T GREENER on the other side of the fence. IT'S ONLY greener where it's watered. STAY HOME, WATER YOUR GRASS...and VOTE for whoever YOU think will GREEN UP your grass.
  • As for me and the HARD LESSONS I'VE LEARNED...sometimes...you have to hold your nose and VOTE FOR GREEN GRASS.
  • John McCain/Sarah Palin will "green" my grass moreso than dark eyed Obama with an A+ in English and Oratory Skills 202 will EVER do for me. As for me and my household, we vote McCain. And maybe, it's NOT because HE'S SO GREAT...but HE'S NOT SO BAD as Barack Hussein Obama. Don't let the fancy words fool ya!
  • From a simple woman's point of view...I once let a "fancy man" speak words to me that led me (of MY OWN voilition) down a road of destruction. It took me many years to find another man to lead me down a road of production. BUT...at least NOW...I take ALL WORDS to mean just what they are...and for the man that's PUT UP WITH ME for over 10 years...poor guy get's NO BREAKS! I call him on every corner of life, as he calls me on every corner of life.
  • I guess...two Conservatives have finally found that "meet in the middle" thing that just works. It's possible, it's workable, and it's doable. DO IT AMERICA! As Spock said, "The NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE FEW"